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Senai Masiyal Recipe-Senai Kizhangu Masiyal-Elephant Foot Yam Masiyal

Yesterday, our lunch was just a simple senai masiyal, jeera rasam, hot steamed rice and curd but it was very comforting. We all enjoyed it a lot. It is also my favorite combo. Yams are a good source of potassium, which helps to control blood pressure. It is also rich in fiber. I have written a lot about the health benefits of elephant foot yam in my yam kootu recipe. Today we will learn how to make senai masiyal following this easy recipe.

Senai Kizhangu Masiyal-Elephant Foot Yam Masiyal

Senai Kizhangu Masiyal

Senai Kizhangu Masiyal

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time20 mins 
 Recipe CategorySide Dish
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Elephant foot yam/senai -1 cup heaped or 1/4 kg
   Tur dal - 3 tbsp
   Tamarind - small gooseberry sized ball or fresh lemon -1
   Salt needed

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 2 tsp
   Mustard seeds
   Asafoetida/hing - a pinch
   Green chilli
   Ginger - 1 inch piece
   Curry leaves


Always keep all the ingredients ready as it makes your job easier and you will never forget anything.

Peel, chop and rinse the senai well. Grease your hands with oil or wear a gloves while cutting and washing senai as it has itching properties. There is a variety called Kerala senai which does not itch.

Soak tamarind in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes. Extract its juice and discard the pulp.

preparation for senai masiyal


Pressure cook tur dal and senai separately for 3 whistles. Mash tur dal well.(I have the habit of soaking tur dal for 20 minutes in hot water. By doing so, it not only gets cooked well but it also gets cooked faster thereby saving you fuel and energy).

Mash senai also. You do not have to mash it to a fine paste.

how to make senai masiyal

Heat oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add hing, green chillies, ginger and curry leaves.

Saute for 2-3 seconds, then add cooked tur dal and mashed senai.

preparing elephant foot yam masiyal

Add tamarind water, needed salt and cook on medium flame stirring in between for 5-6 minutes or until it thickens slightly. Remove from heat and serve as a side dish for rasam or sambar or curd rice.

senai kizhangu masiyal

Note -If you are using fresh lemon juice instead of tamarind, add water (instead of tamarind extract) and cook until everything gets blended well. Once it cools a little, you can add lemon juice and mix it well.

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  1. Without using tamarind can we use only lemon, yam is good for health& urs always different posting & more benefits for our health

    1. I have mentioned that option (of using lemon) in the note section at the end of the recipe. Perhaps you did not notice it.

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