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Quinoa Breakfast Porridge Recipe-Healthy Quinoa Porridge with Nuts-Dry Fruits

Quinoa has become one of my favorites now-a-days and this creamy porridge is no exception. I love all kinds of porridge and it is my usual morning breakfast. I made quinoa porridge in the same way as my oats porridge and it turned awesome!! I topped it with lot of  nuts and dry fruits to make it more delicious. It is protein rich, filling, nutritious, gluten free and very easy to make. You can use leftover quinoa also for this. Today we will learn how to make Quinoa Breakfast Porridge following this easy recipe.

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

 Prep Time : 15 mins
 Cook Time : 5 mins 
 Serves: 1
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast

   Ingredients needed

   Quinoa -1/4 cup (uncooked)
   Low fat Milk -3/4 cup - Almond milk or soy milk for vegans
   Honey or Organic palm jaggery -1-2 tbsp
   Dates - chopped -3-4
   Raisins/currants -2 tbsp
   Toasted almonds thinly sliced -4
   Walnuts -4 chopped
   Hazelnuts -3 chopped
   Cinnamon powder -1/4 tsp (optional)


Rinse quinoa well and cook adding 1/2 cup of water. Check out How to cook Quinoa for more details.


Add milk to the cooked quinoa and cook for another 4-5 minutes until creamy. Add palm sugar, chopped dates, raisins and chopped nuts. Mix in cinnamon powder if you like the flavor. Serve warm.

For Vegans - Vegans can substitute cow's milk with soy milk or almond milk.

More topping suggestions - Berries, fruits like apple, banana, mango etc, mix of sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, flax seed powder.
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  1. Healthy and tasty looking porridge. My idea of a perfect breakfast.

  2. So tempting healthy breakfast..can have it daily..)

  3. Wow, healthy breakfast! Looks great!

  4. can we get Hazelnuts in all super market.and if you know exact tamil commercial name to buy it would be better for us to get it

    1. You will get it in Nuts and spices and other big super markets. You have to ask for hazelnuts only. No tamil name.


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