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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sathu Maavu Laddu-Health Mix Ladoo Recipe-Healthy Snacks Ideas (Indian)

Sathu Maavu or health mix as the name indicates is full of healthy ingredients. Laddu prepared with sathu maavu is a great snack for kids. Many kids do not like kanji or porridge prepared with health mix but they will surely love this laddu. Mothers can pack these laddus for children studying in hostel, as mostly hostel food will not be very nutritious. I have made these laddus with homemade health mix prepared with 100% organic ingredients without white sugar. Today we will learn how to make wholesome, nutritious, health mix laddus following this easy recipe.

Sathu Maavu Laddu-Health Mix Ladoo

Sathu Maavu Laddu-Health Mix Ladoo Recipe

 Prep Time : 10 mins
 Cook Time : 5 mins 
 Yields: 10-12
 Recipe CategoryIndian Sweet-Laddu
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Sathu Maavu (health mix powder) - 1 cup
   Powdered Jaggery or palm jaggery -1/2 cup
   Cashew nuts -10
   Almonds/badam -10-12
   Raisins -1/4 cup
   Melted Ghee as needed


Dry roast cashew nuts and almonds and chop it into small pieces. As it is time consuming to chop the nuts, you can pulse it just for a second in the mixie.

Powder jaggery finely. You will get good quality organic jaggery without any impurities in health stores or organic stores.

Prepare Sathu Maavu or health mix powder as given in the link below or you can use store bought health mix powder.

Sathu Maavu Recipe


Take a cup of sathu maavu, add powdered jaggery, nuts and mix well.

sathu maavu laddu preparation

Heat a tsp of ghee and fry raisin until they puff up. Add to the health mix + nuts + jaggery mixture and mix everything well.

health mix laddu recipe

Heat needed ghee and add the to mixture. If you are able to make laddus, you can stop adding ghee. (You can add ghee little at a time to a portion of the mixture and make balls. Then repeat for the other portions).

how to make sathu maavu laddu

Healthy and tasty Health mix laddus are ready in just 15 minutes.

This can be had as a snack by adults, pregnant women and kids. It can be given to kids as after school snacks or can be packed in their snack box.

Note - Make sure that the ghee is warm.

Storage and Self Life - Store it in an air tight container. I store it in these air tight containers and they stay fresh for 15-20 days. Avoid using wet hands or spoons while handling the laddus.

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  1. Hi Padhu when we prepare kanji with this powder, the flour is getting cooked finely. But is it ok to prepare laddu as it is or shall we roast the flour again. Im asking this as I have a 4 yr old kid. Will there be any digestion problem for the kid?

    1. Actually we prepare the homemade health mix only by roasting all the ingredients separately, so there is no need to roast the flour again. May be you can roast it slightly if it store bought kanji mavu. Whatever you give for kids, start with less quantity,wait for 2 days to see if he/she has developed any allergies and then continue.

  2. I already prepared health mix powder by following ur blog... It was healthy and tasty..l want to try this for my 5yr old son....

  3. Hi. While preparing the sathu mavu kanji we boil the mixture for easy dugestion, now for laddu we dont boil and consume raw, are you sure it will be digested properly. Thanks.

    1. We prepare this sathu mavu by roasting all the ingredients. So you will not have any problem with digestion. You can give even for school going children.

  4. instead of jaggery , can i add powdered sugar for sweetness ..

  5. In Outing, shal i add milk to this ladoo to give in semi liquid form like kanji for babies (14 month)?

    1. You can but I do not sure how it will taste. Moreover when giving for babies, you can avoid nuts.

  6. Instead of jaggery can I add nattu sakarai?

  7. Can I give this to my 14month old baby. Do I need to avoid nuts?

  8. Thank u mam......It came out excellent

  9. How to prepare sathu mavu for adults

    1. Check my post on multigrain porridge where I have mentioned how to make sathu mavu. Recipe link below -
      multigrain porridge

  10. Superb recipe! Turned out so well that too in ten minutes.


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