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Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Velvet Cake Recipe-Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting

I wanted to make the ever so popular Red Velvet cake for a long time but it kept on getting postponed as I could not get the ingredients needed for frosting in my place. This time, that did not stop me from making this beautiful cake, as I made the cream cheese at home from scratch. The cake came out very well. It was moist and looked so gorgeous with bright red color and white cream cheese frosting. I felt so happy that I could prepare this at the right time. I halved the original recipe and made a small cake.

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frostingHow to make Red Velvet Cake
Recipe source - Joy of baking
Ingredients needed

All purpose flour - 1 1/4 cup
Salt -1/4 tsp
Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp
Unsalted butter - 57 grams
Sugar - 3/4 cup
Egg -1
Vanilla essence -1/2 tsp
Red liquid food color -1 tbsp
Butter milk - 1/2 cup
White vinegar - 1/2 tsp
Baking soda -1/2 tsp

Sift or sieve together flour, salt and cocoa powder. Keep aside.

Pre heat the oven.

Grease the baking tray with butter and dust it with flour or line it with parchment paper.

Mix red food color with buttermilk nicely and keep it aside.

-Red Velvet CakeMethod

Beat butter until soft.

Add sugar and beat until light and fluffy.

Add eggs and beat until well combined. Mix in vanilla essence.

Then fold in flour and buttermilk alternatively to the above mixture,adding little by little beginning with flour and ending with flour.

Now mix vinegar with baking soda in a small cup. The mixture will start bubbling, quickly add it to the above prepared batter, mix well and pour it into the prepared baking pan.

Bake in a preheated oven, until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

Let it remain in the tray for a few minutes.Then invert it on a wire rack and leave it to cool.

Wrap it in a plastic sheet and refrigerate for an hour before frosting.

With a serrated knife, cut the cake into half horizontally. You will have 2 pieces now. Now the cake is ready for frosting. Look at the picture below.

Cream Cheese frosting

Since I could not get
mascarpone cheese, I substituted cream cheese for that also.

Ingredients needed

Cream cheese - 220 grams
Vanilla essence - 1/2 tsp
Icing sugar - 1/2 cup sifted
Cold heavy whipping cream -160 ml


Beat cream cheese until smooth.

Add vanilla essence, icing sugar and beat for a few more minutes until smooth.

Add heavy whipping cream and whip until the mixture is thick enough to spread.

You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar or whipping cream according to the consistency you need for frosting.

You will have 2 cake layers.
Spread frosting on the 1 st layer and keep the other half on top of it. Spread the top and sides of the cake with frosting as shown in the first picture.

The cake along with the creamy frosting taste
d great.

Note - Original recipe calls for two-9 inch round cake pans but since I have halved the recipe, I used a small round pan half its size.

Everything from eggs, butter should be at room temperature.

This cake is on its way to Anjali's Cakes, cookies and dessert event.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


  1. Gosh!! This look so insanely beautiful!! You are a baking expert, my dear! :)
    Loved the red velvety look, just so apt for the Valentine's.
    You can link this to my event: Cakes, Cookies and Desserts. I would be so delighted to find this beautiful cake in the round-up. :)


  2. Superb color and such a delicious cake..

  3. Cake looks beautiful......Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Awesome cake to celebrate the V-day !! Nicely done !!

  5. Lovely color and delicious cake...Perfect to celebrate valentines day..

  6. Gorgeous Velvet cake Padhu. It would have tasted heavenly too. Happy Valentines Day :)

  7. Looks fantastic padhu :). Happy valentines day!

  8. Lovely post n cake luks so beautiful n yum...it's sleeping in my draft for long:)

  9. Beautiful cake... My favourite.. Perfect for valentine's day :)

  10. the cake looks very tempting.. and very colorful... new to your blog.. Happy to follow you !!

  11. looks so pretty & red, love cream cheese frosting

  12. so pretty and yummy.
    Happy Valentine's day.

  13. Gorgeous cake! I am yet to try my hands, on creating a red velvet cake.

    Happy Valentines :)


  14. Awesome cake! Just love the clicks.

  15. Great job, looks so tempting! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!

  16. Oh my! These red velvet cake is so gorgeous!! Well done! :)

  17. Hi...i wanna know if the same red velvet cake recipe can be made in pressure cooker, i wanna do it for my husband on his b'day..could you please lemme know ASAP...thanks in advnce!!

  18. Yes the same velvet cake can be made in pressure cooker .Just follow the instructions given in
    Vanilla cake in pressure cooker

  19. hey can you please tell me what exactly is the buttermilk used is it luified yoghurt or something else??

