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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bottle gourd recipe - Bottle gourd Dal

Bottle gourd recipe - Bottle gourd Dal- Lauki Dal

Bottle gourd is very common in India and many dishes can be prepared with bottle gourd like kofta, halwa , stir fry, kootu etc. It is low in fat and cholesterol and is rich in fibre , it is easy to digest and is effective against constipation. Because of its high water content, it has cooling properties. It is a simple and comforting dish which is also low in calories. This goes well with rice or any Indian bread .Now to the recipe-

Bottle gourd dalMan fully made of bottle gourd - thumbs up to this low calorie dish

Ingredients needed

Bottle gourd - peel the skin, remove seeds and cut into cubes -4 cups
Tur dal or Split yellow moong dal -1/4 cup
Turmeric Powder - a pinch
Chillie powder -1/4 tsp (optional)

For the seasoning

Ghee or oil - 2 tsp
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds/Jeera seeds -1 tsp
Red chillies -1
Asafoetida/hing - a generous pinch
Green chillies -2 ( finely chopped)
Ginger -1 inch piece ( finely chopped)
Curry leaves - little


Pressure cook dal with turmeric powder till soft.

Cook bottle gourd in water till soft. After it is cooked, add cooked dal , salt and chillie powder. Bring it to boil.

Heat ghee, add mustard seeds, when they splutter, add cumin seeds, asafoetida, red chillie, green chillies, ginger,curry leaves ,saute for a few seconds and add it to the bottle gourd.

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Bottle gourd dal is ready to be served.

Note -

For this recipe, you can use either tur dal or moong dal. If you are using moong dal ,then pressure cook both moong dal and bottle gourd together.

If tur dal is used, then you should cook tur dal and bottle gourd separately as tur dal takes longer time to get cooked than bottle gourd.


Soaking dal in warm water for 20 minutes before cooking helps to reduce cooking time and also saves energy.

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  1. Anapakaya pappu,a soft dish which every body likes.

  2. That is exactly how I made this lauki dal. I use moond dal.... Simple yet delicious to eat
    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. i am always wowed by your beautiful presentations dear..lovely
    dal looks nice n delish :)

  4. Lovely recipe, creative presentation.

  5. Super presenattion padhu and a delicious dal with bottle gourd..

  6. Doll looks amazing. Nice recipe.

  7. Great presentation.. Love the combo of dal n bottle gourd.

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  9. Superb comfort dal. Loved the presentation,appreciate the artist in you.

  10. The presentation looks superb dear...I love bottlegourd dal...

  11. Hey Padhu

    Nice presentations dear,
    Great recipe looks yummy and inviting.

    Do visit and follow my blog when you find time.

  12. A healthy one. Love the presentation.

  13. It looks good. I dont think I've ever had a bottle gourd :)

  14. I love dal so much! I am eating some as I write this actually. I will have to try this recipe because I have never had gourd dal before.

    By the way, I am a huge Sidney Sheldon fan as well!

  15. Wow!!that looks divine dear....as usual ur presentation is lovely..:-)

  16. Delicious kootu, love the presentation, very creative.

  17. Hey there, this looks absolutely yum and quite easy to prepare too... i'm gonna certainly try it out..:)

    thank you for stopping by Underneath His Wrapping.


  18. you have the most amazingly unique presentation of all.. so creative. the dal looks delicious.

  19. kutu....lovely! yum yum you have great patience lady and very creative presentation :)


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