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Kadalai Urundai-Peanut Jaggery Balls Recipe-Kadalai Mittai (chikki)-Karthigai Deepam Recipes

I wanted to prepare something special for Karthigai Deepam which falls on 17 th of this month. As I have already posted Pori Urundai, this time it is Kadalai Urundai (groundnut chikki). Moreover I got request from readers asking me for Peanut balls recipe.This is easy to prepare at home and also a very healthy snack for kids. Today we will learn how to make Kadalai Urundai following this easy recipe.

Kadalai Urundai-peanut balls
Kadalai Urundai -Karthigai Deepam Recipes

Kadalai Urundai Recipe-Peanut Jaggery Balls

Kadalai Urundai-Peanut balls

 Prep Time : 15 mins
 Cook Time : 25 mins 
 Yields: 20 small balls
 Recipe CategoryIndian Sweet
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Peanuts - 1 cup
   Jaggery -3/4 cup
   Cardamom powder - a pinch (optional)
   Dry ginger powder - a pinch (optional)
   Ghee or rice flour (little)


Roast peanuts nicely and remove the red skin completely, if you have bought peanuts with the skin. Break as much as possible into half by rubbing the peanuts with your palms.


Preparation of jaggery syrup is the most important part of this recipe. Dissolve jaggery in 3 tbsp of water on low flame. Filter it to remove impurities.

Boil the jaggery syrup until it reaches the soft ball stage. If you are adding cardamom powder or sukku powder, add it to the jaggery syrup. (I did not add)

preparation of peanut balls

Keep a cup of water ready besides you. Drop a tsp of jaggery syrup in the water. It should not dissolve and you should be able to collect it and make a ball out of it as shown in the picture below. When the jaggery syrup reaches this stage, switch off the flame.

jaggery syrup consistency

Keep the peanuts ready on a plate. Pour the prepared hot jaggery syrup on the peanuts and mix it well with the back of the ladle. When it is warm, either grease your fingers with ghee or dust your fingers with rice flour and make even sized balls out of the mixture.

peanut chikki

As it cools,the balls will harden. Delicious Peanut chikki is ready.

Note - You can add sukku powder also along with cardamom powder if preferred.

In case, if the mixture harden, when you are making balls, you can reheat it again for a few seconds and continue to make balls when the mixture is warm.

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Wishing all my readers and visitors a Very Happy Karthigai Deepam.

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  1. Very Cute Peanut Jaggery balls, tasty and healthy too.

  2. Very nice glittering colour.If I make this urundai it will be dull in colour. what is the reason?

  3. Very nice Kadala urundai. When ever i make this urundai, it wil come nicely for about 8 to 10. then it will become dull and will not able to make urundais. I think i have to mix little by little... plz help.

  4. Gomathi - I greased my hands with ghee and make the balls.May be that is the reason it is shining.
    Jahnu - If the peanut jaggery mix harden, reheat it again and make balls when it is warm.

  5. Hi padhu all your recipes are very simple eassy to make. Your step by step procedure photos are very helpful. Your presentation is too good. I have tried many of your recipes and it came out very well. I know there is lot of hardwork involved. Good job all the best. I want you to post healthy and tasty recipes for toddler.

  6. Came out very well, looked perfect urundais, soft as we bite

  7. Hi padhu,Thanks for the recipe but i have one doubt instead of making peanuts ball shape can i use this same recipe to make chikki(burfi)

  8. Hi padhu,I tried to make this receipe... But the ball was so sticky.. What could be d reason..

    1. You have overcooked the jaggery syrup. Also buy jaggery meant for making peanut balls.

  9. Is it normal for peanut balls to stick with each other after making ? The jaggery ball shud be soft or hard after gathering (thakkali pazham padham or kamarkatu padham) ... I prepared with soft ball consistency and they r sticking with each other

    1. Initially it will be sticky for a few minutes. Once it cools, it will be perfect. The jaggery ball should not be too soft or too hard. You should be able to collect the jaggery and made a ball.

  10. I am your fan.All items are very simple and superb.

  11. Hai i tried this kadalai urundai.after making balls peanuts are not crispy.can you tell what went wrong.

    1. You must roast the peanuts well before making kadalai urundai.

  12. Thankz for your post mam, it came out well for me healthy snackz for my kidz

  13. Hi padhu,Thanks a lot for tasty and healthy snacks.

  14. Hi i tried this kadalai urundai after making balls peanuts are crispy but the balls are not hard. it is sticky after two hours also(like javvu)

    1. The reason is the jaggery syrup. You have to switch it off at the right stage and add the peanuts. Adding it before the right stage will make the kadalai urundai sticky and chewy.

  15. Hi padhu

    We have to make it with pagu vellam right??

  16. Looks simple...but the comments by others shows how difficult n skillful it is. Will try n let you know the results.


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