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Saturday, October 1, 2011

100 Yummy Diwali Sweet Recipes-Ebook from Indusladies

For the upcoming Diwali on October 26 th, 2011, Indusladies is compiling an E-books called "100 Yummy Sweet recipes". They are collecting Diwali sweet recipes from various bloggers. This EBook will be made available as FREE download to 1.2Lakh+ members of and to their 9000+ fans in Facebook and Twitter. That's a lot of exposure. This would be a nice way to get the word about your wonderful blog to the entire membership of IndusLadies.

Those bloggers interested in submitting a recipe for this E-Book need to do as follows:

1. Send a link from your blog for a sweet/dessert recipe with the the picture of the sweet/dessert. Your recipe, food picture, recipe URL as well as the blog URL will get featured in the E-Book.

2. In return, we need you to do two things:
  • Now make a blog post in your blog announcing the E-Book compilation by IndusLadies and the recipe you are sending for this E-Book. That way inviting your co-bloggers interested to send in their contribution by Oct 10th, 2011.
  • Between Oct 11 and Oct 26, make a blog post featuring the E-Book and announcing it is available for FREE download in IndusLadies. We will be providing you sooner with the picture of the E-Book’s cover page that you will use to include in this blog post.

    Send a sweet/dessert recipe link from your blog to by Oct 8th, 2011.

    I have send my Coconut Burfi for this EBook.

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