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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vella Seedai-Vella Cheedai Recipe-(Step by Step pictures) Sree Krishna Jayanthi Special

Vella seedai is a traditional snack prepared  for Gokulashtami. I have already posted the salted version, today I am here with the sweet version or sweet seedai. It is very easy to prepare and taste very delicious. Today let us learn how to prepare vella seedai following this easy recipe.

Vella Seedai

How to make Vella Seedai

Cook time - under 20 mins
Yields -around 20-22 vella seedais

Vella Seedai Preparation

Preparation of rice flour

Soak raw rice for 1/2-1 hour. Drain the water completely. Spread it on a cloth and dry it in shade (preferably inside the house under the fan). Let it dry completely. Then dry grind it to a fine powder. If you have a flour mill in your place, get it ground there as it is much easier. Then sieve it and keep it ready. You can prepare this even 4-5 days before Krishna Jayanthi. This rice flour can be used to prepare thattai, uppu seedai and murukku.

Urad dal flour

Dry roast urad dal until you get a nice aroma of roasted dal and the dal turns golden brown. Dry grind it to a fine powder, sieve it and keep it ready.

Ingredients needed

Rice flour - 1 cup prepared in the manner as said above and sieved.
Urad dal flour - 1 tsp
Jaggery - 1/2 cup (grated)
Cardamom -2-3 powdered
Ghee - 2 tsp
White Sesame seeds (ellu) - 2 tsp
Fresh coconut bits - 1 tbsp +1 tsp (optional)


Dry roast rice flour until it is hot to touch (bearably hot). Do not over roast it, then your seedai will not turn out well.

Take jaggery in a kadai, add just enough water to cover the jaggery and keep it on low flame. Once the jaggery dissolves, switch off and filter it to remove impurities.  Do not prepare jaggery syrup.

Now rice flour and jaggery water is kept ready below. We will proceed to make the seedai.
(This is one of the easiest vella seedai recipe - no preparation of syrup)

vella seedai preparation

In a vessel take rice flour, add urad dal flour, jaggery water, cardamom powder, ghee and ellu (sesame seeds).

making vella seedai

Make a dough. In case if you want to use coconut bits, add that also. I divided the dough into two and added coconut bits to one part just to show you all. (If you add coconut bits, the seedai will be very tasty but will not have a long shelf life. So decide what you want). Let the dough rest for 7-10 minutes.

vella seedai dough

After 10 minutes, make medium shaped balls from the dough. If the balls are too big, the seedai will not get cooked inside, so make medium sized balls as shown below.

how to make vella seedai

Now heat oil in a kadai. To check if the oil is hot enough, drop a small piece of dough inside the oil, if it raises to the surface immediately, then the oil is hot enough to fry the seedais. Now reduce the heat to medium.

Add 5-6 balls depending on the quantity of oil. Wait for a few seconds, let it get cooked a little, then gently turn over the seedai to the other side, so that it will get cooked evenly on all the sides. Do not stir too frequently as the seedais will break.

frying vella seedai

When they turn golden brown (see the color of the seedai below- a shade next to golden brown), remove it from the oil with a slotted ladle and put it on a paper towel or colander to drain off the excess oil.

Once it cools, it will become hard.

Repeat the same process for the rest of the dough.

This is a fool proof recipe, if you follow all the instructions correctly, there are hardly any chance of getting it wrong.

Tips for beginners - Add water just to cover or soak the jaggery. Less water the better. Add jaggery water little at a time and make a dough. If you add too much water, you cannot make a ball, so take care while adding jaggery water. If you find that the jaggery water is not enough to make the dough, keep lukewarm water with you, so that if required, you can use it to make the dough. The dough should not be too stiff nor too loose. I have shown picture wise description so that you can have better understanding.

vella seedai recipe

Uppu Seedai

Do check out my uppu seedai recipe and my whole collection of

Janmashtami Special Recipes

Note - I frequently get questions asking me if ready made store bought rice flour can be used for making seedais and thattais. The answer is "No". You have to prepare rice flour in the above manner. You can use ready made flour if it is sold specially for making seedai, thattai or murukku.

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  1. hai padhu, u didn't mention abt adding urad dal powder,have to add r not

  2. Ladoos look so wholesome and wonderfully prepared.

  3. Love this a lot. so crunchy and nice

  4. Babitha - I added it along with the rice flour, so just forgot to mention it. I have updated it now. Anyway thanks for letting me know. You have to add urad dal powder/flour.

  5. How much is JUST ENOUGH WATER for this recipe?

  6. Luvtocook -I have updated tips for beginners now. Add very less water just enough to cover the jaggery.

  7. Thanks a lot dear padhu.Good Tips.Geetha Raman

  8. Hi Padhu.. I tried making this today, but when i fried the seedai it completely got dissolved in the oil. Pls let me know hw shud i proceed.

  9. Anu - this recipe is the most simplest recipe. If you had prepared the dough like chapati dough, there are hardly any chances of it getting dissolved in oil. I assume that you have added more jaggery water.

  10. Hi padhu could you tell me how to store therice flour if I prepare it oneor two days before.

    1. You can store it in a steel or plastic container at room temperature, but make sure that the flour is dried well (should be dry without moisture). You do not have to refrigerate.

  11. Thanks for the recipe.
    My cheedai just disintegrated in the oil so I added 1/2 cup rice flour & urad Dal powder.
    Then the next batch was crunchy & perfect.

  12. When I put in oil it immediately turns brown and Inside is also not cooked what is wrong. .

    1. Ranjani - you must keep in very low flame and fry it stirring continuously otherwise it will happen like this. You need lot of patience to make vella seedai.

  13. Can we use kozhakkattai maavu which is readily available?

    1. You can use store bought kozhukattai maavu for making kolukattai not vella seedai.

  14. Can I soak rice for 4 hours as mentioned in uppu seedai or to soak for only 1/2-1 hour for Vella Seedai . Pls advice . Thanks

    1. You can soak for 1-2 hours. It does not make a difference.

  15. Excellent receipe. Now your blog has become my guide for festival receipes

  16. Hi padhu, Can I use the same hot oil to fry both uppu and vella cheedai one after the other, will they take the taste of the other from the oil. Regards, meenakshi.

    1. Yes, you can use the same oil for both uppu seedai and vella cheedai.

  17. Should the jaggery syrup be cooled before adding to rice flour ?

  18. Can I use store bought rice flour for making this seedai

    1. Use specially prepared rice flour.Now a days you get that also ready made. It does not come well with regular store bought rice flour.

  19. Hi padhu
    your receipe was bang on thank you :)

  20. Padhu, thanks for the recipe. It was so good especially doing it for the first time. I made it from store bought raw rice flour. Yet it was so good

  21. Hello mam, today I tried this seedai I cannot make balls , why ? then I put some more jaggery syrup . Now I can make seedai urundai but its bteakdown in oil. I ve been used homemade rice flour. Pls what was the mistakes done by me

    1. Avoid stirring for a few seconds after dropping the vella seedai in the oil.

      Avoid using more than the quantity of jaggery mentioned in the recipe. If you find that the jaggery water is not enough to make the dough, keep lukewarm water with you, so that if required, you can use it to make the dough.

      The dough should not be too stiff nor too loose.

      The temperature of the oil might have been too low. It should not be too low or high.

      These could be the possible causes of vella seedai breaking in oil.

  22. Hi,this recipe is really amazing! My vella cheedai came out perfect.And i used ready made rice flour powder..Thank you padhu

  23. my vella cheedai came our Perfect!Even though i used ready made rice flour.. thanks Padhu


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