Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sambar recipes-sambar varieties-South Indian Sambar recipes

Sambar is very popular in South Indian meals.A South Indian meal is never complete without sambar. Here are a few sambar recipes which you will love very much.

Sambar varieties-Sambar recipes-sambar vagaigal

Sambar Powder recipe

How to prepare sambar /Basic sambar recipe

Arachuvitta sambar

Bitter gourd pitlai

Sambar for idly/dosa/pongal

Mango Sambar

Instant sambar for idli

Mixed Vegetable Sambar recipe (step wise pictures for beginners)

Vendhaya Keerai sambar (methi sambar)

Brinjal Rasavangi 

Onion Arachu vitta Sambar

Drumstick Sambar Iyer style (without onions)

Pasi Paruppu Sambar (tiffin sambar)

No Onion No garlic Carrot Sambar

Keerai Thandu Sambar using Instant Sambar Podi

Hotel Tiffin Sambar

This page will be updated as and when sambar recipes are posted. Hope you enjoyed browsing my site.Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen.


  1. Hey Padhu,

    One of my hubby ear's favorites..Make it almost everyday...:)


  2. loved that recipe for idli dosa. sounds and looks delish.

  3. yummy recipes for sambhar-- loved the pitlai especially, make it almst the same way. :)

  4. Arachivitta sambar is my all time favorite..Good collection of sambars..

  5. hi dear....great collection of sambhar....will surly check it out.....

  6. good sambhar collection. i love arachivitta sambhar..

  7. my family members love your version of araichu vitta sambar till now i am following yours

  8. Thank you for such wonderful recipes Padhu.I am a novice cook who loves cooking but unfortunately most of the time I cook, there is no balance of flavours. Hoping an expert like you to help me out.
    Could you please let me know a foolproof ratio of jaggery to tamarind to sambar/rasam powder.. for sambar or rasam or for that matter in any recipe that requires jaggery and tamarind combination.

    1. Thank you Mk for liking my recipes. Just follow the instructions given for sambar, rasam etc, you will get good results. Do not add too much tamarind as it will give a sour taste.

  9. I am preparing sambar for 50 people. How much sambar powder should I use? Or PLease tell me the measurements for sambar powder for 50 people. Thank you in advance.

    1. Most of my sambar recipes serves 4 persons. Calculate for 50 persons and follow the same procedure.


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