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Buttermilk Kuzhambu or Mor kuzhambu

Buttermilk Kuzhambu or mor Kuzhambu is commonly prepared in South India. It is easy to prepare and tastes great with hot steamed rice and potato fry. Today let us learn how to make tasty Mor kulambu  (Tamil Brahmin style) following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

mor kuzhambu-Buttermilk kulambu

Mor Kuzhambu Recipe-Buttermilk Kulambu

Mor Kuzhambu

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Serves: 4
 Recipe CategoryKuzhambu Recipes-Side dish
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Pumpkin-Ash gourd- 1 cup cubed
   Thick Buttermilk- 3 cups (whisked)
   Turmeric Powder -1/4 tsp
   Salt as required

   For Grinding

   Grated Coconut -1/2 cup (loosely packed)
   Green chillies- 4 -5
   Tur dal -1 tsp
   Coriander seeds- 2 tsp
   Cumin seeds-Jeera -1 tsp
   Raw rice -1/4 tsp

   For the seasoning

   Coconut oil -1 tsp
   Mustard -1/2 tsp
   Curry leaves-little


Soak tur dal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and rice in a little hot water for 5-10 minutes. Grind it along with green chillies and coconut to a smooth paste and keep aside.

ground coconut paste for mor kulambu

Cook pumpkin in a little water with salt until tender.

cooking pumpkin


Take buttermilk in a vessel, add turmeric powder, needed salt and mix well.  

how to make mor kulambu

Now add the cooked pumpkin and the ground paste to the buttermilk. Mix well.

mor kuzhambu recipe

Cook on low heat stirring continuously. Once it comes to boil, reduce the heat and boil (stirring) for another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat.

South Indian Mor Kuzhambu Recipe (Tamil brahmin style)

Heat a tsp of coconut oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add curry leaves and pour the seasoning over the kulambu.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with rice or adai.

Note - Instead of white pumpkin, colocasia (seppan kizhangu), chow-chow or ladies finger can be used. In case if you are using ladies finger, saute it in oil until well cooked and then add to the kulambu.

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  1. I have visited this blog first time. Nice.

  2. really excellent recipes luv to the core...started cooking each sunday....

  3. hi...... its a very useful blog...all dishes are delicious. i love the presentation too....started cooking....

  4. hi....all dishes are delicious...and the presentation is excellent.

  5. Dishes are simple to cook by any one and tastes good. kindly maintain the same way.

  6. Padhu,
    You are doing a wonderful job posting culinary secrets online. The recipes I have followed so far just gives me mom's style and method of cooking. The aroma produced during and after preparation is an illustration.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Hi Padhu,
    I recently got to know your cooking website and love your simple recipe steps. Especially this Buttermilk Kuzhambu is simply superb and mouth watering.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  8. I'm going to try this recipe. But can you specify this recipe will serve how many people?

  9. Let's talk - I have written clearly in the last line that it serves 4-5 persons.

  10. we can make K A L A N with this yogurt/it is essential part of kerala dishes,it will be in a solid state where as morekuzhambu is in a liquid state

  11. Hi Padhu. I have tried quite a few of your recipe's best was Rava dosa. These are somethings we all make at home but as the elders they will say kuthu mathippa . its not enough if you know the ingrediets you need to have the proportions right..You blog has the proportions perfect it helps a great deal. Thank you.
    A small question regarding the Mor kolambu, at home we use sour butter milk. But being in a place that iam the curd doesnt go sour.
    In your receipe above you mean plain buttermilk or sour?

    Thanks in advance and keep blogging it helps beginners like me


  12. Anitha -Thank you for liking my blog and recipes. A little sour buttermilk does taste good for mor kulambu but if you cannot get it, you can use ordinary thick buttermilk. I usually prepare mor kuzhambu with a day old curd.

  13. hi padhu... shal i use refined oil instead of coconut oil?..becoz my family members were allergetic towards d coconut oil...whether it changes d taste or remains d same...kindly suggest me

    1. Yes, you can add refined oil. It does not change the taste. But adding coconut oil gives more flavor to the kuzhambu but it is optional.

    2. Hi pudhu

      I use to visit ur blog whenever I need for any recipe.(Though my bro is chef☺) I like ur simple way of cooking n u explained in easy way.

      Keep going. All the best

      Thanks and regards


    3. Hi Padhu,

      I have tried this recipe. It's yummy and the aroma of this gravy also apply superb... I have been cooking more kulambu in different way but this is the best way.. thanks for the recipe :)

  14. I found this post very useful ...i gain great confidence to try new dishes after checking the cooking methods from padhuskitchen web...thanks a lot padhu for ur innovative thinking..

  15. Hi Padhu, I love all your recipes. I just wanted to know whether to add ginger to the mor kolambu.

    1. If you like ginger flavor, you can add.

    2. Jennifer -thank you very much for liking my recipes

  16. Padhu.. Your posts are awesomatic. I have a good flair for cooking. I always look at your receipe before i try anything you think you can add specific pizza receipe and how to make it using a convection oven. It will be helpful..if you have already posted one , please share the receipe or link..thanks for this wonderful step..way to go..

  17. Hey Paddu... ;) its not Pumpkin. its winter melon with which mor kolambu is made.

    1. It is ash gourd- pusanikkai in tamil. In Indian it is commonly referred as white pumpkin.

  18. Very tasty kulambu..I prepared today..Thank u Padhu

  19. Hi padhu al ur recipes nd proportions r marvellous...for any recipe I ll check nd see ur blog...tdy s the first time me making this kolambu came out very well got very gud name

    Thanks a lot padhu

  20. Well I tried this recipe today I love it even my husband his a French guy he love it I served with fried potatoes and bitter gourd and papadam what a combination

  21. Am new to cooking.. I started cooking seeing your recipes. It's very easy to prepare following ur method and the result is simply superb.. In my family all were surprised by my cooking.. Thank you ..

  22. Big thank you for this recipe,came out exactly like my dad's mor kolambu.
    My husband relished it to the extent of slurping just the curry on his plate. Though I cook delicious food, I still read your recipes before I begin to get a perspective.
    Big fan of your blog.

  23. Tried mor kulambu and poondu rasam..came out well..thanks so much..

  24. Ive js startd to cuk aftr my mom pasd away,ur blog was helpful fr me to manage ,tq so much

  25. Thank u padhu mam i am a beginner in cooking ur blog helped me a lot

  26. Super and Very tasty mor kuzhumbu

  27. Hi Padhu..Tried Mor kuzhambu and tasted very nice..Thank you..

  28. what is the temperature to service mor kozhambu??

    1. You can serve mor kulambu at room temperature. It tastes good even then.

  29. Hi Padhu,

    Seems like mor kozhumbu is a favourite :) I too checked our the mor kozhumbu. I had a problem of the curd not being sour enough so I added a little tamarind while grinding the ingredients.
    Very nice blog with lots of recipes - clear proportions and pictures. Thank you.

  30. Hi Padhu,

    Your blog is my first stop when i have doubts in any south Indian dish.
    Your description and photos are wonderful and motivates me to cook more.
    You are doing a wonderful job, please continue to post awesome recipes.

    Thank you and God Bless !!

  31. hi. iv run out of coconut but the other things for more kolambu are ready. pls suggest an alternative for coconut

    1. You have another buttermilk kulambu without coconut named Instant more kulambu. Check that under kulambu category.

  32. Tried your keerai masiyal, cabbage kootu and rasam.everything came out well. You are my staple go to place for south Indian cooking...


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