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Lunch Menus

Are you wondering what to prepare for lunch or dinner? Find easy Indian Vegetarian Lunch and Dinner rnenus here.You will find the pictures of the spread and recipes in the link provided. Find a list of kheer recipes (payasam) and other Indian sweets for Dessert ideas.

Lunch Ideas (Indian)

Lunch #1 (Simple South Indian Lunch Menu)

Poondu Kulambu
Radish greens stir fry
Carrot stir fry

Lunch #2 (Perfect for sunday and school lunch)

Vegetable Pulao
Brinjal gravy as side dish
Gobi 65
Curd rice

Lunch #3  (quick menu for the busy women)

Moong dal Khichdi
Quick Potato gravy
Curd rice

Lunch #4 (A Balanced lunch)

Keerai kootu
Plantian stem stir fry
Lemon ginger pickle

Lunch #5 (North Indian Meals)

Ridgegourd dal
Tindora subzi
Dahi /curd

Lunch #6  (Bored of rice, try Vermicelli for a change)

Vermicelli Biryani
Thayir Semiya
Mixed Vegetable Pachadi

Lunch #7  (Simple and healthy South Indian lunch) If you run out of time, this is easy and healthy

Pepper Rasam
Cabbage Kootu

Lunch # 8 (Healthy,easy, filling and satisfying)

Brown Rice Pulao
Onion Pachadi
Curd Rice

Lunch Ideas

Lunch #9

Potato Capsicum Pulao
Mixed vegetable raita
Seasoned curd rice


Tamarind Rice (Tamil Iyengar style) or
Andhra Pulihora 
Side dish - Masala vada or Mysore bonda
Curd rice

Indian Lunch Ideas

Lunch Menu #11 Indian Lunch Menu

Paruppu Rasam
Instant mor kulambu  
Brinjal curry
Roti (tawa method)

Indian Lunch Menu

Lunch #12

Bored of Indian food, try this Indo Chinese Lunch for a change

Veg manchurian
Vegetable Manchurian with mushroom fried rice 
Indo Chinese Lunch 

Mushroom Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice 
Vegetable Fried Rice 

Side dish for fried rice 

Gobi Manchurian 
Chilli Paneer 
Vegetable Manchurian 

Lunch # 13
A Very Healthy Lunch Menu with Millets 

Healthy Lunch menu with millets
Soya beans sambar-cabbage potato curry-barnyard millet (kudiraivaali)
Learn how to cook millet

It is time we bring back millets in our diet. Millet can be used in the same way as rice. It can be substituted for rice in most recipes. It is more healthy, filling, nutritious, richer in fiber, minerals and vitamins than white rice.

Lunch #14 

Are you a working women looking for a simple and healthy lunch menu. Here is a simple North Indian Lunch Menu. Check out the link below for the recipes - Bhindi masala-Dal Palak-Chawal-Phulka-Lassi 

North Indian Lunch Menu 


A complete balanced and simple meal with millets, vegetables, greens.

Foxtail Millet Khichdi and raitha


Bored of Indian food, try Couscous recipe with a vegetarian sauce. Filling, easy to prepare and delicious.

Couscous with vegetarian sauce


Simple Lunch Menu (My Lunch)

The great thing about millets is you do not have to make any changes in your diet. Just substitute rice with millets.

Indian Lunch Menu

Pumpkin Sambar 
Senai Fry 
Varagu arisi sadam (kodo millets)
Instant mango pickle

Lunch Menu #18

3 South Indian Lunch Menu combinations. They are simple, wholesome and nutritious. Click the link or picture  below to see all the 3 South Indian Lunch Menu


Are you looking for easy Lunch menu- Find 4 different South Indian Variety Rice Lunch Menu Ideas in the link below or click the picture to take you to that page.

4 Different South Indian Variety Rice Lunch Ideas 

Lunch #20 - Try a variety of food grains/seeds (quinoa is a seed) for Lunch each day-(Brown rice-Couscous-Millets-Quinoa etc).Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf is rich in protein and makes a great Lunch for Vegetarians and Vegans looking for protein rich food.

Quinoa Vegetable Pilaf  with Pinto beans and mixed seeds. Cucumber tomato salad goes perfectly with this.


Lunch Menu #21 - Quick and Healthy Lunch Menus

Bulgur Khichdi
Potato Curry
Carrot Raitha

More Quick and Healthy Lunch Menu - Kindly click the link to take you to that page

Lunch #22

Bulgur Pulao (pilaf)


Couscous with cauliflower and peas 

Lunch #24

Oats Bisibelabath

Lunch#25 with Eggs 

Easy Egg Biryani 

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