  20. Awesome cake...im going to try this defenitley

  21. Hi Padhu, I am gonna try this receipe in pressure cooker. I wanted to clear few doubts before I start.

    1. Buttermilk - Can we buy from store and use it?? or should we make our own? Can it be salted??

    2. Cooling after baking - How do I cool without wire rack?? How long should I cool to get the cake in good shape??

    3. Refrigerate before frosting - More than an hour will cause a problem? As, I will bake and leave to office and come back in the evening to frost it. Will that spoil the cake taste?

    4. Cutting Horizontally - Will cutting th refrigerated cake will be easier?? Or should I bake two layers?

    5. Whipping cream - Should that be Cold and not in room temperature? Never used whipping cream before. How should you whip??

    6. Spreading the frosting - How should I spread it? any special tools required? or just a spatula or knife will do??

    7. After Frosting - Can we put it back in refrigerator or should it be in room temperature??

    8. Kgs - If I want to make 1 kg like big cake, will these measurements be enough or should I double everything??

    You made my anniversary special with this receipe..my hubby is not gonna believe that I did this :) :) ... thanks a lot Padhu.. your receipes are simply AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!

    Also, thanks for your patience to answer my these many questions.

  22. Divya - Regarding your doubes

    1. I used homemade butter milk. It should not be salted.

    2.If you do not have wire rack, you can cool it in a plate. You should invert the cake and cool it. May be 30 minutes.

    3.Half an hour is enough. If the cake is completely cooled, then you do not have to bother about that. We are doing this as you will have difficulty in frosting if the cake is fragile.

    4.Cutting will be easier, if you use a serrated knife. Even if you do not have it, hold the cake well at the top and cut gently.

    5. Get ready made whipping cream. It should be cold.

    6.Spatula is enough to spread the frosting, Dip the spatula in hot water, shake off excess water and smooth out the frosting.

    7.For this cake, you have to refrigerate after frosting.

    8. I am not sure of this answer.I think you must double the ingredients. Since, you are a beginner, I recommend that you try with less quantity first. Once you are confidant, you can double and try it.

  23. Hi Padhu,

    Can you tell me what brand is better for whipping cream, because i see only amul's fresh cream in the stores near by.I have heard that for whipping the cream it should have atleast 30% fat but amul cream has only 25%.I basically love fresh cream frosting which is so difficult to make with this amul fresh cream.:(

  24. OMG; MashAllah the red Velvet cake looks too good.. and appealing :)

  25. Hi Padhu,

    Can you please tell me if I can substitute baking powder in place of vinegar+baking soda combination?

    1. Priya -No, kindly follow the exact recipe.

    2. You are right...I made that mistake of using baking powder instead of baking soda and the cake didnot rise well...its kind of like a hard dough... :(

  26. Hi Padhu. .d cake has really come out well..can we wrap it in a cling film and refrigerate?

    1. Yes, you can Tanvi. Once you refrigerate, it will not be very soft.

  27. Very inspiring. I really like this.You tried something new.it is fantastic to see a useful blog.

  28. Hi padhu..i love all ur recipes. I have been dying to try out d red velvet recipe but not able to get all d ingredients especially cream cheese and red liquid food color. Can u help me with d brand names

    1. You will get it in Nilgiris or in shop which sell baking items.Try amul

  29. Can i make this in a 6 inch baking pan.thanks

  30. I wish to try this cake. Can you please mention the oven temperature for this cake??
    Also, will the cream cheese and whipped cream quantity mentioned be sufficient for 2 8inch layers of round cake ?

    Thank You !!

    1. 180 degree C. The quantity mentioned is for one 9 inch cake.

  31. Hi..baked the cake..following the exact recipe.

  32. We don't include eggs. Can we omit that? Or it is a must ingredient?

  33. Hi padhu.. Yummy cake...
    Can we use the spiced buttermilk from amul n can you explain me what is cream cheese. It is not available in the stores here. Please reply

    1. No, you cannot use spiced buttermilk. Cream cheese is soft,rich cheese made from unskimmed milk and cream. Britannia has cream cheese.

  34. Hi I tried this cake for Valentine's day. It came out well. My icing didn't come well. It was too watery. But still the cake was yummy. Shobana

  35. Hi. This looks so lovely. How many kilos is it?

  36. Hi, I tried this recipe but my cake just tasted too salty. Can you tell me what could I have done wrong.

  37. Can we use whipping cream powder for the frosting. If so, how many Pkts shd we use? Normally Blue Bird comes in 50gms pkt.

    1. You can use but I have no idea about the measurements as I have not tried it.

  38. Can I use kesari powder for colouring?

  39. Can i use 1/2 cup milk + 1/4 tspn vinegar for buttermilk??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Substitute for buttermilk - For 1 cup of milk, add 1 Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or vinegar.

  40. Hi... tried this cake today and it tasted very yummy... but cake sticked in the tray even though i greased the tray with butter before baking... any tips to avoid cake stickking


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