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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

South Indian Filter Coffee-How to make Filter coffee

South India is very famous for it aromatic filter coffee. South Indian coffee is milky and is served hot in a traditional tumbler and davara (see pic below). I love coffee very much - by coffee I mean filter coffee.I do not like these instant coffee varieties and never drink it. Earlier I was so much addicted to coffee and could not do any work in the morning without my cup of hot filter coffee. Though I have switched to oats porridge now, I still love filter coffee very much and drink occasionally or when I am in a mood to drink coffee. My most favorite brand is Lavazza. When it comes to local brands, I prefer narasus coffee powder.

South Indian filter coffee
South Indian Filter Coffee
South Indian coffee is brewed in a coffee filter. It comes in different sizes.Choose a filter according to your family needs.The coffee filter has 2 containers, an upper container with holes, a lower container to collect the decoction, a lid and a pressing disc with a center handle to press the powder which I do not have with me (so not shown in the picture below).

Coffee filter-South Indian Coffee filter
South Indian Coffee Filter

How to prepare Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Serves: 2
 Recipe CategoryBeverages
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

   Ingredients needed

   Coffee filter
   Coffee Powder - 3 tbsp
   Water - 3/4 cup
   Fresh Milk for 2 cups of coffee
   Sugar as required


How to make filter coffee-Filter coffee
How to make Filter coffee
1. Put 3 tbsp of coffee powder in the upper container, fix it on top of the lower container and tap the container gently, so that the powder will settle evenly.

2. Bring water to rolling boil and pour it over the coffee powder. Close it with a lid and leave it undisturbed for 10-15 minutes.

3. The coffee decoction will get collected in the lower container (See picture 3).

4. Boil milk and simmer for a few minutes stirring continuously. Pour needed decoction in a cup and add milk and sugar to taste. If you want it strong, add more decoction, if you prefer mild coffee, add less decoction. Serve hot and frothy in tumbler and davara. Enjoy the aroma and the taste of South Indian filter coffee.

Tips for brewing a perfect filter coffee

Use fresh coffee powder, fresh decoction and fresh milk.

For a good coffee, coffee powder also plays an important role. Mix equal quantities of freshly roasted and ground Peaberry and Plantation A coffee beans for super tasting coffee. You can get it roasted and ground in a coffee shop which sells coffee powder. For thickness, some people add 50 grams chicory powder for 1 kg of coffee powder. I personally do not prefer it.

Coffee with left over decoction or old stock coffee powder does not taste good. So try to make fresh decoction every time you prepare coffee.

If the holes of the coffee filter is blocked, show it in direct flame for 2-3 seconds and then use it.

Dry the filter well before adding coffee powder.

Coffee filters come in various sizes. If using less coffee powder, use a small coffee filter.

Meet you with more interesting recipes. Have a good day!


  1. Love S Indian coffee, only wish i had a filter like this at home.

  2. I dont have words to say how i miss this filter coffee,love it.

  3. Filter coffee is ways the best.... Awesome clicks....

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  4. I've been havin filter coffee for years n am still addicted to it. You should try Kannan Jubilee coffee powder with chickory. I go weak on my knees for it :)

  5. Its my favourite drink, my post is also coming soon. nice clicks.

  6. I love narasus coffee and drink it a a lot when I get to India. Something about India and coffee. A very informative post.

  7. Nice Scrummy coffee !! My husband’s favorite :)

    Ongoing event CC:Mom’s Recipe

  8. Ah! the filter coffee..I remember the filters. The one my granny had was big enough for a soup pot lol

  9. Great....good job.

  10. Though I'm not a regular coffe drinker... I love Filter coffee.. it is only recently I started making it at home... :)

  11. My most favorite beverage....nice post..

  12. This is all very interesting to me as I haven't had the famous filter coffee yet but have seen and heard of it in so many movies and blogs. I would love to taste it one day.

  13. Wonderful! Must learn this.
    A lovely blog.

  14. would love to have a cup of such delicious coffee :)

  15. I follow the same procedure as stated by you. The tip for clearing the block in the filter is useful. I will try it immediately. Thanks.

  16. nothing like hot tumbler or frothy filter coffee.. thats a thorough post

  17. You made me remember the filter coffee advertisement when i was child..Your post made me smile thanks for valuable information.. :)

  18. could feel the rich aroma here...absolutely tempting..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  19. I luv filter coffee like anything,

  20. love it... I can smell the coffee here...

  21. I tried it first when I was in Banglore. I liked it so much that I had it everyday till I was there. I am not sure if I can get the same coffee powder you use as I reside in North India. Can I use the brands like nescafe or something?

  22. thanks... i guess where i was going wrong is using old decoction.

  23. Though it might look as a simple post, it is sometimes very useful for a beginner like me.

  24. Thank you for your post, it reinforces what steps my Ajji takes to make filter coffee, even my husband who isn't Indian absolutely loves it. Its a must in our Aussie household!

  25. 6 yrs with filter coffee @south,,,,,now @north india,,,,,being a typical north indian<<<<i m missing my beloved Tamil style filter coffeee

  26. where would i get a coffee filter

  27. In South Indian, it is commonly available in all shops selling steel household utensils.

  28. grind 50% pb and 50% reb seeds(roasted at home). no chicory.use before two hours.fresh buffalo milk gives excellent aroma

  29. I love filter coffee. I was searching for the filter in the big cities like Mumbai for a long time but could find it in Madikeri(Karnataka) last week. May be I will try making filter coffee shortly. Thanks for your blog post.

  30. Thanks a lot for the well explained process for preparing filter coffee.

    For cleaning the holes I would suggest using a paste of baking soda and vinegar. Clears holes and keeps the container shining bright.

  31. Sorry to say hat what you wrote about the third component of the coffee filter is wrong,
    it is definitely not to plunger to press the coffee powder,
    it is an important component of coffee filter which prevent the flushing of hot water through the powder and allows the slow sweeping in of boiled water through the powder to ensure the taste and aroma of the coffee
    (please note that tiny holes and little convex shape of the platform)

    Many of the users who is not aware about this will keep this part away during filtering as you did here
    and that dilute the taste and aroma very much..
    to just make sure this pls try one decoction with and another without this ,you will understand that makes a deference

    1. I do know that but since it is a recipe site I did not want to elaborate on it. I am a South Indian and we prepare coffee everyday. Even without that component, you will get thick decoction if you tap the container slightly for the powder to settle and then pour boiling water. This is from my experience.

  32. 1. I get coffee powder from Leo cofee. what is the best combination of different breeds (peaberry, plantation A, B etc ) for strong coffee
    2. Is chicory necessary. I am not interested in color but in strength
    3,. sometimes I see powder in the decoction. how to avoid it.


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