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Kerala Recipes

Find Collection of few Kerala Recipes below 

Kerala Cooking Recipes
Puttu-payaru curry-papadum-banana-tea
Kadala Curry 

Puttu Recipe 

Vellarikkai Pachadi 

Pineapple Pulisery

Cabbage Thoran

Ulli Theeyal 

Varutharacha Sambar

Ada Pradhaman 

Palada Pradhaman 


Pineapple Pachadi 

Puli Inji

Kalan Recipe

Mambazha Pulissery

Pumpkin Erissery

Olan Recipe

Kerala Parippu Curry

Vendakkai Thayir Pachadi

Koottu Curry

Kerala Style Aviyal

Beetroot Pachadi

Chakka Pradhaman 

Parippu Payasam 

Semiya Payasam 

Onam Sadya Recipes 

Kappa Curry 

Raw Jackfruit Curry 

Pavakka Kichadi 

Vazhakka Mezhukkupuratti

Nendran Chips 

Payaru Thoran 

Moru Curry 

Kerala Fruit Cake for Christmas

Payaru Kanji with thenga chammanthi


Chena Vanpayar Erissery

Mathanga Pachadi  (pumpkin pachadi)

Mathanga Thoran 

Beans Thoran 

Kerala Appam Recipe (palappam)

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  1. Thanks m'am for the authentic recipes.reminds me of the dishes my mom prepared when we were small. Surely i'll try the recipes specially the Avial.

  2. Hi, I really like your blog lot, A LOT!! I can blindly select recipe with guarantee that it will turn great. This weekend we were on road for 2 days, eating junk (USA) and hubby order to make something homey. Again blindly selected curry leaves rice(first time) and we all were 'truptta'.
    Saying this, to ask you for anything more is really ridiculous. But as non south indian may I request you to add somewhat familiar even made up names in brackets. That will go long way. Many times have to go inside to understand what it is. But I accept that many places you do have given names.

    Pls you don't have to post this annoying long mail!
    Once again thanks for hard work. May Aanpurnashwari bless you and always smile upon you!!

  3. wonderful blog!! so much to learn:)

  4. Such a amazing blog, very useful for people like me, who work full day still evening can make something quickly and healthy stuff to eat :) God bless you ,keep posting more

  5. Can you please add sharkara upperi recipe in kerala recipes

  6. Wonderful Recipes. I always check with my mum before I try something new. I believe I could also make some research here as well.

    Thank you, Padhu :)

  7. may I suggest that you add Vegetable Stew (Ishtu - to accompany Appam) to your list of Kerala recipes?

  8. Is maavu arisi called pachari in Kerala?


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