Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pickle Recipes - Pickle Varieties

Pickles are a very important part of an Indian meal and is served as a condiment with meals or Indian breads or sandwiches. Some delicious pickle varieties are  listed below-

Indian pickles
Gooseberry Pickle

Lemon Ginger Pickle

Onion Thokku/pickle

Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Lemon Pickle

Oil Free lemon Pickle

Garlic Pickle

Sun Dried Tomato Pickle

Instant Mango Pickle (Easy mango pickle)

Curry leaves thokku ( karuveppilai thokku)

Mango Thokku (South Indian style) 

Tomato Thokku  

Puli Inji (Kerala style ginger pickle)

Mavadu (baby mango pickle/vadu manga)

Puli Milagai (green chilli pickle)

Neer Nellikkai Recipe (gooseberries in brine)

Fresh Green Peppercorn Pickle (pachai milagu pickle)

Cut Mango Pickle 

Kalakai Pickle (karonda achaar)

Fresh Turmeric Pickle (haldi pickle)

Narthangai Pickle (citron)

Mint Thokku (stays good for more than 10 days in the refrigerator)

This page will be updated as and when pickle recipes are posted. Hope you enjoyed browsing my site and my recipes .Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen.


  1. Hi Padhu
    Do you have a recipe for North Indian style radish pickle? If you do, please would you upload it.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Padhu

    If you have recipe for brinjal pickle please share.

    Thank u

  3. Hi mam i want to know how to make long time pickle without refridgeration

    1. You have to refrigerate most of the pickles as we are not adding any preservatives. Vadu manga stays for 9-10 months without refrigeration.

  4. Dear Padhu
    Please share the recipe for Methi ka achar.


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