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  1. Padmini Sampath

    Hi Padhu,

    Thank you for this post on EnPan. Pretty informative. Also encourages us to move away from using non-stick tava and kadais

    Wanted to check abt one thing related to cooking in iron kadai.

    Some of the vegetables like okra, brinjal and a few others tend to become blackish and lose their original colour when we cook in iron kadais. Do you have any valuable tips to avoid the same? Appreciate your response.

    Also wanted to add that I am a big fan of your blog as well as YouTube channel. Whenever I decide to try out a new item, I visit your blog and use your recipe for the same. Have always been successful in trying out new items adopting your detailed recipes with step by step pictures. Thanks much and wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours

    Best regards, Padmini

  2. Elza

    Hi there,
    A question your way. Can this tawa be used on an induction stove? Also, thank you for taking the time to do such detailed reviews and recipes with pictures.

  3. Roopa

    Dear..Right now AI am using Stone material tava for dosa and its fine.
    But by looking at your review wanted to buy a Iron Tawa and hence checked website.
    They are charging 200 for shipping which is not friendly to our pocket

  4. Aishwarya

    As per your suggestion I bought en pan dosa tawa. It was worth a penny, eventhough they put 200 shipping charges, thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Priya

    Bought the designer dosaikkal after seeing your post. I live in London and have tried several types of dosaikkals. But agree with you, it’s lovely and the dosais are amazing.

  6. Prasanna Ponnusamy

    I booked 4 items from this website and unfortunately, they took forever to arrive despite the fact that they take 700rs for shipping. I had to give them several calls and finally 2 items were shipped. I understand that it can be delayed due to Corona etc but the seller should keep us updated on what is happening rather than we chasing them. I have tried my best to be patient with them as they kept saying they were sick for a whole month and they promised to ship in 2 days but it never arrived.. I don’t think I will recommend buying from here.

  7. Gowtham

    I ordered 3 pan with them, it’s been almost one month no response from the seller, no one is picking the calls nor replying to my messages. Now i am not sure whether i will receive my products. Zero customer support.

  8. Mala

    Can we use the cast iron kadai for making brinjal or tomato curry or anything with water? Generally such items turn black. Can you pl give yr feedback on this point?

  9. Lakshmi

    I bought an cast iron tawa before two years for past 1 year dosa came very well but every time when try with new dosa flour it’s not coming did tawa completely gone or still we can do any seasoning am in abroad so can’t buy new one as price is too much high

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