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Millet Recipes

Millets are easy to digest, gluten-free, have higher nutritional value than wheat, especially phosphorus and iron. It is also rich in fiber. Names of millet in English and Tamil -Saamai-Little millet, Varagu-Kodo Millet Thinai-Foxtail Millet, Kezhvaragu-Finger millet, Kambu-Pearl millet, Kuthiravaali-Barnyard millet. Find a list of Millets Recipes below-

Millet Indian Recipes
Ragi  Chocolate Cake 

Eat Millets in moderation - Include a variety of good grains in your diet. Do not eradicate other grains and stick to millets alone. Refer Thinai idli post for important information about millets.

How to cook Millets

Egg less Ragi Chocolate Cake 

Foxtail Millet Khichdi

Multigrain Porridge

Foxtail Millet Paruppu Adai 

Keppai Koozh (salted version)

Ragi Dosa (3 recipes)

Ragi Puttu  (sweet version)

Thinai Dosa (foxtail millet dosa)

Thinai Sakkarai Pongal 

Varagarisi Ven Pongal

Ragi Sweet Porridge (with dates, almonds)

Ragi Vegetable Adai 

Porridge for babies 

Varagu Upma with vegetables

Kambu Dosa (bajra / pearl millet dosa)

Foxtail Millet Payasam (thinai kheer)

Kambu Koozh (bajra porridge)

Thinai Thakkali Sadam (foxtail millet tomato rice- healthy lunch menu idea)

Ragi Semiya Upma 

Kambu Sadam (bajra rice)

Samai Thayir Sadam (little millet curd rice)

Ragi Biscuits 

Foxtail Millet Pesarattu 

Millet Vegetable Sevai (you can use any millet)

Thinai Idli and important information about millets

Ragi Idli (without cooking soda)

Homemade Health Mix Powder (sathu maavu)

Sathu Maavu Laddu ( with jaggery)

Kodo Millet Carrot Rice (can use any millets)

Millet Cookies (biscuits)

Millet Upma Kozhukattai 

Ragi Sweet Adai (with jaggery)

Ragi Cupcakes 

Millets Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram 

Millet Cutlet with quick tomato sauce

Millet Upma (rice upma style)

Bajra Atta Til Ladoo 

Millet Vegetable Pulao 

Ragi Murukku 

More Food Grains

I am adding more food grains like Cracked wheat (samba godhumai/dalia), brown rice recipes, bulgar, couscous, barley recipes and Quinoa recipes also here.

# Samba Godhumai/Cracked Wheat Recipes 

Samba Ravai Upma

Samba Rava Khichdi 

Cracked Wheat Sambar Sadam 

Cracked Wheat Oats Idli 

Samba Godhumai Payasam (with jaggery)

# Barley Recipes 

Barley Spinach Khichdi 

# Brown Rice Recipes 

Brown Rice Salad 

Brown Rice Upma 

Brown Rice Salad with beans 

Brown Rice Payasam (kheer)

Vegetable Rice with Brown Rice 

Brown Rice Dosa 

Brown Rice Idli

#Bulgur Recipes 

Tabbouleh salad 

Bulgur Pulao 

Bulgur Khichdi 

Bulgur Biryani

Bulgur with peas and mint

# Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa Vegetable Pulao with pinto beans

How to cook Quinoa 

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge 

Quinoa Vegetable Salad 

Quinoa Upma 

Baked Tomato with Quinoa and corn 

Savory Quinoa Breakfast Muffins 

Quinoa Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bites 

Quinoa Tomato Bath

Bell Pepper Stuffed Quinoa

Quinoa with Beans and corn

Tomato Quinoa Chickpea Soup 

#Couscous Recipes 

Couscous Vegetable Salad 

Couscous with vegetable sauce

Easy Couscous with cauliflower and peas

Couscous with sweet corn

Sweet Couscous 

Couscous with mushroom and peas

Lemon Couscous

Couscous Upma 

Beetroot Couscous 

# Polenta 

Polenta with red lentils 

Polenta Upma (polenta with vegetables)

Breakfast Polenta with dried fruits

Polenta Fingers (healthy polenta fries)

This page will be updated as and when millet recipes,brown rice recipes and quinoa recipes are posted. Thank you for visiting Padhuskitchen.


  1. I have just started to introduce our traditional millets to my family...I was searching for someone who can help me out, thanks I found this blog. This blog is very useful to beginners like me.

  2. Could you please tell me how to make naan-

  3. Hi i was searching for millet recipes as i heard goodness of millets recently and brought.Thanks for your recipes.

  4. very useful and healthy , specially the photos, thank you :)

  5. Please share some fireless cooking recipes with millets.

  6. Hi Padhu,

    Thanks for all the Millet recipees.

    Can u pls let us know which millet produces heat or reduce heat of body.It will be very useful for me.

    1. It is said that ragi produces heat. So in summer when you take ragi, balance it by taking buttermilk, tender coconut etc.

