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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Clean Burnt Pots and Pans-Tips to Clean Burnt Stainless Steel Pan

Today, I am not going to share with you any recipes but going to show you an easy and effective way to clean burnt pots and pans. The other day I had leftover sambar from lunch. I reheated it so that I can use it as a side dish for dosa for dinner. I totally forgot about it and was engrossed with other works. When I was back, I smelled something burning. To my horror, I found that the burning smell was coming from my kitchen and I realized that I forgot to switch off the flame after reheating sambar. I found my pan very badly burnt. I did not fret as I knew the tips and tricks to clean burnt pots and pans. Today I am going to show you a quick solution to easily clean burnt pots/pans with just 2 ingredients, which will make your pot look as good as new. Let's see how-

Before and After 

How to Clean Burnt Pots and Pans

How to Clean tough burnt stains from stainless steel cookware, pots and pans  

Things you need

White Vinegar (non fruit)
Baking soda or cooking soda
Dishwashing detergent
Steel wool (optional)


Add equal parts of vinegar and water to the burnt pan. I added 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar to the pan as my pan was big and was severely burnt.

Clean Burnt Stainless steel Cookware with vinegar

Bring it to rolling boil. Then let it boil for 5-6 minutes on medium heat. You will find all the burnt food residue dislodging (see picture below). 

tips to clean burnt cookware

I discarded the water but still my pan looked as seen in the picture below. (because it was very badly burnt - but definitely better than it was earlier).

Then I again added a cup of water and a tsp of cooking soda (or baking soda) and boiled the water for another 5-6 minutes.

cleaning burnt pots and pans with baking soda

The remaining remnants of burnt food also came off. Now wash and scrub the pan with dish-washing soap and a scrubber. Use a steel wool for badly burnt pans otherwise a scrubber will do. Your pot will shine as new. Amazing isn't it??

how to clean burnt stainless steel cookware

Note - You can use either vinegar or baking soda. As my pan was very badly burnt, I tried both methods using vinegar and baking soda.

You can also clean burnt milk vessels using the same method.

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  1. Great idea. I will sure be trying whenever something burnt in the kitchen..every lady faced this issue we know :) haha

  2. Very useful tip.Sometimes it do happen.Thank you for publishing this.

  3. Will this work for mud pot/clay pot pl? juz burnt a clay pot :)

    1. Yes, it will. You can try cooking soda or baking soda.

  4. Thanks fir the tip. Any tips for cleaning non stick pan n pizza pan?

  5. The most effective is Coca Cola. Pour Coke in to the dish and allow it to simmer for a short time. Then clean it with tissue.

  6. Wow Padhu.It's amazing..
    But recently i got the same experience (burnt worst than your vessel), could not clean it and hence ended up in throwing it..Wish i had your tip a month back...

  7. Thank you for the tip. Will it work for an age old iron kadai? I am looking to use it, but the food made in it smells strongly of iron.

    1. Apply oil generously on the iron kadai. Leave it overnight. Next morning, wipe it with a cloth and wash with warm water and soap using a sponge. It will not smell iron. Keep using it and every time wash and wipe it dry when storing. Once in a week, you can apply a thin coat of oil and store it. You have also asked if this tip will work for iron kadai. I have not yet tried or burnt iron kadai - so do not know but I think it will work.

  8. Thanks a lot padhu !! Did magic to my burnt two pots!! Awesome tip..

  9. Hi Padhu. Will it work for aluminium vessel too?

  10. I burned cream of mushroom soup--about 1/2 inch deep--in my stainless steel pot. Followed directions for vinegar and baking soda. Pot looks brand new! Thank you so much.

  11. Saved my day ... Thanks a ton

  12. Thanks a lot..Backing soda worked , I used tamarind and lemons before using Backing soda.. but still a lot resuide was remaining, but after seeing your post tried with Backing soda ..it cleaned like a new vessel.thanks a ton

  13. Very useful.., i will share it with my wife !!


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