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How to make Butter at Home from Milk-Milk Cream-Homemade Butter Recipe

Making butter at home is really easy and also very economical especially when you have lot of cream at home. I use only homemade butter for all my cakes, biscuits and sandwiches. I rarely buy butter or ghee outside and prefer to use homemade butter and ghee. Today we are going to learn how to make butter at home from scratch.

how to make butter at home

How to make Butter at Home

How to make Butter at Home

 Prep Time : 20 mins
 Cook Time : Nil
 Recipe CategoryCooking Basics

   Ingredients needed

   Milk or Milk Cream
   Ice cold water
   Curd/plain yogurt -1 tsp

How to collect Cream from Milk

Boil milk. Let it cool to room temperature. Then refrigerate the milk overnight or for 4-5 hours. You will find a thick layer of cream on the surface. Collect that cream (see picture below) and store it in a container or jar in the freezer. You can use cow's milk, buffaloes milk or pasteurized milk. I have used aavin pasteurized milk with 3.5% fat.

You can also use store bought fresh cream to make butter.

How to make butter at Home - Homemade Butter

Once you have collected enough cream, you can make butter from it. Take the cream from the freezer, add a tsp of curd/plain yogurt and keep it out overnight or for 5-6 hours.

collecting cream from milk

After 6 hours- Place the cream in the blender/mixie/food processor and add 2-3 cups of chilled water. 

making homemade butter

Run the blender for 2-3 minutes. Then leave a gap for a few seconds and then run again.

how to make butter at home from milk

After 10-15 minutes of whipping, you will see butter collecting at the top as in the picture below. The liquid remaining is buttermilk. Collect the butter with a slotted ladle and place it in a bowl of chilled water.

Wash the butter 2-3 times in chilled water until the water is clear. Drain the water completely. Press and remove as much water as as you can from the butter and then store it in a container.

how to make butter at home from milk cream  

How to store butter

The collected butter can be stored in a container or box in the refrigerator for a week. It can be stored in the freezer for a month.

You can make homemade ghee from the butter. Learn How to make Ghee at Home

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  1. making butter at home is bliss, though it is a tough process while collecting when we see the out put the feeling is good

    1. Its easy just keep on storing the cream montly once u can take out butter from that

  2. Thanks for sharing this, my mother also make it with same process ..ghar ka makhan,,always mazydaar :)

  3. Hi i really love ur blog.Now i m making a daily visit.

  4. Do u add water while boiling not getting thick cream eventhough I refrigerate milk.I use arokiya or aavin 4.5 milk.

  5. Hi Abinaya - I do not add water when boiling milk. Also after boiling, do not disturb the milk. Leave it to cool. Then put it inside the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you will find thick cream on the top. You must boil at least 1 liter of milk to collect cream. I use aavin 3.5 fat only. Usually I buy milk the previous day, boil, put it in the refrigerator and use it the next day morning after collecting the cream.

  6. Thank u padhu for ur reply.will try ur method and collect cream.I have one doubt.I have a child she needs milk at night.won't previous day boiled cooled milk get spoiled.

    1. Always give fresh milk for kids. Buy separately for her.

  7. its a useful post. for making butter in home only i am purchasing aavin full cream milk but its unfortunately homogenized after my trial and browsing in net i found cant take cream out of it. mam u mentioned u taken butter out of aavin 3.5% milk do you mentioned aavin pro milk mam clear my doubt mam thank u very much.

  8. What I buy is homogenized pasteurized Milk Fat 3.5% (the orange color packet from Aavin) .I buy 1 1/2 liters per day. So I am able to collect cream. I will boil the whole 1 1/2 liters, cool and put it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you will find a thick layer of cream on the surface. I collect that and put it in the freezer and use the milk.When I have collected enough cream, I make butter as mentioned above.

  9. hi, what do I do with the boiled and cooled milk? Does it still have nutrients in it? Thanks!

    1. You can use that milk. We have removed only the fat.

  10. Hello Padhu,
    How are you?
    We too make ghee and butter at home.My mom does it. We add a bit of curd on the first day itself to the container containing the milk cream. However I would try your method as sometimes I find that our butter milk becomes bitter.
    I have a few questions to ask and they are as follows.
    1)As you have mentioned, you collect the milk cream and keep it in the freezer department of the fridge. Then in our case should we cover the container tightly with a lid like that of a old tiffin box or should we just keep a small plate or over the container.
    2) for how many days do you store or collect your milk cream??
    3)and how much curd do you add on the last day to the container? and should the curd/yogurt be fresh or a bit sour would do the job as well?
    4) n how to store the butter as u mentioned above in a normal katori with a lid without lid or in an airtight plastic tupperware container? Our butter actually starts getting sour in max 2 days in the fridge and if i keep it in the freezer then ice crystals start getting deposited on it.. We are using our old fridge GODGRJ COLD GOLD in which regular defrosting needs to be done...
    Sorry for asking so many questions at a go but do answer them as it would be a big joyful help for me for us me n my mum.
    take care

    1. 1.You should collect and keep it in a container with lid or even stainless steel tiffin box in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

      2.It depends on how much I collect it.Usually, I will collect until the container is full. You need atleast a cup of cream.

      3.I add 2-3 tsps of curd and keep it outside. If the curd is a bit sour, it does not matter (may be a day old curd)

      4. I store it in a good quality plastic container with lid in the freezer. It stays good even for a month. When needed, I keep it in the fridge section for a few hours to thaw, take the needed amount of butter and put the rest back in the freezer.

      No problem Kirthi. I am here to help you.

    2. Thank you so much dear.... I will incorporate the new changes suggested by you..While keeping the container in a stainless steel box in the freezer the lid needs to be shut tightly that means. And storing butter in the freezer for a month without it getting spoiled like developing a sour taste or even a bitter one is itself quite and achievement.

  11. how many litres of milk is needed to get 100g of butter.

  12. Hi padma,
    Thanks for the detailed steps. I have a question do u store butter in water and how long it stays in fridge? Tia

    1. No, you should not store butter in water. I have just put it in cold water immediately after whipping it, so that it will not stick to your hands. You have to squeeze out the water and store it in any container in the refrigerator.

  13. Hi padhu. I did the same process u told to. I kept the cream overnight with 2 tsp curd at 10pm n try to make butter morning 9am. I got only buttermilk. What wrong I did? Pls correct me

    1. Problem might be with your milk. If you follow the same procedure, you will definitely get butter. Try using 4.5 % fat milk.


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