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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plantain Stem recipe - Plantain stem kootu

Plantain Stem recipe - Plantain stem kootu

You will all be knowing the importance of including fibre in your diet regularly. It helps to keep the digestive system healthy, prevents constipation helps to lower cholesterol levels, controls level of blood sugar and protect against some form of cancer. Plantain stem or vazhaithandu as it is called in tamil is a rich source of fibre. Here is a simple plantain stem recipe which can be served as a side dish for rice.

plantain stem kootu,vazhaithanduFiber packed dish

Ingredients needed

Plantain stem –medium size -1

Tur dal –1/4 cup ( you can use even moong dal)

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Urad dal – 1 tbsp

Red chilles – 3

Coconut (grated)– 3 tbsp

Jeera /cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Oil -2 tsp

Salt as required

For the seasoning

Mustard – ¼ tsp

Urad dal - ¼ tsp

Curry leaves – little

plantain stemplantain stem


Remove the outer covering of the stem and cut it into rounds removing the thread like fibres with you index finger .Then chop it into small thin pieces. Keep it in diluted buttermilk to prevent discolouration.

Pressure cook tur dal with a pinch of turmeric powder till soft.

Fry urad dal and red chillies in a tsp of oil and grind it along with coconut and cumin seeds to a fine paste.


Heat a tsp of oil in a pan and add the ingredients for seasoning. When mustard splutters , drain the buttermilk completely and add chopped plantain stem alone. Add turmeric powder, salt and cook till tender. Sprinkle water while cooking to prevent it from getting burnt.

Add the grounded paste, cooked tur dal and bring it to boil .

Garnish with coriander leaves.

You can check out my Plantain stem Mor kootu /yogurt kootu which is also very tasty.

Meet you all again with an interesting post, till then it is bye from Padhu of padhuskitchen


  1. Love to eat this plantain stem ..I don't get it here...It remembers my mom favorite...

  2. Yum...this kootu sounds super tasty and delicious...loved the excellent clicks dear..
    Tasty appetite

  3. Dear padhu
    Yesterday only I cooked banana stem fry with the recipe from Shanti's blog (Iyengar cuisines). It was really great.
    Now here is another great recipe from you and I have 10 inch piece in my fridge...
    I like the decoration with cute stem cuts
    Have a nice weekend

  4. வாழைத்தண்டு கூட்டு நன்றாக இருக்கு...

  5. we always make morkootu and curry out of this. This kootu with toor dal is new to me and sounds nice.

  6. Yumm yummy..I love plantain stem and curry looks soo tasty..

  7. Yummy kootu ,looks tasty,i never prepared it but now i will prepare it .Thanku for sharing.

  8. Love plantain stem curry..this curry looks wonderful.

  9. Wow.. looks soo yum and delicious.. very beautiful presentation.. thanks for the awesome recipe dear !!

  10. I simply love vazhai thandu. I should check out in the Chinese markets. Good one !!

  11. One of my favorite vegetables.. we can't get it that much here...lovely..

    Pushpa @ simplehomefood.com

  12. Wow, lovely and great recipe. Something authentic which we don't get here.

  13. very new recipe dear...good one

  14. i miss eating eating thandu kotu....delicious :)

  15. Never cooked plaintain stem this way. I cook it as a dry dish. Long time cooked it, will try this once.

  16. nice recipe padh. looks so mummy. i ll try it today

  17. This we call as pindimiriyam. Only difference is we add few black pepper.


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