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Friday, August 19, 2011

Trifle Pudding-Fruit Trifle Recipe

Trifle is a cold dessert made from thick custard, sponge cake, fruits and jelly. These ingredients are arranged in layers and topped with whipped cream or cherries or nuts or chocolate.This is a perfect recipe for a party and can be prepared even a day before the party. Today let us learn how to prepare Trifle Pudding/fruit trifle by following this easy recipe.

Trifle Pudding

Easy Trifle Pudding

fruit trifle

 Prep Time : 15 mins (setting time not included)
 Cook Time : 15 mins 
 Serves: 4
 Recipe CategoryDessert
 Recipe CuisineInternational

   Ingredients needed

   Sponge cake
   Jelly - 1 small packet Raspberry or strawberry flavor
   Any fruits of your choice.
   Sugar syrup or sugar water - 2-3 tbsp
   A glass container or tall glass for serving individually.

  For the custard layer

   Vanilla Custard powder - 2 tbsp
   Milk - 2 1/2 cups
   Warm Milk - 2 tbsp for mixing custard
   Sugar - 4 tbsp

Fruit trifle


Boil 1/4 cup of water with 2 tbsp of sugar for a few minutes. Leave it to cool. This is the sugar water.

For the custard layer 

Boil milk, mix 2 tbsp of custard powder with 2-3 tbsp of warm milk and make a paste.

Once the milk boils, reduce the heat to low and add the custard paste to the milk slowly stirring continuously. After it becomes a little thick, remove from flame. Leave it to cool.

Then keep it in the refrigerator. Refer my fruit custard recipe for more details.

For the fruits layer

Pineapple, apple, mangoes (ripe but firm), strawberry, seedless grapes or any fruits of your choice but avoid using bananas and oranges as I personally feel that it makes the trifle soggy. Cut the fruits into small pieces and keep it aside.You can keep apples in a cup of water to which a few drops of lemon juice is added to prevent discoloration.

For the jelly layer

Choose Raspberry or strawberry flavor as it makes the trifle very attractive and colorful.

Prepare the jelly as per instructions on the pack. After it cools, pour it in a tray and refrigerate it for it to set. Do not keep it in the freezer.

How to arrange or serve Trifle

Trifle Pudding recipe-how to make fruit trifle

Now take a wide glass bowl or a tall glass.

Cut the cake horizontally and arrange the bottom layer with pieces of cake and sprinkle sugar syrup on it. Press it well.

Now pour the cold custard on top of it and spread it evenly.

Then spread the chopped fruits.

Then slice jelly and cover the fruits layer.

Now sprinkle little custard and arrange the cake pieces.

Now again pour the cold custard on top of it.

Like this repeat the process for 3 layers.Then top it with cherries or whipped cream.

Keep it in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours to set (not in the freezer) and enjoy delicious and yummy Trifle.

Easy Trifle pudding recipe

Meet you all again with more interesting recipes and tips, till then it is bye from Padhu of Padhuskitchen.com


  1. u remind my old days i make this pudding oftenly and liked by everyone who eat it .same recipe though i never posted.
    super yummy!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. One of my most fav!!!! Colorful & yummmy!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. wow, this sure looks so yummy, a wonderful post and lovely clicks..

  12. I too make it the same way...and it is a big hit in my house as well..its been a long time since I made it though...your pics are tempting me

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  16. Hi Padhu
    So nice of you to visit my blog.
    Lovely and delicious looking pudding. Irresistible...

  17. hi...i wanna to know how to prepare jelly ..with out any fruits ...just jelly..plain

  18. thanx..I made it using this recipe :)

  19. excellent, tasty and nice looking
    I tried and my wife was astonished by my pudding

  20. Hi padhu..your pudding luks real yummy..I want to prepare it for my hubby's bday..can I prepare it the day before? For how much duration should the custard and jellybe individually refrigerated? Can I use normal cake from bakery? Kindly clarify..thanks :-)

    1. You can refrigerate the custard for 3-4 hours or until it sets. You can use the jelly once it sets. Yes, you can use any normal cake from the bakery.You can prepare it a day before.

  21. You have given the recipe in such a way that it is easy to follow. Thanks!


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