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Cabbage Poha Recipe-Cabbage Capsicum Aval-Poha Recipes

Cabbage poha is perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast or snack. All you need is just 2 main ingredients - cabbage and poha (aval). You can make this with cabbage alone but since I love the cabbage capsicum combination, I have added capsicum also. Whenever my kids are hungry in between meals, I make this delicious poha in a jiffy. They love it a lot. You can make it for kids as an after school snack. It hardly takes 10 minutes to make this cabbage capsicum poha. Today we will learn how to make cabbage poha following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

Cabbage poha-poha recipe

Cabbage Capsicum Poha

Cabbage Poha

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Serves: 1-2
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast-Snacks-Poha
 Recipe CuisineNorth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Poha - 1 cup
   Cabbage - 2 cups shredded
   Capsicum - 1 cup thinly sliced
   Sesame seeds - 2 tbsp
   Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
   Salt to taste

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 2 tbsp
   Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
   Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
   Green chilli -2 finely chopped
   Ginger - 1 inch piece
   Curry leaves - a sprig

   For Garnishing

   Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp finely chopped
   Fresh Lemon juice to taste


Wash and rinse poha (you can use any poha - thin, thick , brown) 2-3 times, drain the water and keep it aside for 15 minutes. For thick poha - after draining the water, sprinkle little water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Fluff poha with a fork before adding.

Thinly slice cabbage and capsicum and keep it ready. Peel the skin and finely chop ginger. Do not use the thick portions of the cabbage. You can use that to make cabbage kootu.

ingredients for cabbage poha


Heat oil in a pan, when it is hot, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When mustard and cumin seeds splutters, add ginger, finely chopped green chilli and curry leaves.


Saute for a few seconds and then add cabbage and capsicum.

Cabbage Capsicum Aval

Add turmeric powder, salt and cook covered on medium heat. After few minutes of cooking, you may sprinkle water if needed and cook covered. When it is soft (do not overcook), fluff poha with a fork and add to the cabbage capsicum mixture.

Cook covered for 2-3 minutes. If you feel it is too dry, you may add a tbsp of water and then cook covered.

Cabbage poha recipe

Squeeze juice of fresh lemon, sprinkle toasted sesame seeds or coarsely ground roasted peanuts and garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix well and serve hot.

cabbage capsicum poha recipe

Serve hot with a cup of tea or coffee, juice or buttermilk. Enjoy!!

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  1. Tried this Aval Cabbage Capsicum recipe. Turned out awesome. I noticed you didnt add hing to it. If I add that will it be okay or spoil the taste ? Dont know the science behind it :-)

  2. Adding a pinch of hing does not affect the taste of the dish. In fact it helps in digestion.

  3. My dear, you do not say when to add the mustard seed. I do not see it in the pictures either, but it is listed in the ingredients. Should it be added with the cumin in the beginning? I love poha it is sooo easy to cook with, and I really want to try this savory version. One other question, could I sometimes use onion and tomato, instead of capsicum and cabbage? (Kind of like you did in your bread upma recipe?) Would that come out tasty you think?
    I always love reading your recipes and have learned SO MUCH about Indian cooking from you! Hope to see a reply - thanks for this wonderful site!

    1. Thank you for liking my recipes Loren. Glad you found it useful. Mustard seeds are added along with cumin seeds but it is optional. I have missed it. I will update it. Thanks a lot for letting me know. Yes, you can use onion and tomato as in bread upma. Onion tomato poha is also very tasty.


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