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Friday, September 2, 2011

Gulab Jamun- Gulab Jamun Recipe-How to make Gulab Jamuns

Gulab Jamun is a very popular dessert in India. Thought the recipe sounds very simple, there are a few tricks to be followed to make tasty and soft Gulab Jamuns. Today let us learn how to prepare Gulab jamuns following this easy gulab jamun recipe.

Gulab Jamun RecipeIngredients needed
For 20 -25 gulab jamuns
Gulab Jamun flour - 1 packet - 200 grams (available readymade)
Oil for deep frying

For making sugar syrup

Sugar -2 1/2 cups
Water - 3 cups
Cardamom pods -3 peeled or crushed

Method to prepare sugar syrup

In a big pan, mix sugar, water and 2-3 crushed cardamoms.

Bring it to boil and stir until the sugar dissolves completely and syrup becomes slightly sticky. Do not boil too much. Keep it aside.

Method to make Gulab jamun

1. First mix the gulab jamun flour well with your hands to remove all lumps.

2. Then add water (according to the instructions on the pack) and make a soft pliable dough. Let it sit for a few minutes.

3. Divide the dough equally and make small smooth balls without any creases. This is very important.

4. Heat oil and fry the gulab jamuns on low medium heat so that the inside of the gulab jamun will also get cooked well. Keep stirring it gently for even cooking and browning. Remove with a slotted ladle when it becomes slightly dark brown in color.

5. Allow the gulab jamuns to cool a little, before dropping them in warm sugar syrup.

6. Let all the Gulab jamuns remain soaked in the sugar syrup for 1 hour. It can be served hot or cold.

If preferred, you can top it with vanilla ice cream and enjoy. Personally I love it hot.


I have given the important points to be kept in mind in bold. Do not fry the gulab jamuns on high heat as it will get browned quickly but the inside will not be cooked properly.

Allow it to cool a little before dropping them in the warm sugar syrup.

Heat the sugar syrup slightly before dropping the gulab jamuns, if it has become cold. 

Now that Diwali is round the corner, try making these easy Gulab jamuns at home and enjoy. 

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Meet you all again with another interesting recipe, till then it is bye from Padhu of Padhuskitchen.com


  1. One of my fav sweet dis,thanks for the recipe

  2. beautiful presentation and awesome recipe.

  3. An all time fav, classic indian sweet...Looks so soft & droolworthy!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  4. drools, Padhu! this is always a preferred dessert be it at home or at restaurants - I made it from scratch once - but have not tried with the pack yet

  5. Delicious jamuns...My all time favorite

  6. Just want to prepare..So came to the blog for as usual exact and perfect step wise receipes...Jamun came out well as per ur instruction...Yummy jamuns are ready...

  7. hi how to make dough & balls without creases? can u help me with some pic?

  8. I prepared three times this recipe but each time while frying gulab jamuns it gets crease even though I made smooth ball without crease... Why it is like

    1. Kala - You must make balls batch by batch at the time of frying .If you make it and keep it, it will dry and naturally you will get cracks. Do not allow the balls to dry.

    2. Awesome performance. Its delicious.. thank u for the wonderful recipee

  9. Can u pls mention how much of sugar to add in grams.

    1. 1 cup sugar is 200 grams. I have given 2 1/2 cup - so it will be 500 grams (1/2 kg)

  10. Hi padhu
    I'm planning to make for nearly 15 ppl as desert is one pkt enough ?

    Thanks for the tips

    1. 200 grams packet will give you 20-25 gulab jamuns.

  11. Hi i tried making the jamun. Its quite good.but the problem is the sugar syrup.tge place i stay is very cold and it turned out very hard after it cooled down.totally crystalised.!! Help me here.

    1. Try adding few drops of lemon juice when making sugar syrup to prevent crystallization.

  12. Hi padhu... Whether any other recipes can b prepared with gulab jamun mix....??

  13. I know people make pedas and pakoras with gulab jamoon mix but I have not tried it.

  14. I thought of making pan cake... So just asked ur suggestion...

  15. U have mention cups in many recipes. Let me know the measurement of cups


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