    2. Sorry, so far I know ragi is a cooling agent not a heat producer

    3. ragi produces heat for body tats the reason its more used in colder regions
      when it is given to childrens it shd be given hot or warm ..when it is taken cold u can find immediate reaction in childrens ...overnight childrens will get heavy cold

    4. Yes.. ragi produces heat.. my mom used to prepare ragi kali at the time of rainy days..with some keerai masiyal..

  7. Hi,I have just seen ur blog.Truly amazing.

    What is Kullar rice???.For preparing dosa or adai,how long do we have to use it??????

    I am staying in Kolkata at the moment.I should its Hindi atleast to buy it from the shop or Marwari name.

    Will u pls guide me?????????????????????

  8. hi
    like all your recipes...would like you to post kambu idli recipe

  9. HI
    A very interesting site..I'm planning to make Foxtail millet for dinner as per your recipe..thank you!also just to see how the millet tastes I cooked little millet for lunch as a substitue for rice and I found it tasting..but can I use millte again for dinner?will it cause any indigestion?also which variety of millet should I use as substitute for rice?little or kodo millet

    1. Thank you so much for liking my website. Millet like Varagu, saamai (little millet) Kuthiraivali (barnyard millet) are very much like rice. It will not cause indigestion. But I have read that too much millets will cause thyroid problems (refer my thinai idli post for details) .So my suggestion is eat millets in moderation. Personally I love kodo millet, barnyard millet and little millet very much. My least favorite is thinai.

  10. Wowe... Great work. Keep going.. V v helpful blog. Lastly I am just wondering did u ever cook all the recipes in your blog? :) Thanks for the blog

  11. Very useful recipes. Thanks a lot

  12. Awesome collection. Thank you. Great job

  13. Nice collection of recipes, wanted to know can we add millet powder while making muruku,thatai,ribbon muruku to make it healthy for kids. And which millet to use.

    1. Thank you . You can add millet flour but I have not experimented with it yet.

  14. Hey Padhu,

    I live n the US. I always get millets from India. Do you know where these are available in the general mainstream US?

  15. That's an awesome collection Padhu! Your blog is very helpful to me :)

  16. HI padhu,
    Check this out. https://millets.wordpress.com/2016/04/22/millets-and-goitre-2/

    Looks like millets combined with iodine deficiency only can lead to thyroid problems.

  17. Hi Padhu, Can you tell the exact measurement for millet cooking for variety rice, as my husband does not like if the rice is sticking he wants each rice to be separate for making variety rice.

    1. Arthi first cook 1 cup millet with 2 1/2 cups of water in a pan. If you feel it is still sticking, reduce the water by 1/4 cup. Millets dries as it cools. So I personally add 3 cups of water. It differ according to the variety.

    2. Thank you so much Padhu... I try and get back to you :)

  18. Hey padhu, I happened to buy a parboiled kodo millet, but it's in different texture .. Is it same as normal kodo millet , could it be cooked in same way ?

    1. I have not seen parboiled millet yet in shops. Anyway, you can cook as you normally cook millet.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Thank you padhu, I tried pongal with little millet 160 g of lil millet (soaked for some time) and 40 g of moong dal , and added 3 1/2 cup of water , but it came like a porridge and salt as extra . could u suggest anything to fix this ?

    1. Drink it as porridge. Next time reduce the amount of water. TO fix extra salt, cook another batch of millets (half the quantity) without salt and mix both.

  21. Hello mam,
    I am reading your blog more than an year and also love the way you're presenting the dishes.I want some lunch box recipes for my 3 1/2 year old daughter.please suggest some healthy recipes excluding garam masala kind of things since those does't suit her well.

  22. Can I cut the veggies the previous night and store it in fridge? Will it lose the nutrients in them? What about ginger garlic paste

    1. Do not cut the veggies the previous night and store it in the fridge. It is always better to cut the vegetables before use to preserve its nutrients. You have make ginger garlic paste and store it in the freezer. Check out my ginger garlic paste recipe in cooking basics page. Regarding lunch box recipes, you can prepare the same omitting green chillies and garam masala.Just add salt, turmeric powder and coriander powder.

  23. I tried most of the dosa varities from ur blog.. It turned out very well... And tried all broken wheat recipes... I loved it... I learned lot of recipes from ur site... One pot meals, gravies for chappati, payasams, arachuvitta sambar,etc... Ur measurements and pics are very helpful.. Am wondering tat am also cook well... All d appreciation belongs to u only... Thanks a lot mam... Great work....

  24. Dear Madam,

    Can you suggest or post as to how you can make dosas out of satthu maavu without using curd?

  25. Hi madam can u pls tell me how to make chapathi using only millets...without adding wheat flour to it...pls reply

  26. Thanx a ton for your Awesome millet collection.

  27. Hi madam, could find awesome collection of millet micipes from your blog. I'm a great follower of your recipes. Could you please let me know how to dehusk millets in home? The one which I have got is with husk. Please help.

    1. Dehusking millets is a very difficult task.You should moisten the millet grains first. Then pulse in the mixie at short interval until the husk comes off. Then you have to winnow it to separate the husk from the millets. That is the reason I buy only dehusked/dehulled millets.

  28. The introduction of names of millets from English to Tamil was very useful.


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