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Bottle gourd Kootu/Sorakkai kootu

Bottle gourd kootu

Bottlegourd Kootu/sorakkai poricha kootu

Kootu is a South Indian dish made of vegetables and lentils. It is semi- solid in consistency and is a substitute for curry. This kootu is very simple, easy to prepare and is also very healthy and light. It needs no oil except for seasoning. It can be had with rice, roti/phulkas and chappati. I usually prepare this for dinner.

Ingredients needed

Bottle gourd -Cubed pieces 3 cups full
Moong dal -3 tbsp
Sambar powder - 1 1/2 tsp
Salt as required

For the grinding

Grated Coconut -1 tbsp
Jeera -1 tsp
Fried gram/chutney kadalai - 1/2 tbsp
(I use fried gram instead of rice flour for thickening)

For the seasoning

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Red chillie -1
Curry leaves -little
Asafoetida - a pinch


Peel the skin, scoop out the seeds and chop the bottle gourd into cubes.

In a pressure pan, add the chopped bottle gourd pieces, salt, sambar powder, moong dal, needed water and pressure cook.(2 whistles are enough)

Add the grounded paste and boil for a few minutes.

Heat 1 tsp of oil and season with the ingredients for seasoning.

Serve hot with rice or chappati or roti.


Instead of moong dal/pasi parupu, toor dal or mixture of tur dal (1 tbsp) + moong dal (2 tbsp) can be used. In that case toor dal has to be pressure cooked separately. Some prefer to cook bottle gourd separately in water. I have given an easier version using the pressure pan as it can be done in a jiffy.

Another method

In this method, bengal gram is used along with the other dals and grinding is not required After cooking the bottlegourd separately in water, add the pressure cooked dal (moong dal -2 tbsp, tur dal 1 tsp, bengal gram dal -2 tsp) and grated coconut. Boil for a few minutes and then season it with the ingredients for seasoning.

Variations -the same kootu can be done with chow chow or ridge gourd or ash gourd or broad beans/avarakkai or cabbage or brinjal.


  1. I loved ur blog...nice to see all ur carvings..quite innovative...WOW

  2. lovely recipe,absolutely fabulous...never tasted bottle guard before.i am making this for for the first time and it came out well...THANK U GAL FOR THIS...waiting for more from u..go girl go...GOD BLESS U

  3. just came across your blog.. need recipes for my Father in law who is visiting.. Your blog is soooooooooooooo super helpful.. I know a few already.. but there are tons of things I didn't know and am gonna try and do loads from here.. thanks so much for this super super work

  4. Really enjoy your receipes. I was raised in the US but long for the traditional south Indian receipes which I get from your blog. My daughter enjoys your carvings.

  5. Your recipes are too good. Awesome decoration with each dish. I wonder how do you find time. It is beyond words.....tooooooooooooo good.

  6. ur receipes are awesome Padhu... u rock.

  7. Hi Padma/Padhu, wud like to try out your sorakkai kootu recipe, just have one question, wud appreciate your clarification on it. Is fried gram what is also known as roasted bengal gram or phutnal pappu? If not should I just fry some chana dal in a bit of oil? Will let you know how the dish turned out once I try it. The veg carving looks good!

  8. Yes, fried gram is roasted gram dal. It is known as pottu kadalai in tamil and pacchi senaga pappu or putanalu pappu in telugu

  9. Your recipes are too good and I like your innovations. You are so versatile and am looking forward for many recipes.

  10. All ur recipes are so delicious. I loved ur recipes


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