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Green Chutney Sandwich Recipe

We have learn't how to make green chutney in our last post, today we will learn a very easy and healthy sandwich recipe using green chutney. Even if you don't have much time in the morning, you can make this quick sandwich. Believe me, this can be prepared within 5 minutes, if you have green chutney ready.

Green Chutney Sandwich recipe
                                  Make it appealing to the kids by presenting it differently

Green Chutney Sandwich Recipe

Ingredients needed for preparing 1 sandwich

Whole Wheat Bread -2
Green Chutney
Cheese slice -1 (I used Amul cheese slice)
Butter - 1-2 tsp


Sandwich Recipe-Indian

Cut the outer brown crust for the bread.

Take a bread slice, spread green chutney on it, then place the cheese slice on top of it.

Take another bread, apply green chutney and place it on top of the cheese slice with the chutney side facing down.

Apply some butter on the outer surfaces of the sandwich or grease the sandwich toaster.

Place it on the toaster and toast over medium heat till both sides are golden brown .If you do not have a bread toaster, you can do it in tawa also.

Cut it diagonally  and serve hot.Repeat the process for making more green chutney sandwiches.

You do not need any accompaniment for this. This can be had as a breakfast or just as a snack with evening tea.

Enjoy making this healthy and easy sandwich recipe and I am sure you will love it.

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  1. Wish to have this sandwich for my tonite dinner.

  2. such a quick and delicious sandwich. looks great

  3. Chutney sandwich is simple and light.. can be enjoyed anytime...loved your presentation.

  4. Looks so easy and yummy. Nice presentation.

  5. sandwich looks yummy..lovely presentation! :)

  6. yummy chutney sandwich!...a delight to have.

  7. lovely presentation as usually......n yummy chutney sandwich!!!

  8. Love that sandwich ..nice pic

  9. let me know on how to make sandwich for the tiffin.will not the green chutney make it soggy?

  10. Grind the green chutney a bit thick.This sandwich has to be served immediately after preparing.


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