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Banana Oats Porridge for Babies-Oatmeal Porridge Recipe for Baby

Oats are high in soluble fiber, B vitamins, calcium and protein. Oats is a great food to add to your baby’s diet as it is very healthy and easy for the baby to eat. When your baby has completed 6 months, you can introduce solid food for the baby. As I always mention in all my baby recipes, kindly consult your pediatrician when introducing new food to your baby. This porridge is suitable for babies above 6 months of age. Today we will learn how to make oatmeal porridge for babies following this easy recipe.

Banana Oats Porridge for babies

Banana Oats Porridge for Babies (Above 6 Months)

Banana Oats Porridge for Babies

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Recipe CategoryPorridge-Babies-Oats
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Oats -2 tbsp (quick cooking oats)
   Water -3/4 cup
   Soft Ripe Banana -1/4 cup (chopped)
   Organic powdered Jaggery -3/4-1 tsp (optional)


Cook oats in 3/4 cup of water on low heat stirring constantly until it starts thickening. The consistency should be that of a porridge. Leave it to cool slightly.

When it is warn, add chopped banana and puree everything together in a blender until smooth. Serve warm with a baby spoon.

Note - The sweetness in the banana is enough but if needed you can add powdered organic jaggery (available in organic stores). If you are adding jaggery, dissolve jaggery in a tbsp of water, filter it and then add while cooking oats.

You can use quick cooking plain oats (oatmeal).

Regarding the quantity, do not force your baby to eat. After introducing any new food, wait for 2 days to see if your baby has developed any allergic reaction, before continuing.

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  1. Thanks... just in time when i needed it :)

  2. I gave ths to my 6mnths old son and he gulped it full..thanks to u..didn't add extra sweetner..i am a doctor and I must say u'r recipes fr babies r very safe to giv..I appreciate u'r efforts very much..the porridge recipes r jus lk wht our family elders say..seeing few blogs I felt they introduce too much solids too early fr the kids to digest..but your recipes r really gud and safe!

    1. Thank you so much. Very happy to get such a compliment from a doctor. Yes, I do take extra care and efforts by consulting the pediatrician and elders in the family before posting any recipe for babies.Thank you Doctor.

  3. super..i tried this to my one yr baby and she liked this very much...

  4. Is it OK to give saffola ots to baby

  5. Nice recipe.. Gave ma 11 month old kid.. He loved it.. Thx a lot!!!

  6. My son s 8 months old... Which banana is best for babies.. Whether have to give boiled banana or....?


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