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Thenkuzhal Murukku

Thenkuzhal Murukku

Thenkuzhal is a tasty and crispy snack make from rice and urad dal flour. In this post I am sharing with you Thenkuzhal murukku made with home made murukku mavu/flour and also how to make murukku flour at home.

Course Snacks
Cuisine South Indian
Keyword Murukku, Thenkuzhal
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Author PadhuSankar


For Homemade Murukku Flour (murukku mavu preparation)

  • 4 cups Raw Rice
  • 1 cup Urad dal (whole skinned urad dal)

For Making Murukku

  • Murukku flour
  • 7 tbsp Butter
  • 2 tsp White sesame seeds or cumin seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Asafoetida/hing (flat)
  • Salt needed
  • Oil for deep frying


Preparations for making homemade Murukku flour

  1. Wash and soak raw rice for 2 hours.

  2. Drain the water, spread it on a cloth and dry it completely in the shade.

  3. Fry urad dal slightly until hot to touch.

  4. Once the rice dries well, mix urad dal with it and get it ground to a fine powder in a flour mill or rice mill.

  5. Sieve it and keep it ready.

  6. Our Homemade murukku flour or thenkuzhal murukku mavu is ready.

How to make Murukku

  1. We are going to use all the murukku mavu.

  2. Mix salt and asafoetida/hing in a little water and keep it ready.

  3. In a wide plate or bowl, add murukku flour, cumin seeds, butter and mix it well with your finger tips.

  4. Then add the salt + hing water and mix it well. (do not add the sediments in the salt + hing water)

  5. Add water little by little and prepare a soft firm dough.

  6. Knead well. The dough should not be too hard nor too soft. Taste the dough to check for salt. If needed mix it with little water and add. Knead again.

  7. Grease the murukku maker with oil. Use the disc with 3 round holes.

  8. Put a small portion of dough into the murukku maker and squeeze it out in a circular motion on a greased ladle or greased small plate.

Making of Murukku

  1. Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying.

  2. To check if the oil is hot, just drop a small piece of murukku dough into the oil, if it raises to the surface immediately, it is an indication that the oil is hot enough to fry the murukkus.

  3. Reduce the heat to medium.

  4. Gently slide 3-4 squeezed out murukkus into the oil. You can also squeeze the murukku directly into the oil, if you have experience.

  5. Do not disturb for the first few seconds. Then flip it over and fry the murukkus both sides until golden brown. You will hear a sizzling sound which indicates the murukku is getting cooked.

  6. Once the bubbling or the sizzling sound stops, the murukku is done.

  7. Remove it with a slotted ladle and drain on a paper towel or colander.

  8. Repeat the process for the rest of the dough.

Storage and Shelf life

  1. After it cools, store it in an air tight container. It has a self life of 10-15 days.

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes


Those who are trying it for the first time can half the ingredients and use only half of the total murukku mavu.

You can use either butter or oil for preparing the dough. If using oil, heat the oil and add the the murukku flour. The measurement for the oil is the same as butter.

For murukku with sesame seed flavor, add sesame seeds and for cumin seed/jeera flavor, add cumin seeds. Do not add both together.