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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kesar Kaju Katli Recipe-Kesar Kaju Burfi-Easy Diwali Sweet Recipes

Kaju Katli is a very popular Indian sweet which I have posted long time back. Kesar Kaju katli is one that includes saffron and is more exotic and rich. This expensive sweet can be easily made at home. Today we will learn how to prepare Kesar Kaju Katli recipe following our easy recipe with step by step pictures.

Kesar Kaju Katli

How to make Kaju Katli-Cashewnut Burfi with saffron

Kaju Katli-Cashewnut Burfi

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 30 mins 
 Yields:12-13 Kaju Katli
 Recipe CategoryIndian Sweet
 Recipe CuisineNorth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Cashew nuts - 1 cup
   Milk -1/4 cup
   Sugar -3/4 cup
   Water -1/2 cup
   Saffron strands - 10-12 small strands
   Ghee -1 tsp
   2 tbsp of milk for removing the scum from the sugar syrup


Grease a plate with ghee and keep it ready.

Break cashew nuts into 2 pieces and soak it in hot water for 1 1/2 hours. After that, drain the water and grind the cashew nuts with 1/4 cup of milk to a smooth paste. If there are a few bits in between, do not bother. Our cashew nut paste is ready.

soaking cashew nuts for preparing Kesar kaju katli


Mix sugar and water over low flame. Once the sugar dissolves and the water starts boiling, add 2 tbsp of milk and boil for a few more seconds. The scum or dirt will come to the surface. Remove that and filter the sugar syrup. Now the sugar syrup is pure without any impurities.

Now boil the sugar syrup until you get a one string consistency (kambi padam in tamil).Then add the cashew nut paste and the saffron strands. To know more about one string consistency check out my Boondi Laddu recipe.

sugar syrup for cashew nut burfi

Keep the flame on medium low and cook the cashew nut paste stirring continuously.

How to make kaju katli -(with kesar)

It will thicken and start to leave the sides of the pan or kadai as shown in the picture below. Now place the dough in the prepared greased plate. Grease a rolling pin or bottom of a flat cup with a little ghee and spread the kaju katli dough evenly.

How to prepare kesar kaju katli

Once it cools slightly, make cuts with a sharp knife as desired. Remove the pieces only after it cools completely. Our Kesar Kaju Katli is ready.

Note - Even if you add the cashew nut paste a stage before one string consistency, do not worry, you have to cook for a longer time. That's all.

Check out my Kaju Katli recipe with a totally different method of preparation.

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  1. nice twist to Kaju Katli.. Looks so yumm

  2. Such a perfect looking kaju katli,I once tried the same way ended up making laddus as I was not able to spread,any thoughts plz?

  3. Looks divine,thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  4. Dear Padhu ! thanks a lot for the recipe (Kaju Katli) shall try it out and get back .....

  5. wow .. they look gorgeous and super tempting

  6. looks really yummy! saffron lends a unique flavor too.

  7. Harini.M - You have to cook for some more time then.

  8. Padhu kaju Katli is my fav, though I have never tried making it. You inspire me to do so. Thanks

  9. I want that box of kesar kaju katli, wish i live near you.

  10. Hi padhu
    shall i grind the cashews in mixie or grinder?

  11. Revathy -Grind it in mixie .I used only my small mixie jar

  12. Made this for last diwali. Will be making it again and a quite a few other based on your recipes. Thanks.

  13. Kaju katli is my special coming deepawali. Thanks padhu,

  14. Why do we need to soak d cashew?
    Wats d difference between burfi made from soaked n unsoaked one?
    Kindly reply

  15. Hi... I ve a doubt. .. I tried ur recipe but it turned out to be very sticky and I wasn't able to get proper cakes after cooling. . I dunno where I went wrong.. help me


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