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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Paniyaram-Sweet Paniyaram Recipe with Idli Batter

Paniyaram is a very popular traditional South Indian snack prepared with from pulses and rice using a special paniyaram mould. Kuzhi paniyarams can be made sweet or spicy. It is a favorite among kids.You can give them as snacks when they return from school. It is very healthy as we are using only idli batter, coconut and jaggery to prepare this.I have already posted spicy kara paniyaram using idly batter.Today we will learn how to make sweet paniyaram using idli batter following this easy recipe.

Sweet paniyaram

South Indian Sweet Paniyaram Recipe using Idli batter

Prep time - under 5 mins (provided you have idli batter ready)
Cook time - under 15 mins
Yields -13-14 small paniyarams

Ingredients needed 

Idli batter - 11/2 cup
Jaggery - 5 tbsp or as required
Grated coconut - 3 tbsp
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Salt - a pinch
Ghee or a mix of ghee and oil for cooking paniyarams
Paniyaram pan


Mix together idli batter, jaggery, grated coconut, a pinch of salt and cardamom powder. The batter should be thick as once the jaggery dissolves, the batter will become slightly thin.(so use thick idli batter without salt)

Heat the paniyaram pan and then add 1/2 a tsp of oil in each hole (kuzhi) of the pan.

Then fill in the holes with the prepared batter.(fill only up to 3/4)

Cover and cook on medium flame. Once the bottom starts browning, using a skewer or spoon, flip it over gently to the other side. 

Cook the other side uncovered until golden brown. Keep an eye on it as it will turn brown very quickly.

Remove from the pan and serve hot. You do not need any side dish for this.

Note - Once you mix the jaggery, make paniyarams immediately.

Keep aside some idli batter without mixing salt, if you are planning to make this sweet paniyaram or vella paniyaram.

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  1. hi Padhu..yes..these are the best way to finish off the leftover batters. infact, me too just posted abt a similar recipe just few days back..but mine has wheat flour also, added to it.

  2. Again reminds me of home!!
    Lovely paniyaram, great texture.

  3. Its been ages i had this beauties, sweet paniyaram looks very tempting.

  4. wow.. looks so tempting.. lovely color and shape.. like dat basket too..

  5. Wow...i can use this way to treat my family different on evening snack

  6. Love this sweet version,tempting snack.

  7. Yummy looking paniyaram... Miss them :(

  8. So yummy!!!!! I miss them... Tyvm for posting dear.

  9. My childhood favorite dish! reminding my days with my patti!

  10. As m not south indian, what is the alternate of paniyaram pan?

  11. is it ok if the idly batter is already salted?I have the store bought ones which are already salted..

    1. I don't think it will work out as store bought ones have more salt.

  12. Hi padhu
    Thanks for the recipe..
    Is it ok to mix jaggery(not dissolved in water) with the
    salt-contained idly batter directly for making sweet paniyarams?

    1. Keep a little idli batter separately without adding salt to make sweet paniyarams.

  13. When you say with out salt? Is it little less salted than usual one? Because the batter won't raise if there is no salt right?

    1. Yes, you can add little salt - no problem. It will actually bring out the sweetness.


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