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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Khara Pongal Recipe-Ven Pongal-(Step wise pictures)

Pongal is the most simplest and easiest breakfast recipe. I do not prefer to eat pongal in hotels as they mostly use dalda. Making pongal at home is a breeze. It has just 2 steps. Cook rice and dal and then do the seasoning. Though I have posted ven pongal with easy sambar recipe here, I wanted to do a step wise recipe for beginners.Today we will learn the Tamil style of preparing khara pongal recipe.

Khara Pongal-Ven Pongal

How to make Ven Pongal (khara pongal)

Ven Pongal-khara pongal

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 15 mins 
 Serves: 1
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Raw rice - 1/2 cup
   Split yellow moong dal (pasi paruppu) -1/4 cup
   Cashew nuts -6-7
   Salt needed

  For the seasoning

   Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
   Ghee - 1 1/2 tbsp
   Ginger finely chopped - 1 tsp
   Cumin/ Jeera seeds - 1 tsp
   Whole black pepper - 1 tsp
   Curry leaves - few


Dry roast moong dal and rice separately until it is hot to touch. Do not over fry it.

Fry cashew nuts in a tsp of ghee and keep it aside.


Mix both rice and dal, pressure cook adding salt, 2 1/2 - 3 cups of water for 4-5 whistles.(I used old rice, so added 3 cups of water).The rice has to be cooked in such a way that it should be mushy.

Open the cooker once the pressure subsides and mash the contents well when it is hot (You can cook rice directly in the cooker also or as I have done).

how to make ven pongal

Heat oil + ghee, add finely chopped ginger, saute for 2-3 seconds, then add pepper, jeera seeds (you can pound pepper and jeera slightly for more flavor), curry leaves and pour it over the rice + dal mix.

Add fried cashew nuts and mix everything well. Alternatively you can add rice+dal mix to the seasoning as I have done and mix well on low flame for 2 minutes. Switch off and serve hot with sambar or gothsu or coconut chutney.

how to prepare pongal

Side dish for Pongal 

Coconut chutney 

Arachu vitta sambar 

Pongal sambar 

Idli sambar 

Instant sambar 

Brinjal Gothsu

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hi Padhu, Lovely Pongal. Must have tasted great.

  3. super.. 2 nd photo vil cooker kul paathirathil rice iruke appadi thaan veega vaikanuma?

  4. my all time fav,love the stepwise neat presentation, yummy khara pongal!!!

  5. Super recipe...looks flavorful & delicious..

  6. Faiza kader
    You can cook rice keeping in a vessel as I have done or you can cook directly in the cooker. It is your choice.

  7. Comforting and delicious pongal..

  8. I even have an easier version which comes out very well. Locally I am known as the best venpongal maker. Here it is. I simply put both pasi paruppu & rice together in the pressure cooker with some salt & cook it it lets 3-5 whistles. Turn off the stove allow it to cool & then season with oil first then crushed pepper, jeera, karuveppalai & ginger paste. Add just before taking out enough ghee & fried cashews to your taste. This way it is healthier not to add too much saturated fats like ghee . This recipe Never fails me. Try it.

  9. Hi Padhu.. Very good recipe. Being a bachelor I have tried this and it has come out well. Easy to prepare and needs less effort. I have recommended this link to many colleagues / friends.
    Last couple of times though, the rice+dal mix is becoming to sticky. (using cooker, 4-5 whistles). Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have made sure I have more water to make the mix mushy. Still the stickness persists. Any idea?

  10. It depends on the quality of rice. Try changing the rice as certain rice are sticky.Also fry rice and dal separately before making pongal. Do not fry too much.Thanks a lot for liking my recipes.

  11. Hello Padhu! I was looking for a quick side for pongal, so I made a hybrid of your instant and pongal sambhar. It was very tasty, and my entire family really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing 😀

  12. your dishes are always help me lot...

  13. Mam does we have to clean rice n pulse before fry

  14. Chinki -You do not have to wash before frying. If there are any impurities in your dal or rice, clean it but do not wash it. Hope I made it clear for you.

  15. Hi Padhu,

    In the first step, do we need to 'roast' rice and dal separately instead of'fry'ing? Even I was unclear about when to wash, so I just roasted and washed it before cooking in the pressure cooker.

    The pongal was perfect! Thanks for the simple recipe.


  16. wow, I like the site, there are so many quick recipes

  17. Very good Tamil recipe..
    The best side-dish for this pongal would be "RASAM".
    first you will think how it will suits?
    But try it, then you wont eat pongal without rasam.
    Amazing combination.

  18. Simple n delicious ....tried today came out well

  19. I tried this recipe today and my family likes it very much. Thank Padhu for sharing receipe :)

  20. Very easy recipe. I'm from Poland and I love south Indian cuisine. Will try this over the weekend. Thank you!

  21. There is no nutrition in food that is cooked in a pressure cooker. Food also lacks flavor- try cooking on low heat.

  22. This recipe is my savior when I am alone at home.I have this for lunch.thank you very much

  23. nice recipe of pongal , i would like to join ur blog and vl b happy if u join mine too .

  24. thanks for your recipes as I always use your site and prepare dishes , almost everything comes good

  25. Thanks Padhu for a healthy n easy brkfast recipe. I just love the pongal.. i jst wanted to knw 1 thing. We always wash rice n dal before using it. So is it aftr washing v need to fry it ir how do you go ahead ?

    1. Rashmi - in preparation itself I have written clearly to dry roast dal and rice separately. You have to wash it after frying once it cools.

  26. Tried this recipe for breakfast... Very delicious,... My family loved it. Thank you for sharing...

  27. Replaced rice with oats. Came out well. Suggest increase pepperby 25%. Tasty and nutritious.

  28. Thanks a lot Padhu! Tried it for the first time and it came out to be sooo tasty 👌🏻.. my husband loved it with vathal kuzhambu

  29. Tasty nutrition packed recipe. Inspite being a Marathi family we all love it.


  30. Thank you for the easy steps. For me, Pongal is the best breakfast and now I have started to make it myself!

  31. Hi..padhu...liked ur receipe very much..can u add me to ur group so that I learn more southern recipes

    1. Thank you for liking my recipes. You can join Padhuskitchen facebook page where we can discuss anything related to food.

    2. Madam
      Is it mean that rice need to fry without oil ah

    3. Yes, roast rice without oil slightly until hot to touch. Roast dal also separately. Then mix both and cook.

  32. Big follower of Padhu recipes. By default I come to this site for all my recipe needs. Awesome.

  33. Hi padhu.. Ur website is my goto page for any cooking :-) and my family ejoying my new recipes, thanks to you!

  34. i like ur cooking method..I will try this recipe tomorrow..thank u for sharing the method in easy way:)

  35. Hey!
    Ua pongal is the only breakfast i cab prepare. People at home loved it.Infact my mum changed her pongal recipe n follows yours.
    Thanks so much for recipe.

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  37. Very nice recipe. I have tried it for my daughter and we all liked it!

  38. Tried it....came out very well. ..thank you

  39. Lovely Pongal padhu. I have tried this many times and everytime it came out well. Thank you so much.

  40. The recipe churned our very well. Won the hearts of people at home. Thank you!


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