Monday, February 10, 2014

Garam Masala Powder Recipe-Kerala Style

Each state has its own spice mix or masala powder. Nothing can beat the flavor and aroma of homemade masala powder. Today I am sharing with you Kerala style garam masala powder as my next post is the most popular kadala curry of Kerala. I have used only this garam masala powder to prepare kadala curry.This masala powder is used for most of the Kerala dishes including non vegetarian dishes. I have given the names of the ingredients in Malayalam also. Now to the Garam masala recipe (Kerala Style)-

Garam Masala Recipe-Kerala
From top CW-Cardamom-Fennel seeds-Cloves-Mace-Cinnamon-Garam masala Pwd in the centre

Garam Masala Powder- Kerala Style

Garam masala Powder Kerala

  Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 10 Mins | Yields: 1/2   cup

   Ingredients needed

   Fennel seeds/Perumjeerakam -100 grams/1 cup



   Cinnamon/Karugapatta-2 inch piece-2

   Mace/Jathipoo-1 small piece


Dry roast fennel seeds until it is hot to touch.

Dry roast all the other ingredients until you get a nice aroma of roasted spices.

Once it cools, blend it in a mixer or coffee grinder to a slightly coarse powder.

Store it in an airtight container and use it when required.

Note - You can roast cardamom with the pods and remove the pods while grinding.

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  1. Very flavourful powder and a very useful post. Bookmarking it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kerala style garam masala powder- simple and easy. Learned the southindian names of spices as well.

  3. masala powder looks so fresh and easy to prepare.

  4. Thank you so much Padhu. Was looking for home made garam masala powder. Will try it today

  5. Dear Padhu,

    In the picture of the recipe, you have shown 6 ingredients, where as in writing, you have mentioned only 5. Where has the 6th one gone?- Kiran Tendle, Mumbai.

    1. The sixth one in the center is the garam masala powder. I have written that in the caption below that picture.
      About sugar cookies - the dough has to be stiff .

    2. Thanks Padhu, sorry for the ignorance. Thanks once again.- Kiran Tendle, Mumbai.

  6. Thanks for posting this recipe, Padhu. I was looking for it for quite some time until I found your blog.

  7. thank u iam expecting this home made garam masala powder, is there any difference between tamil and kerala style if so can u tell us the making for tamil people garam masala podi like how we get the sakthi garam masala in shops. Thank u once again

  8. I tried this. Very simple n easy. It's useful to us. Thanks once again

    1. I tried this. Very simple n easy. It's useful to us. Thanks once again

  9. Hi!..can u plz tell us how to make garam masala based on Tamil have posted as Kerala there any difference between Kerala and Tamil garam masalas

    1. Yes, there is difference between Tamil and Kerala Garam masalas. I will post Tamil version soon.


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