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Cast Iron Dosa Tawa from EN PAN Review-Where to Buy Cast Iron Cookware

I am very choosy when it comes to product reviews. I don't accept or recommend products that I don't use or consider unhealthy. But when EN PAN (EN INNOVATIONS) approached me to review their cast iron dosa tawa, I immediately accepted it, not only because I am a dosa lover but also because I love cooking in cast iron pans as they are healthy. 

En Pan Cast Iron tawa

First let me introduce EN PAN

EN PAN products range from Traditional Irumbu chatti, Designer dosa kal, Designer Kadai, Cast Iron Appam chatti and exclusive hot plate all made from HIGH QUALITY CAST IRON.

Their products are hand seasoned with lot of attention to details, so you do not have to worry about seasoning.

Their Cast Iron Pans and Kadais are seasoned, safe and healthy to cook on. They are easy to use and get better with age.

They sell their products through their website  

Cooking in Cast iron Cookware

Research shows that cooking in cast iron can increase the iron content of foods.  It can even help correct an iron deficiency. So apart from taking iron rich food, cooking in a cast iron pan is a natural way to boost iron content in our body.

My experience with En Pan Cast iron cookware 

I received a dosa tawa from them. It is a well seasoned, 11 inch round shape dosa pan with 2 handles. The tawa is made of  HIGH QUALITY CAST IRON. The pan is safe to use and has no chemicals.

As it is well seasoned you do not have to worry about seasoning. All you have to do is to heat the pan for 2 minutes, rub a tsp of oil with a cut onion and start making dosas right away. I loved it very much. The very first dosa itself, came out well without sticking.  

dosa in cast iron tawa

I even made aloo parathas in the same tawa and needless to say it came out so well.

aloo paratha in cast iron tawa

It is heavy, approximately around 2.5 kg . This is very important when buying an iron dosa tawa as it heats evenly and you do not have to worry about dosa sticking to the pan.

Their pans can be used on Gas stove, Induction or Electric hot plate. That's an added advantage.

When it comes to taste, dosa tastes great in cast iron tawa than in non stick tawas.

Cast iron cookware when taken care well, works like non stick. Non stick pans are coated with chemicals and are hazardous to our health. Moreover you have to replace the pan, once the teflon coating wears off. Cast iron pan gets better with age and works like non stick. It is a one time investment and will last for generations.

The price of the product is also reasonable for the quality of product.

The product comes with an instruction care. They make sure that you have a good experience with their product.

This small iron kadai is also from EN PAN.  Picture shows crispy potato fry in their cast iron kadai. The kadai is also very good and I loved it.

potato fry in cast iron kadai

After use - You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth after use and store it. You do not have to wash it every time you use. When washing, use a mild liquid soap with sponge, immediately after washing wipe it dry with a towel and put it on stove for few seconds on low heat for the moisture to evaporate. When warm, apply a thin layer of oil, wipe off excess with a clean cloth. Then store it in a dry and airy place. In this way it will never rust.

I recommend EN PAN cast iron cookware. It is a must have in every kitchen. I am very much happy and satisfied with the dosa tawa and kadai and can assure you that you will not be disappointed. You can get it from their website  


  1. Can we hold the handles while cooking?

  2. where are these items available in Chennai or online

    1. I have given the link sir - the last line. Also in the introduction of EN PAN I have given their website link.

  3. while using first time how to clean it and use it

    1. Just wash it with water and mild liquid soap using sponge. Apply oil and start making dosas. It is already seasoned.

  4. Through web site did not information how to purchase online. Please give the online details

    1. I have given their website url in intro and last line in the review above. Go to their site and purchase what you need.

  5. Does it take more Oil than other tawa

  6. Does it consume more Oil? Have you tried making sour dosa or rava dosa with this? If yes please share your experience.

    1. Initially you may have to add more oil. After that you add oil as you regularly do. I tried uthappam, plain dosa, paratha. Yet to try rava dosa.

  7. Is this Kal is flat and whether we can able to make rava dosa?

  8. Is it OK to make dosas and chapati /roti, in the same pan? My mom always insists that I use separate pans. Any specific reason why we should use separate pans?

    1. Even I have separate tawas but in this tawa I made parathas and dosas also.

  9. Hi Padhu,

    Thank you for this post on EnPan. Pretty informative. Also encourages us to move away from using non-stick tava and kadais

    Wanted to check abt one thing related to cooking in iron kadai.

    Some of the vegetables like okra, brinjal and a few others tend to become blackish and lose their original colour when we cook in iron kadais. Do you have any valuable tips to avoid the same? Appreciate your response.

    Also wanted to add that I am a big fan of your blog as well as YouTube channel. Whenever I decide to try out a new item, I visit your blog and use your recipe for the same. Have always been successful in trying out new items adopting your detailed recipes with step by step pictures. Thanks much and wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours

    Best regards, Padmini


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