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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ragi Puttu-Finger Millet (Kezhvaragu) Puttu Recipe-Finger Millet Recipes

Finger millet is know as Ragi in Kannada and Hindi, kezhvaragu or keppai in Tamil, ragulu in Telugu and koovaragu in Malayalam. It is a highly nutritious millet. Ragi is an excellent source of calcium (i.e.) about 10 times that of rice or wheat. Consumption of Ragi can reduce the risks of fractures and osteoporosis to a considerable extent. Ragi is also a rich source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol level. Fiber in ragi give you a feeling of fullness which thereby reduces excess appetite and helps to control weight gain. So it is considered one of the best food for weight control. It is  gluten-free food and also cools the body. The iron content in ragi is considered useful for anemic patients. I feel that we should not neglect this tiny millet which has so many health benefits to offer. Ragi puttu is nothing but steamed ragi flour mixed with grated coconut and jaggery/sugar. Today we will learn how to prepare finger millet puttu following this easy recipe.

Ragi Puttu-Finger Millet Puttu

How to make Ragi Puttu-Ragi Puttu Recipe

Ragi Puttu

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 25 mins 
 Serves: 1
 Recipe CategorySnacks-Breakfast
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Finger millet flour/ragi flour - 1/2 cup
   Water - 4 tbsp
   Salt - a generous pinch
   Palm jaggery - 1/4 cup or jaggery or sugar (1/4 cup or as needed)
   Ghee -1/2 tsp

   For garnishing

   Fresh grated coconut


Take ragi flour in a soft cotton cloth, fold it with the flour inside and steam covered for 10-12 minutes or until you get a nice aroma of steamed ragi flour.

steaming ragi flour

Look at the steamed flour below. In a plate, spread the steamed ragi flour, add salt and mix well.

Add water, 1 tbsp at a time and mix well or rub the flour well with your fingers. The flour should have a slightly crumbled texture as shown below. Do not add too much water. I added only 4 tbsp of water for 1/2 cup of ragi flour.(See to it that there are no lumps). If required, you can put it in the mixie and blend for just 2 seconds.

steamed ragi flour

Heat water in a steamer or idli cooker/pan and steam the crumbled flour again for 15 minutes. Look at the second picture below, the flour is well cooked.

preparing ragi puttu

Transfer it to a plate. Add grated jaggery (or palm jaggery or sugar), ghee, grated coconut and mix well. Delicious ragi puttu is ready. It is very delicious, nutritious and also very filling. This dish can be had as a breakfast or as a snack. (as we are having it for its health benefits, it is advisable to avoid refined sugar which is not good for our health). Do try it and give me your feedback.

Go ahead and buy a packet of organic ragi flour (available in all health and organic stores) and enjoys its numerous health benefits. Live a happy and healthy life! This can also be given to children as snacks after they return from school. While giving to kids, start with very less quantity and if it suits her/him, increase gradually.

how to make ragi puttu

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  1. Simple preparation, but very healthy and delicious..

  2. This is just like how my mother makes it. Looks very soft. Thanks for sharing

  3. Healthy and tasty looking puttu. Excellent preparation.

  4. omg!..I just tried the recipe and its delicious...brought back some old school memories of rice puttu...My 10mth old son was licking my fingers for more!...literally!....
    thinking i'm gonna try variations to it by adding some grated veggies to it..wil let u knw.
    al in all...thank you for the recipe...luving it!
    happy eating

  5. My favourite puttu, nutritious and healthy snacks too.

  6. Got your recipe in the right time.Have been cooking with ragi for soometime n this puttu would be a nice change to the usual koozh I make.will try out soon

  7. Excellent preparation....delicious healthy recipe.

  8. I was waiting for such a different receipe out of Ragi,,thanks for posting Padhu...can you also post something for Jowar, Bhajra.?

  9. looks simply yummy and mouthwatering.

  10. Very simple and nutritious recipe.Thanks.

  11. Nice recipe. Can I prepare and preserve this in fridge?

  12. Hi Padhu, ur recipes are always so good. It has always given awesome results. In this recipe I have a doubt.
    When the first time u have asked to steam the flour in folded cotton cloth for 10-12 mins, should we steam it without lid?

    1. Thank you for liking my recipes. You should steam only with lid. Just to show you all, I have photographed without lid. I will update it.

  13. Hello Padhu....Tried it today...turned out a bit chewy...any idea where I could have gone wrong?...Thx

    1. It might be due to the quality of rice or you must have added more water.

  14. I like your recipes and tried few and given my comments too.Thanks for the traditional dishes.My mother usually does this ragi puttu. I too do it once in a while as my kids love it. But we do it with a variation. We add salt and water with flour and rub it without lumps. Steam it with grated coconut only once till cooked. Then we add palm jaggery. It would be soft. Your method involves two times steaming. Does that make ragi puttu very soft? Will your method give a better result?

    1. You can steam even once. In that case, you can slightly roast the ragi flour.

  15. Awesome recipe. .my 1 year old was literally licking my fingers...hehe

  16. Hi. Very nice. I tried it exactly as u explained and its yummy.
    Earlier the taste is totally diff if we roast it first even slightly. And If we don steam it twice i didnt get the nice aroma smell. Your way of cooking gave me the perfect taste of this puttu. Thanks.
    A small doubt. The cotton cloth shd be wet or dry?

  17. Thank you so much... I tried its awesome...

  18. hi..thanks for great recipe..
    raagi jaggery combination is always very delicious and nutritious...
    my idli plates do not have holes in them...will it be ok to make ragi puttu..

  19. Hi,
    Your recipes are simple and easy to cook, and delicious too.How to make ragi flour with ragi?

    1. Clean the ragi well, dry it in the sun and get it ground in the flour mill.

  20. Tried it today. Came out too good. Perfect recipe. Thanks a lot.


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