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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recipe for Sambar powder and Rasam Powder

I never used to buy sambar powder. I buy fresh ingredients and get it ground in the flour mill. It stays fresh for 4-5 months. Homemade sambar powder not only gives a nice flavor to the dishes but is also very economical. I  have given two measurements for sambar powder. The first one is my mother's recipe and the second one is my aunty's recipe. Today we will learn how to make sambar powder and rasam powder at home. This is my mother's measurement which I usually follow.I have given in cup measurements and gram measurements. I used standard measuring cup to measure all the ingredients.

sambar podi-homemade sambar powder

Sambar Powder-Sambar Podi

sambar podi

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Serves:1 kg
 Recipe CategoryPodi Recipes
 Recipe CuisineTamil Brahmin

   Ingredients needed

   Red Chillies -1/4 kg
   Coriander Seeds - 4 cups or 350 grams
   Toor Dal - 1 cup or 250 grams
   Whole Black Pepper - 1/2 cup or 85 grams
   Cumin Seeds - 1/2 cup 75 grams
   Fenugreek - 2 tsp
   Turmeric/manjal - 10-12 pieces


Clean and dry everything in the sun for 2-3 days and ground it to a fine powder from a grinding mill/flour mill. Store it in an air tight container. It will stay fresh for 5 months.

Homemade sambar powder

Sambar Podi Recipe #2

This is my Perima's sambar podi measurement. I do not follow this but have given you as you will get more quantity and it is less spicy.

Ingredients needed for sambar powder 

Coriander seeds (malli)- 1 Kg
Red Chillies-300 grams
Whole Black Pepper -250 grams
Tur Dal- 1/4 kg/ 250 grams
Cumin seeds or Jeera -100 grams
Turmeric/Manjal-100 grams (one used for sambar powder)
Fenugreek -50 grams
Bengal gram/Channa Dal -50 grams
Urad dal -50 grams

Dry everything in the sun for 2-3 days and ground it to a fine powder from a grinding mill. Store it in an air tight container.

Rasam Powder Recipe 

Ingredients needed

Coriander seeds -250 grams or 3 cups
Tur dal -100 grams  or 1/2 cup
Red chillies -50 grams
Whole black Pepper -50 grams or 1/3 cup (1 tbsp less than 1/3 cup)
Cumin Seeds or Small Jeera -50 grams or 1/3 cup
Curry leaves - little (dry it well )


Dry roast everything separately and get it ground to a fine powder from a flour mill. Store it in an air tight container.

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  1. Amazing effort. Can you explain what's the difference between the two recipes of Sambar Powder. Tha ratios of ingredients is quite different.

  2. Dear PS, Thank you very much for the compliments.There in not much difference in taste between the two sambar powder.The first recipe is my anunty's and the second one is my mother's recipe.I have tried both and there is not much difference but for the sake of others I have given both so that they can prepare whatever is convenient for them.

  3. yhank you so much for this recipes.

    thanks a lot.i love yr recipes.

  5. hi
    ur creativity with recipes in the pic is awesome!i like it.

  6. Hi Padhu.... Your recipes are just amazing... I am a beginner and I am in my early twenties... I am going to get married in a few months... I ve tried out few of your South Indian recipes... I think ll get comfortable with cooking by the time I get married... All the credit goes to you padhu... Keep up your good work

  7. Hi padhu.. am admired wit all ur recipies.. am sitting for hours and watching out ur recipies.. everything s quite amazing.. great job.. ur presentation s too gud.. am jus n teen now.. But my passion s to b a good cook.. Thank u so much.. And u keep on continue to give us such good recipie..:):)

  8. hi padhu,,am very much happy with ur blog...since i am in US can i grind the sambhar powder in blendor.but the powder wont be fine..is that ok? will it affect the taste?

  9. Hi Padhu,
    Can we grind the mixture in mixie or is it mandatory to grind it in Mill?Please advise

  10. It is very difficult to grind it in the mixie. If you are in a place where there is a flour mill, then get it ground in the mill or else reduce the quantity and grind it in mixie. Since turmeric is very difficult to grind it in mixie, you can buy ready made and mix a little. You have an Arachu Vitta Sambar Recipe which does not need sambar powder.

