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Rava Upma Recipe-How to make Upma-Quick Breakfast Recipes

Upma is one of the most easiest breakfast and can be done in a jiffy. Though I have posted many types of upma including vegetable rava upma, I realized that I did not post the most basic upma recipe (without any vegetables). Since it is a very basic recipe, I have given step wise pictures to make it easier for beginners. Today we will learn how to make rava upma following this easy recipe.

Rava Upma Recipe
Rava Upma-Coconut chutney-Orange juice with honey-Comforting breakfast 

Rava Upma-How to make Rava Upma

Rava Upma

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 15 mins 
 Serves: 2
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Rava /semolina/sooji (any type of rava) - 1 cup
   Onion - 1
   Green chilli -1
   Ginger - 1 inch piece finely chopped
   Water - 2 cups
   Ghee - 3/4 tsp (optional - added for flavor)
   Salt needed

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 3 tsp
   Mustard seeds -1 tsp
   Urad dal - 3/4 tsp
   Red chillies -1
   Curry leaves - few


Dry roast rava until it is hot to touch. If you have got ready made roasted rava, you can skip this step.

Chop onions, ginger and green chillies finely.


Heat 3 tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add urad dal, red chillies and curry leaves.

When dal turns golden brown, add chopped onions, green chillies and ginger.

Saute until onions turn transparent.

sauteing onions for upma

Then add 2 cups of water, ghee and salt needed. Taste the water and check for salt.(if it is a bit salty, then it will become perfect after adding rava).

How to prepare upma

When the water starts boiling, reduce the flame to low, add rava gradually with one hand and keep stirring with your other hand.

ravai upma

Once the rava absorbs all the water, cover and cook on low flame for 6-7 minutes. Do not forget to stir in between.

upma recipe

Delicious rava upma is ready to be served. It can be paired with Tomato chutney, coconut chutney, sambar or any pickle.

how to make upma

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  1. Quick and Easy Upma recipe. My all time favorite.

  2. nice click.. upma helps me whenever i run out of vegetables or if i feel lazy to prepare elaborate breakfast.. my fav too.. :)

  3. simple and delicious breakfast to prepare :)

  4. Perfect breakfast Recipe...nice presentation.

  5. Very tempting recipe... Drooling here...

  6. Nice easy and tasty receipe. ..
    Have a nice day
    Veelma D'souza

  7. my fav ...easy and filling dish....looks perfect...

  8. thanks early morning breakfast ready within minutes :-)

  9. Its tasty...better one which I used to cook earlier.

  10. Upma was too sticky like halwa...didn't turn well had to throw in garbage.....i think i'm doing something wrong.

    1. This is one of the most easiest breakfast recipe. The reasons could be - 1. You might have added more water.
      2. You have to dry roast the rava, if it is not roasted rava.
      3.For all rava - the ratio of rava and water is 1 : 2 . May be the rava you used is an exception -Next time try to reduce the quantity of water and cook on medium flame until all the water evaporates. Good luck!!

    2. Thanks you for recipes, being bachalar it's very helpful to experiment with new recipe.
      Thank you.

  11. Why is ur rava yellowish in color?

    1. I got 2 varieties of rava from Bangalore.(white and light yellow) I have used the yellow one. You can use any rava.

  12. i did this recipe and i didnt have enough time to boil or pressure cook the potatoes, and i just so happen to run out of frozen peas and carrots so i boiled the water with shredded carrot only, and then added the upma bit by bit. the secret to getting fluffly and dry upma is to simply turn off the gas after the last step, and let it cool down a bit. the semolina will soak up the water and it wont come out so wet and mushy. i like my upma mushy but alot of indian people like it dry

  13. Hi...i tried this recipe and inspite of maintaining a 1:2 ratio, my upma turned out dry. What am I doing wrong...? Do i keep it covered after cooking to let the steam stay in..?

    1. For most of the rava varieties, the ratio is 1 :2 (ie) for 1 cup of rava - we add 2 cups of water. Yes, you have to cook covered. If you feel, it is too dry, then you can sprinkle water and the cook covered on low heat.

  14. Easy, delicious recipe. Since my first time I have mixed quinoa with the sooji to increase protein content.

  15. This is super easy to make and tastes delicious with added ghee and eaten with sugar! Thanks padhu!

  16. Replies
    1. Urad dal black gram dal(lentil). I have used split, skinned urad dal for seasoning in this recipe.

  17. First I was thinking that making rava upma is difficult.once tried your recipe , Became a fan of rava upma and ....
    Thank you very much for your detailing on each preperation..

  18. Dear Padhu,

    I love the fact that ur recipes are soo well-written with easy to understand steps. Being a newbie at cooking, I immediately open ur website for cook cooking tips and recipes. Thanks !!!!

  19. Hi padhu,
    I get a gud upma very rarely reason being lump formation/too mushy. Can we add rava first before adding water? Will it taste the same?
    Please don't forget to reply.

    1. Follow the above method. Lower the heat and then add rava gradually stirring continuously with the other hand. In this way, you will not get lumps. Even if you add rava first, you have to stir continuously when adding water (preferably hot water for this method).

  20. Hi Padhu,
    I keep referring to your recipes on Saturdays and Sunday's as I get to do some proper cooking only during weekends. I find your recipes easy to follow and quick to make. Excellent dear. Thanks for that.


  21. Can carrots/peas be added to the boiling water?

    1. After sauteing the onions, add the carrot/peas, saute for a few more minutes and then add water.

  22. The ratio of water to the other ingredients is perfect. Thanks!

  23. Thank you. You literally save me from starving! Very well written and so simple to make!

  24. I live in dubai and once happened that my wife has to go back to india for some reason. Thanks to those hotels who were feeding me. Once i had a craving for upma and i tried in many hotels but was not able to satisfy me.
    Google came to my help and i found this website much easier and matching the ingredients wht i had in my kitchen except ginger.
    I followed the instructions as mentioned and believe me i never had tasted such a wonderful upma for the long time.
    I have developed my interest in cooking now

  25. Very useful guidance to prepare variety of uppumas.than q so much four your information


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