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Monday, August 10, 2009

Drumstick Kuzhambu & Vathal Kuzlambu

Drumstick Kulambu or murungakkai kuzhambu is one of my kid's favorite kulambu. This kuzhambu when prepared with manathakkali (black nightshade) or sundakkai (Turkey berry) vathal or any other vathal is called vathal kuzhambu. I have used drumsticks along with baby/pearl onions to prepare this kulambu. You can prepare this with baby onions alone, if you prefer. This kulambu is also known as Murungakkai Puli kuzhambu. Generous amount of sesame seed oil is used to prepare this recipe.

Drumstick Kuzhambu-murungakkai puli kuzhambu

How to make Murungakkai Puli Kuzhambu/drumstick kulambu

Prep time - under -10 mins
Cook time - under 30 mins
Serves - 3-4

Ingredients needed

Baby onions (pearl onions) - 8-10 
Drumsticks -3 (10-12 pieces)
Gingelly oil - 3 tbsp
Sambar powder - 1 1/2 - 2 tbsp flat
Tamarind - 1 medium lemon sized ball
Salt - as per taste. (I use 1 tbsp flat rock salt)

For the seasoning

Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Fenugreek (venthayam)- 1/2 tsp
Asafoedita/hing - a pinch
Red chillies - 2
Curry leaves - few


Soak tamarind in warm water for 15-20 minutes and extract tamarind juice. Discard the pulp. You will have approximately 2-2 1/2 cups of tamarind extract.

Peel peal onions and cut it into half if it is too big.

Cut drumstick into 2 inch long pieces.


Heat oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add fenugreek seeds, hing, red chillies and curry leaves.

Saute for a few seconds and add baby onions. Fry until onions turn pink and then add drumstick pieces.

Add sambar powder, salt needed and saute for a few seconds. Then add  tamarind extract. 

Cook on medium flame until it thickens. Serve with rice and any vegetable curry.

Note -This kulambu stays good for 3-4 days if refrigerated.

You can substitute drumstick with any one of the following vegetables like cluster beans, yellow pumpkin, lady's finger, brinjal, cauliflower,broad beans and prepare this kuzhambu in the same manner as mentioned above.

Vathal kuzhambu

manathakkali vathal kuzhambuManathakali Vatha Kuzhambu

Same as the above. Instead of baby onions and vegetables, sundakkai vathal or manathakali vathal can be used to prepare vathal kulambu. Check out my sundakkai vathal kuzhambu.

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  1. wow, I love murungakka (drumsticks) in the tamarind curries. adds a nice flavour to the sauce. your mor kozhambu looks yumm too!

  2. Same pinch here dear..i just love these murungakka but never could find fresh ones here...

  3. i dont have sambar powder.. what i have to do ??

  4. You get ready made sambar powder in shops which you can use it. Otherwise you can prepare this Arachu vitta Kuzhambu which does not need sambar powder.

  5. Hi, drumsticks take longer time to cook right? If u add tamarind extract after sauting for few seconds how will the drumsticks cook?

    1. It is not a problem. It will get cooked as we have 2 1/2 cup of tamarind extract. I make this often - Not a problem.

  6. Hi Padhu..using sakthi sambar powder, if i just use that as instructed above will it taste good..or shud i add chilli and coriander powder too (if yes can i have the measurement) for this recipe to get the puli kulambu taste..clarify pls..?

    1. Follow the same using sakthi sambar powder .But as sakthi sambar powder is too hot, so you can reduce the quantity of sambar powder. Mine is homemade sambar powder which is not as hot as the store bought ones.

  7. Fantastic and easy recipe. Turned out great.

  8. Hi usually using tamarind the size of lemon makes my sambar sour . Will the tamarind measurement mentioned here give a more sour taste ?

    1. It depends on the variety of tamarind used (some are too sour while some are not). If it is sour, reduce it or add more sambar powder. You have to find the correct measure by trial and error. I have mentioned it approximately. It can be a little more or a little less tamarind.

  9. Every time I make this type of kuzhambu it becomes sour. All other sambar varieties come out well. Where am I going wrong?

    1. I can understand. That is because your ratio of tamarind and sambar podi is not correct. Either you add more tamarind or less sambar podi. The severity of sourness differs according to the tamarind variety. Some may be too sour. In that case, try reducing the tamarind next time. So you have to learn the correct proportion of tamarind and sambar podi every time you change the tamarind. Always use old tamarind for kulambu. Watch my onion vetha kulambu video to have an idea
      Onion Kulambu


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