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Thiratipal Recipe-Palkova-Diwali Sweet Recipes-Deepavali Sweet

This year Diwali falls on 2 nd November,2013. We have just another 15 days more for Diwali. This is my first recipe for this Diwali. Thiratipal is a very delicious traditional South Indian sweet. This is very easy to prepare and needs very few ingredients but a bit time consuming. There are hardly any chances to go wrong with this very easy recipe. Kids will love this Diwali sweet a lot. Today we will learn the traditional method of making thiratipal following this very simple recipe.

Thiratipal-Diwali sweet recipe

How to make Thiratipal

Prep time - 5 mins
Cook time - 1 hour
Yields - a cup as shown above

Ingredients needed

Milk - 4 cups
Sugar -1/4 cup
Ghee -2 tsp
Cardamom powder -1/4 tsp


Take a heavy bottomed vessel, add melted ghee and 4 cups of milk.

Boil the milk in medium low flame.Keep stirring the milk from time to time. As the milk starts thickening, reduce the flame to low and stir continuously. Scrap the milk sticking to the sides of the pan with a ladle as you stir.The milk will become condensed (thick).This will take a long time. If you do not stir it, there are chances of the milk getting burnt and your whole effort will go waste.

When it becomes a solid mass, add sugar and cardamom powder. Once you add sugar, it will become a little watery. Keep stirring for some more time until it becomes thick. Switch off the flame.Once it cools it will thicken further.

Delicious and authentic thiratipal is ready.

Note - Use fresh milk. Full fat milk is preferable as it will take less time to condense. I used only aavin green packet.

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  1. Beautiful click and delicious thirattipal

  2. Just drooling over that thiratipaal, my fav sweets among diwali sweets.

  3. a very tasty Indian sweet...nice presentation dear

  4. Thank u very much i am sure it will come out perfect thanks once again

  5. My all time fav.. This will definitely be in my menu for this Diwali 😊

  6. Very tasty . Thank you so much for this recipe .my husband really liked it.

  7. Very tasty sweet.my favorite.

  8. Hi Padhu,
    Isnt this PalKova? In Therattipal dont we add Curd a little?

  9. if it's jaggery is it the same ratio?

    1. I have not tried with jaggery but it depends on the sweetness you need. After adding jaggery avoid boiling the milk.

  10. Hi made thiratipal by following ur blog came out very well. Thank you

  11. Hi mam
    I tried this receipt by it little bit hard. Am not get the soft texture. Could you pls tell me what mistake I did?

  12. Tried this reciepe for 3rd time. Getting more appreciations. Thanks darling

  13. Tried this recipe this morning and came out very well. Took a long time, but minded your warning, and kept stirring. More delicious than I imagined.


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