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Baby-Kids Recipes

In this page, you will find a compilation of Baby and Toddler Recipes and also Kid's After School Snacks (Indian) Recipes.

Healthy Recipes For Kids

1#Baby and Toddler Recipes 

Homemade Rice Porridge 

Baby Porridge Recipes 

Baby Soup Recipes 

Khichdi Recipe for babies 

Ragi Porridge powder recipe for babies 

Apple Puree for baby

Banana Oats Porridge for babies

Home made Health Mix (sathu maavu)

Rava Apple Kheer for Babies (sugar free)


Ragi Idli 

Plain sevai 

Useful Tips 

Indian Food to increase Lactation 

Homemade Herbal Bath Powder (for babies and adults)

2#Kids Recipes

I frequently get mails from many moms asking me what snacks to give their kids when they come back from school, what to pack in their snack box etc. I have tried my best and have chosen foods that are not deep fried nor has any preservatives, artificial food colors or maida/all purpose flour in it. Most of the snacks listed below does not even have white sugar (except the custard recipe) in it. I have used only jaggery for most of the recipes. Help your children develop healthy eating habits early in life. I have also given links for some fun food for kids. Enjoy and have fun with your kids!!!

Fun Food for Kids 

Carrot Uthappam for kids (Teddy Bear Uthappam)

Chilli Dosa 

Breakfast Ideas for Kids 

Aval Laddu 

Aloo Poha 

Corn Capsicum Sandwich

Lemon Sevai 

Bread Upma 

Chick peas sundal 

Sesame Seed Balls 

Karamani Sundal 

Peanut Chaat 

Fruit and nuts Salad

Sweet Kozhukattai 

Pori Urundai 

Banana Custard 

Aval Payasam

Dry fruits and nuts laddus

Pasi Paruppu Laddu

Peanut Balls 

Sweet Potato Kheer 

Mani Kozhukattai 

Ragi Sweet Puttu 

Khara Pori 

Paneer tikka 

Eggless whole wheat ragi cake 

Navadhanya Sundal

Masala Corn 

Sweet Paniyaram 

Kuzhi Paniyaram (spicy version)

Vegetable Cutlet 

Oats Uthappam

Whole wheat biscuits (atta biscuit)

Ragi Biscuits 

Sweet Poha with jaggery (vella aval)

Instant Vella Dosai 

Payaru Ulundu Urundai with natural unrefined sugar

Aval Pori Urundai 

Sesame Laddu (no sugar)

Dates and Figs Burfi

Oats Laddu with jaggery

Health Mix Laddu

Sweet Potato Cutlet 

Sweet Potato Wedges

Quinoa Apple Cinnamon Bites 

Mushroom Cutlets 

Ragi Sweet Adai with Jaggery

Bread Rava Toast 

Baby Corn Fingers

Bread Uthappam (ideas to present for kids included)

Bread Pizza 

Millet Cutlets 

Broccoli Cutlets 

Soya Nuggets Cutlet 

Corn Cheese Balls in Paniyaram pan 

Bajra Atta Til Ladoo 

Kaima Idli (quick snack with leftover idlis)

Atta Laddu (with jaggery)

Semolina Cake (eggless)

Pizza Paratha 

Bread Pizza Cups 

Curd Sandwich 

Spinach Peas Cutlet 

Peanut Sesame Seed Laddu 

Hara bhara kebab 

Hariyali Paneer Tikka 

Bread Paneer rolls 

#Fruits as snacks 

You can give them fresh fruits, fruit juice, milkshakes, fruit popsicles etc. Not only they are filling but also very delicious and healthy. Kids will love it for sure. Check the link below for milkshake and fruit juice recipes. You can also freeze fruit juice in Popsicle molds and give them during summer.

Fruit juice and milkshake recipes 

Mixed Berry Yogurt Parfait 

#Sundal as snacks   

All sundals are good for health and are rich in protein. You can give them sundals in a cup after they come back from school.

Sundal Recipes 

#Sandwich as snacks

You can prepare a variety of sandwiches, sandwich toast with multi grain bread or brown bread and give then as snacks in the evening. It is healthy and filling. You can check out my 100 Breakfast Recipes for few sandwich and sandwich toast recipes. Refer easy sandwich recipes also.

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  1. Wow.. U hv beautiful collection for kids.. Tq

  2. Wow... Thanks Padhu!!! This will help my kids eat something new everyday...

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  4. Hi padhu
    I need to know whether we can feed a 3year baby with aviri kudumulu (only with minapappu)daily once instead of normal idly..can she digest it?pls clarify my doubt if u know anything regarding this...

    1. Start with less quantity and wait for 2-3 days to see if it suits her. Then you can continue with less quantity. Increase gradually. For babies, it should not be spicy. You can give idly also as it is steamed and easily digestible.

  5. Will you add salt to the idly battery for babies less than one year??

    1. Usually we give the idli we make normally make at home. Yes, there will be salt. As I always say, start with less quantity. (maybe half a idli)

  6. awesome dishes..lot of varaities...better u create an app..it will be helpful

  7. Hi Padhu,
    i m a following your page since 1 yr, tried all our dishes nd developing as a good cook,the seasonal festive dishes are good key to beginners like me:) keep posting more

  8. Hi padhu I have been a regular reader of your blog's.. infact it's a habit now before starting to cook I always check your blog. Could you also start a section for pregnant women on the traditional foods to eat week by week?

    1. Sure, I will consult elders and doctors and soon start a section.

  9. hi,i'm from malaysia. i bought vettiver to make baby bath powder as stated in your blog. however, the vettiver looked bit different from what you have in picture. they also selling another root called vilamichaiver which look similar with what you have in the pic. just want to confirm which root to use. hope to hear from you soon.thanks

    1. I am not aware of the root you have mentioned. Vettiver is a grass. You get dried ones in the market. That is what I have used in homemade bath powder. It is fragrant and has cooling properties. If you cannot get that, you can skip that.

  10. Hi padhu i'am sandhya from vizag,i regularly follow ur recipes and try as well airecipes comes very well with ur useful tips.pls suggest me the recipes for my 1 year daughter to put her at 5 pm. I tried porridge but she is not eating.

  11. Hi Padhu, Have you prepared any protien powder for kids to mix it with milk. Actually, I didn't want to give packed protien powder. Can you please share if you have any?


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