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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cleaning tips

I started this blog not only to share the recipes that I cook for my family but also to share with my buddies interesting facts and tips.

In this post I am sharing few cleaning tips which you might find useful.

cleaning tips
  • For coffee and tea stain, dust some talcum powder in that area and then wash as usual.

  • Lemons are excellent stain remover. Fruit juice stain, ice cream stain, ink stain can be removed by rubbing lemon juice on it. Rub lemon juice on that area and wash as usual. No more dirty collars with lemons.

  • Lemon juice can be used to clean brass and copper also.
  • Greasy spots from clothing can be removed using corn starch.
  • For sparkling mirror,crumple a newspaper and wipe the mirror with it.
  • To remove stains from knife, rub onion on it and wipe it clean with a cloth.
  • Rub a little besan/gram flour to greasy vessels and clean them.Then clean them with soapy water as usual. The grease will vanish.
  • Dried lemon peel powder can be added to your cleaning powder to wash utensils.They will sparkle.

  • Clean your kitchen surface with lemon juice or lemon peels to get rid of grease.

  • Add a little kerosene to a bucket of water and mop the floor using that liquid to get rid of ants and other pest.
  • To remove dust from your artificial flowers/plants, use a hair dryer (with low settings) to blow off dust.
  • White vinegar diluted with water can be used to clean bathroom tiles. Apply vinegar to the tiles and scrub it with a plastic scrubber.

  • A great tip to clean dirty kitchen dusters. Boil them in a solution of soap and washing soda and wash them as usual.

  • Fine glass pieces can be picked up using a ball of tamarind or a ball to dough.The glass pieces will stick to it thus making cleaning easier.

  • Rub cut lemon on strain or spots on tiles, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with soap water.

  • Neem leaves are Eco friendly insect repellent. They can be kept in bookshelves to keep away silver fish.

  • To get rid of mosquitoes, keep a few pieces of camphor in a bowl of water.
Hope you found these tips useful .Will be back again with a new post.


  1. Nice tips,Very useful...Thank u so much for stopping by kothiyavunu padhu...
    U have a fabulous space with wonderful recipes!!!
    I will surely be visitng your blog in future... ! see you often... :) Happy blogging!!!

  2. Have you looked into http://queenofclean.com/

  3. Love your tips, Padhu...very useful in our everyday life.....


  4. Ur recipes are awesome.I like it very much pa

  5. nice tips.....

  6. nice tips it is very useful for me

  7. Every recipe and tip is so useful. I have adviced my friends also to follow....Great Job Padhu!!!

  8. Excellent recipes, My family is following your instructions for making good food, Thank you for hard work you have done, God bless you.

  9. akka plz give me tips how to store coriander leaves for a long time.. i store them in a tight closed steel box where after three days it becomes yellow colour

  10. @prashi bubbly
    i also used to store coriander leaves in a plastic airtight box but it used to turn yellow n eventually black after 3-4days
    thn i started storing them like this and im not bragging...they stay fresh for more than 2 weeks also..they might get dried depending on ur fridge temp..but nvr ripe or get spoilt.
    immediately frm store i chop off the roots..remove any yellow ones n spoilt ones..separate each stem n arrange them in a polythene cover ..dont do the wash n dry method..coz they get spoiled howmuch ever we dry them..keep them as it is..i sometimes even forget to tie the cover
    remove 2-3 stems and wash n use evrytime u req..
    u can store them either in the vegie box in fridge or the normal shelves in the fridge..

  11. to store coriander leaves, wash them, cut off roots, dry them and then put them into a cloth bag (any cloth bag) or roll in cotton cloth and then put the cloth into plastic cover and keep in fridge. this way it will last for almost a month.

    Another option is - if you plan to use in one week, to put the coriander leaves into a cup with water, (like how you would keep say, a cup of flowers) and then put a plastic bag over the top covering all the leaves. this also keeps them fresh.

    For my curry leaves, i love to wash, dry them and then roll up into tissue papers, and then put them into tiny bundles in a plastic bag. as and when i need, I take out one little bundle and then use. the tissue papers can be reused.


    (a different) padma :)

  12. Hi padhu, nice tips. V can also use milk to remove coffee & tea stains & toothpaste to remove ink stains. Just apply leave for a few hours & wash as usual

  13. Hi padhu ,
    Very useful tips..
    Can u pls share a post abt time management as it will be very useful ,,

  14. To keep coriander leaves fresh, cut off the roots nd keep them in a plastic box with small holes... It shouldn't be airtight.... Let them breathe with that holes.... If it is airtight the moisture will retain in that box and make the leaves yellow... Thanks

  15. Very informative site with lots of useful information. Thanks for your precious time in sharing your knowledge with the world.

  16. When I get doubts on my common sense based cooking I refer ur site for correction if any in my approach!
    I am a Swami and on my own for my food and equipped with modern gadgets!


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