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Maavadu Pickle Recipe-Vadu Mango Pickle-Mavadu

Vadu maanga or Mavadu are tender small raw mangoes which are commonly available during the summer in South India.Usually we make pickles out of these mangoes.The good thing is, we do not use oil for this pickle and salt is the only preservative for this mango pickle. My mother is an expert at making this pickle. She usually buys Maavadu in bulk and prepares this pickle every year to distribute it to friends and relatives. It is a fantastic accompaniment not only with curd rice but also with sambar rice.Every time I make this pickle, all the other pickles get sidelined in my home.

Mavadu Pickle-Vadu Mango Pickle

Vadu Mangai Pickle-Maavadu oorgai

Vadu Mangai Pickle

 Prep Time : 40 mins
 Recipe CategoryPickles-Mango
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Vadu (Baby mangoes) - 2 kg
   Salt (crystal salt or rock salt) - 2 cups
   Chilli powder - 1/2 cup
   Mustard seeds - 2 tsp
   Turmeric powder - 1 tsp


Wash mangoes well 3-4 times.Trim the long stems. Spread it on a cloth and air dry it under the fan inside the house.The mangoes should be dry and free of moisture.

Powder the rock salt in a mixie and keep it ready.

In a bowl, mix salt, chilli powder and turmeric powder well.


Take a big jar or plastic bucket, add 1 layer of mangoes, then add a layer of salt + chilli pwd + turmeric pwd mix.

Then again a layer of mangoes and top it with chilli pwd+ salt+turmeric mix. Keep on layering it until all the mangoes are over. Close it and keep it aside.

The next day shake the container well or mix it with a dry ladle so the the spices get mixed well with the mangoes. Mix well with a dry ladle twice a day (both morning and evening).

By the 3 th day, the mangoes would have oozed out lot of water.

Take 2 tsp of mustard seeds and grind it with a little oozed out water and add it back to the mango pickle.

Mix it well twice everyday (morning and evening) with a dry ladle.

It is ready for use after 10 days.Even after that you have to mix it well everyday. The longer the mangoes soak, the tastier it will be. Mine was perfect and tasted great.

Note- I use only rock salt for all my pickles as it is free of the additives. Powder the rock salt before using it.

Choose baby mangoes with stem as those without stems are mostly picked up from the ground and is not suitable for making this pickle.

Do not use spoiled or damaged mangoes as it will spoil the whole lot.

Traditionally, they make this pickle in large quantities and preserve it for a year, so castor oil is applied on the mangoes before pickling, to prevent it from getting spoiled. But since I have pickled only 2 kgs and do not like castor oil, I did not apply it. If you are making it in bulk, coat the mangoes with a few tsp of castor oil after drying it well. Then follow the procedure above.

Traditional measurement - For 8 measures mangoes - 1 measure crystal rock salt and 1/4 measure chilli powder.

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  1. Slurp,am drooling here..Super tempting maavadu.

  2. Nice traditional recipe and you made me to remember my grandma with this pickle recipe... thanks for sharing

  3. Best combo with curd rice... Yum !!!

  4. woww looks yumm..where did u get this vadumanga Padma??

  5. Vadu manga tastes so good with curd rice..

  6. My fav pickle..Even my mom used to prepare this every summer and distribute it to all our relatives..

  7. My mouth is watering here... Mmmmhhhhh

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  8. this pickle just awesome. finger licking pickle recipe

  9. Tender mango pickle looks delicious Padhu.

  10. Drooling,perfect with curd rice

  11. wow..yummy..this is new dish to me....thx for sharing!

  12. Oh my my one of my fav pickle. It looks so tempting! Can have rice with just this pickle.

  13. Hi Padhu ,

    Really Drooling !!!!

    perfect match with curd rice...

  14. only one song comes in my mind now after seeing your recipe.. vadu maanga song from one of the vijay's movie...

    glad to follow you dear...

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  16. Ohh dear, love it love it and just love it.. Awesome prep Padhu, wish I could get some Vsu manga here to pickle it.

  17. Hi Pathu,

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  19. mmmmm YUMMY YUMMY ...My mom makes it the same way ...missing it a lot

  20. Dont you add Hing (Asofodata)

  21. ...'by the 3 th day looks like a typo. Is it the third day itself or longer like 13th or 30th day? Im asking a little late as I have followed your recipe anyway and pickled the mangoes..

  22. Clean and easy recipe....gonna try this

  23. Hai... i tried the recipe following your method last year... the pickle tasted very good and it stayed edible for a long time... but the mangoes kept shrinking and becoming small and hard and at a point we were not able to bite it... where did i go wrong... i am going to try it again this year and i want to make it perfectly...

  24. I did it as u said. After one month a layer white cloth like forms. Smell too not good why?? Please answer mam. Thank you

    1. The recipe is correct as it is followed in our home for years. The mangoes used should be tender and should be of good quality. If you had used one spoiled/damaged mango while making the pickle, the entire pickle will get spoiled.
      When buying, you should buy only with stems as it is directly plucked from the tree and not the fallen mangoes. There should be no moisture or water in the mangoes. You must wipe it well and air dry the mangoes before making the pickle.
      After making the pickle, you must mix it everyday with a dry ladle. If you follow these steps, it stays good for 1 year.


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