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Kanchipuram Idli Recipe-Easy South Indian Kancheepuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idli is a very popular South Indian idli seasoned with pepper, cumin seeds etc. I prepare Kanchipuram idli when we are bored with the regular idlis. It has a different taste as it is seasoned with many ingredients like pepper, jeera, ginger etc. It is very delicious and is also very easy to prepare. It can be had for breakfast or for dinner. I had written down this recipe from a magazine long time back. As I was getting many request for this recipe, I decided to share this very popular idli recipe. Today we will learn how to prepare Kanchipuram Idli following this easy recipe.

Kanchipuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idli

 Prep Time : 45 mins
 Cook Time : 15 mins 
 Serves: 2-3
 Recipe CategoryBreakfast/dinner
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Idli par boiled rice -1/2 cup
   Raw rice - 1/2 cup
   Urad dal (whole) -1/2 cup
   Salt needed

   For the seasoning

   Sesame seed Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp
   Ghee -3 tsp
   Mustard seeds 1 tsp
   Urad dal - 1 1/2 tsp
   Bengal gram/channa dal -1 tsp
   Whole black Pepper- 2 tsp slightly crushed
   Cumin seeds/jeera - 1 tsp
   Ginger - 1 inch piece grated
   Dry Ginger powder - 1/4 tsp (optional)
   Green chillies - 1-2 finely chopped
   Hing/asafoetida - 1/4 tsp
   Cashew nuts - 10 break it into 2-3 pieces
   Curry leaves -few tender ones
   Turmeric powder -a pinch (optional)
   Coriander leaves - 2-3 tbsp finely chopped


Soak rice (both raw rice and idli rice) and urad dal separately for 5 hours.

Grind urad dal until light and fluffy. Grind rice to a slightly coarse paste. Mix both the batter together adding salt. The consistency of the batter should neither be thin nor thick. Check out my idli batter recipe to know more details about grinding for idli.

Leave the batter in a warm place for 6-7 hours or overnight to ferment.


Now our batter is ready. Before making idli, mix dry ginger powder, turmeric powder and coriander leaves with the batter. Then heat oil + ghee, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add all the ingredients (mentioned under seasoning) one after the other. When dal turns golden brown, add the seasoning to the batter and mix well.

 South Indian Kanjeevaram Idli

Pour the batter in idly molds and steam for 10-15 minutes or until well cooked. You can steam the idlis in steel cups or tumblers or even in cooker separator or any shallow vessel (as shown below).Cut it into pieces and serve.

how to make Kanjeevaram Idli

Serve hot with coconut chutney, sambar and idli podi.

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  1. Tasty and healthy breakfast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love tis idli.. Its been ages since I had tis. Thanku

  3. This is a regular recipe in our house for vaikunta ekadasi. We avoid mustard and bengalb gram dhal. Tastes best with mor kulzambu and idli milagaipodi.

  4. Thanks for this recipe. This is for our poonal festival breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Padhu,can I add baking soda or not?

    1. No need to add baking soda. As we are adding whole skinned urad dal for grinding the batter, the idli will be soft and spongy.

  6. hi found your collection interesting. Glad I stopped by.

  7. How long do you steam the idlis when you make it in a shallow dish?

    1. It depends on the heat. Approximately 15-20 minutes. Check by inserting a toothpick in the center, if it comes out clean, the idli is cooked

  8. Dearie, The recipe descriptions are meant for some other indian who has seen the thing, eaten the thing and perhaps has even lived in kanchipuram. The recipe has to be written such that it conveys the procedure to someone who has never seen an idly. A complete recipe tells exactly what was done without assumptions.

  9. What is idli par boiled rice?

    1. It is idli pulungal arisi. That is par boiled rice used for making idlis.

  10. Hi... I am new to cooking, though I have kids who work . I never liked cooking and never found time,now that I have more leisure time I have been trying a lot of your recipes.
    Your recipes are easy to follow,clear and always a success.
    I am now Enjoying cooking for my family and I feel like a professional... thanks

  11. All your recipes are simply awesome ma. Kudos to your minute details, the meticulous format of things needed, the awesome procedure and the photos. I look into your recipe for all dishes. Thank you endless

  12. I will try and tell. Can we make more flour
    like idly flour and keep for few days


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