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Upma Pesarattu-MLA Pesarattu Recipe-Andhra Recipes

MLA pesarattu is a very popular dish in Andhra Pradesh and is served with upma. According to wikipedia "A variety of pesarattu served with upma is known as MLA pesarattu, which came to be known after it was popular in MLA quarters restaurants in Hyderabad. It was part of the Andhra meals in MLA quarters." I have already shared with you moong dal dosa with split yellow lentils and pesarattu made with whole green gram dal or whole moong dal. Today we will learn how to make Upma Pesarattu following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

Upma pesarattu-MLA pesarattu

Upma Pesarattu-MLA Pesarattu

Upma Pesarattu-MLA Pesarattu

 Prep Time : 10 mins (soaking time not included)
 Cook Time : 20 mins 
 Yields: 6 Upma Pesarattu
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast-Dinner-Dosa
 Recipe CuisineAndhra Pradesh

   Ingredients needed

   Whole Green gram - 1 cup
   Uncooked Raw rice - 1 tbsp
   Green chillies - 2-3
   Ginger - 1 inch piece
   Salt to taste
   Onion - 1 finely chopped
   Oil for making dosa
   Rava Upma - as needed


Wash and soak whole green moong dal and rice together for 4-5 hours.

Grind it with ginger, green chillies and salt needed to a slightly coarse paste. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

how to make mla pesarattu

Add finely chopped onions to the batter and mix well.

pesarattu batter


Heat a tawa, when it is hot, pour a ladle of batter and spread it in a circular motion.

Drizzle a tsp of oil around the dosa and cook on medium heat. When the corners start lifting up, flip it over to the other side.

upma pesarattu recipe

Cook on medium heat. Once the dosa is cooked, remove from tawa, place a scoop of upma on the dosa and fold it. Serve hot with ginger chutney or coconut chutney. Check out rava upma recipe.

how to make upma pesarattu

Note - Instead of adding onions to the batter, you can also sprinkle on top of the dosa. I personally prefer adding it to the batter.

You can have this pesarattu even without the upma.

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  1. very nice ,, will try
    regards ,, good night ,,

  2. Some enhancers:
    1. The her one pesarattus are much thinner than the ones showed in pictures.
    2. The onions are not mixed in the batter. Rather, one should have a bowl of finely chopped onions, green chillies, ginger and an dash of jeera which is sprinkled liberally over the pesarattu.
    Served best with ginger chutney and coconut chutney.

    1. Kindly read the full post. Actually I have written under "notes" that adding onions to the batter is my personal preference.

  3. Hey,

    I needed your guidance on this:

    I tried grinding my own green moong flour at home by dry roasting it and then grinding it.
    Unlike ready-made moong flour, mine was slightly coarse.

    I have soaked this flour in water and plan to leave it overnight.

    I'm interested in using it to make dosa tomorrow.

    Will this give me good results?

    Any tips?

  4. Replies
    1. MLA stands for Member of Legislative Assembly.This dish is named so as it is popular in canteens and restaurants in the MLA quarters in Hyderabad.

    2. That's funny... but thank you for the information.


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