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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rasam recipes-South Indian rasam recipes-Rasam varieties

Rasam Recipes-South Indian Rasam Recipes-Rasam Varieties-Rasam recipe (Tamil)

South Indian meals will never be complete without Rasam. Here you will find some Best South Indian Rasam recipes - Click the picture or the link for the recipes.

Lemon Rasam Paruppu Rasam Jeera Rasam
Lemon Rasam Paruppu RasamJeera-Cumin Rasam

Poondu Rasam Instant Rasam Kollu Rasam
Garlic Rasam Instant RasamKollu Rasam

Milagu Rasam Pineapple Rasam Easy Rasam Recipe
Pepper Rasam Pineapple RasamEasy Rasam

Mysore Rasam Tomato Rasam Vepam poo Rasam
Mysore Rasam Tomato RasamVeppam Poo Rasam

Kandathippili Rasam

More Rasam Recipe will be updated here when it is posted.

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  1. Hi padhu, do u make thoothuvalai keerai rasam? Its also good for curing cold.

  2. great collection!!! It'll be great if u add coconut milk rasam to the list too!!!

    1. Hi, the idea behind rasam is it fix the digestive juice for the day. Hence is called "Rasa"m. It shares same root as "Rasa"yanam (chemical).

  3. Rasam has health (digestive system) benefits.

  4. Padhu add ginger rasam and Amla rasam...It is grt receips.

  5. Padhu u r my blessing in disguise. I love ur posts as tgey are easy to make and do not ask for difficult ingredients.love you

  6. Geetaiyer
    Padhu your post are superb.


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