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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Badusha-Badusha recipe (step by step recipe)

Badusha is a famous South Indian sweet made with all purpose flour and sugar. It is usually made for Diwali. Today let us learn how to make Badusha using this easy step by step Badusha recipe.

badusha sweetHow to prepare Badusha sweet
Yields- 21 badushas

Ingredients needed

Maida /All purpose flour - 1/4 kg (250grams)
Ghee - 50 grams
Vanaspati /Dalda - 100 grams
Cooking soda - 1/4 tsp

For the sugar syrup

Sugar -3/4 kg
Water -2 cups
Milk - 4 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Edible camphor /pachai karpram - a pinch

How to make badushaPreparation

Seive maida and keep it aside.


First mix dalda, cooking soda and ghee nicely / vigorously for 10 minutes.(pic 1 and 2).Do it in the same direction.

Then add maida and mix well with your hands. Add water little by little and knead it into a soft dough.(I added around 1/4 cup and a little more water)(pic 3 and 4).This step is very important to get soft badushas.

Let it sit for 15 minutes .

After that divide the dough into equal lemon sized balls, flatten it a little and make a depression with your thumb in the middle. (see picture 5)

Meantime let us make the sugar syrup-

Take a pan, add water and sugar and bring it to boil. Add milk and boil for a few more seconds. The impurities (if any) in sugar will come to the surface. Remove it with a ladle.

Then boil sugar syrup till it reaches one string consistency. Add cardamom powder and pachai karpuram.

Badusha preparation

Heat oil first , add 4-5 badusha, then keep in low flame and fry the badushas until golden brown. Flip them gently and cook both sides. You need lot of patience for this. (pic 6 and 7)

Then drop them in the sugar syrup and let is sit for 6-7 minutes. (pic -8)

Then remove it from the syrup and place it in a plate. Let the sugar syrup dry. (pic-9)

If needed, garnish with grated coconut and cashew nuts on top while serving.
(I simply added yellow food color to the grated coconut and garnished just to show you)

badusha recipe

To check whether the oil is hot, drop a little batter into the oil, if it rises immediately to the surface, then it is the right temperature to add the prepared badusha.

You have to keep the flame in low while frying the badushas. If the temperature of the oil is high, the badushas will turn golden brown fast but will remain uncooked inside.

To know what is one string consistency, refer my Boondi laddu recipe.

If the dough gets too soft, do not panic, just add more flour to set it right.
This will stay fresh for a week .You can store it in an air tight container.

Enjoy this Diwali by preparing this yummy and delicious Badusha.

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Meet you all again with more interesting recipes and tips, till then stay tuned.


  1. wow delicious badusha,love it...Happy Diwali to you too dear...

  2. My all time fav but never tried before..looks tasty and sweet

  3. Great looking Badusha's.......love it.

  4. Super tempting badushas..Just like the ones at bakeries here :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. They look so perfect...you are truly making Diwali a sweet Diwali... :)

  6. Super delicious badushas,yumm..

  7. Wow!badusha looks so delicious and tempting.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  8. Amazing sweet i am drooling here. ...

  9. wow! badusha athuvum step by step thanks...

  10. wow delicious badusha ... really tempting :)

  11. never tried badusha at home Padhu. This looks soo good.

  12. I gotta try this one at home after my exam.Sounds good.

  13. Wow!!! looks very divine and tempting.

  14. Padhu, Badushas look perfect..and love ur presentation..Very festive. The step by step pictorial presentaion will make it so easy to follow.

  15. My dad loves these a lot .. I am not a big fan, find it oily and too sweet. Thanks for the recipe .. will make it for him sometime :)

  16. I tried to make it but ended up extremely soft badhusha which broke when frying ....any tips

  17. Well, either you did not knead the dough properly or the oil was not hot enough.That might be the reason why your badhusha broke while frying.

  18. Thanks for the Wonderful Recipe... Iam planning to prepare this sweet for Diwali...today i tried to prepare 4 - 5 badhusha...i feel its little hard..what could be the reason...

  19. Dear Bhuvana
    The first step (ie)" mixing dalda and ghee nicely for 10 minutes.Then add maida, cooking soda and mix well" is very important to get soft badushas. Mix vigorously or beat for nearly 10-15 minutes. You can use hand beater also or use your hands.

  20. Please let me know your recipe for making somasi sweet or sweet kachore. I am planing to make this for this Deewali can you send me this early. Your recipes for all the items are very nice & easy to make many thanks

  21. Dear Padhu,
    I have become a great fan of your website. I am delighted for all the iyer / south indian dishes that you have in your web site. Now we do not have a problem..... if we want a dish... we have Padhuskitchen to help. All the very best

    Surekha Mohan

  22. Hi, I'm planning to prepare Badusha tomorrow for this yr Diwali...I dont have Dalda..Wht can I use instead of Dalda?

  23. You can try replacing it with ghee but I have not tried using ghee fully. So I do not know how the outcome will be.

  24. Hi, Thanks..I will try with ghee and let u know how it comes... The ingredients are in grams(Kgs) Can you tell the measurement in cups? Here in US, we will get things only in LBs...

  25. You can get a measuring cup which is easily awailable in US .I will consider your suggestion also

  26. Guess what....when i tried to fry the badusha in the heated oil, it started melting and looked like kheer in the oil :-(
    What do you think went wrong??..

  27. May be you have added too much dalda or the oil heat was too low.It happened to me once.The first batch dissolved in the oil because my oil was not hot enough

  28. Hi Padu Madam... If we want to avoid Maida, any other floor that you suggest Pl?


    1. Baudsha is made only with maida. You can try some other diwali sweets if you want to avoid maida.

  29. Is the sugar to be measured in cup or kg ?
    Thank you do
    Much for this step by step recipe

  30. Thank you padhu will try this next weekend and update you

  31. Tried at home ..comes out v.well in first attempt itself..v.happy thanks

  32. Hi pathu mam is milk should be add in sugar syrup thanks

    1. Yes just 4 tbsp milk is added to syrup to remove the dirt and impurities in sugar.

    2. Is that much ghee needed because I don't like ghee and dalda

  33. Thank you so much. Definitely need to try

  34. I tried Badhusha this diwali. Jus foll ur instructions given & it came beautifully well. Thanks

  35. Hi padhu.
    I am trying badhusha but when I fry it's all coming out. .It's not holding together. .what to do.

    1. For Badusha not holding together -If the oil is not hot enough, it happens. Oil should not be too hot also.


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