  11. Hello you are a Wikipedia of Tamil cooking at least for bachelors like me.
    Google just takes here for anything... :-) thanks

  12. Hello you are a Wikipedia of Tamil cooking at least for bachelors like me.
    Google just takes here for anything... :-) thanks

  13. Thanks padma akka for this very useful post.
    As per the recipe, i followed the measures & method exactly and i made rasam powder justnow.The flavour of rasam powder is filled in the entire house of mine and i feel like having rasam rightnow.I came here just a week ago and still need to get many imp grocery items in the weekend and from monday onwards dhinam oru rasam thaan.Indhe website engele mathiri bachelors kku oru periya varam.i like each and every recipe from this website.
    Thanks padhu akka for this useful post and i share my feedback once i make rasam with this rasam powder on monday.


  14. hi! This is Hafsa.. i love to make all ur dishes... yummmmmmmmmy taste

  15. Hi Padhu, what if I have all the above different ingredients in powdered form (barring the dals). What would the proportions be like. Please suggest.

  16. is it possible than instead gms can you kindly give measure in cups along for 1/2 cup 1/4 cup tsp will make it much easier for people like me

  17. Thank u
    Please post how to prepare Tiffin Sambar Mix. I mean tiffin sambar mix is ready mix like AAHA TIFFIN SAMBARR MIX OF ANIL SEMIYA group which was available in chennai. If we mix this mix in boiling water and boil for 3 minutes, very good tiffin sambar is ready for iddlis and dosas

  18. Thank you.Your recipe made cooking easy.

  19. Padhu!!!!!!!.... Sema... Sema... Seriously useful complete veggies receipt... Esply i liked the categories festivals... Very easy way to cook... Love it.. I wish padhuskitchen go on well... I also suggest to the list as "amavasai recipes, ekadesi recipes, dhuvadesi recipes and sravanam recipes"

  20. Your receipes are simply superb..ive tried so many of your receipes. ..my husband and my kids enjoyed them! !! though I belong to andhra, am a huge fan of tamil brahmin sambar n their dishes as I had my schooling there....all the best from me and my family members too..

  21. Time has come for a novice like me to make sambar powder (present
    borrowed one getting exhausted) and naturally it will be your recipe for it. Just clarify if we need to use only the long variety turmeric as shown in your pics or we can also use the round i.e ball type
    ( the other variety of turmeric) .
    thanks in advance.

    1. You have use the stick variety shown in the picture.It is call virali manjal. The round one (ball type) is for face. Do not use that.

  22. Thanks for your clarification.Trying it in a day or two but no doubts about the quality of the podi I am going to get.
    Becoming more and more addicted to kitchen with your recipes.

  23. Unlike other recipes, here no cooking skill is involved and I think the proportions given are the best we can get for sambar powder. Since the weights are also given,it was very easy for me to gather the items and grind.The Golden brown color and the aroma was mesmerising.
    Now I am on my own to make the sambar powder.Super recipe rather superb proportions.
    Thanks a lot.

  24. Very useful post n my family members are appreciating my efforts...thanks a lot...kshema

  25. Hi padu I am living in usa.here is no sunlight now to dry ingredients of sambar powder and no mill.if I grind in mixie can I get fine powder like ground in mill? Can I dry fry everything and if I use turmeric powder for turmeric stick what quantity equal for turmeric stick... Please reply....please post gram measurements soon

    1. kala - You can dry roast the ingredients on medium flame and powder it. You will get fine powder in Indian Mixie. About turmeric- if possible you can pound the turmeric sticks into small pieces and then grind. I follow only my mother's recipes. I have given 10-12 sticks of manjal- you can add 1/4 cup flat of turmeric powder .This is just an approximate measure.

    2. Hi I prepared sambar powder (in mixie ground) but the color is not that much red why? Can u tell me please?

    3. Do not bother about all that Kala. It might be due to the variety of chilli.


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