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Sooji Kheer for Babies-Rava Apple Kheer Recipe for Toddlers

This is a very simple sugar free porridge or pudding (kheer) for babies and toddlers prepared with semolina. I have added apples to add sweetness to the kheer. You can introduce semolina once the baby completes 7 months of age in addition to mother's milk. Now to Rava (sooji) apple kheer recipe-

Sooji Kheer for Babies-Rava Apple Kheer

Sooji Apple Kheer (porridge) for Babies (Above 7 months)

 Prep Time : 5 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Recipe CategoryBaby Food-Porridge
 Recipe CuisineIndian

   Ingredients needed

   Rava/semolina/sooji - 2 tsp
   Apple - 1/2 an apple
   Ghee - 1/8 tsp
   Water - 1/3 cup
   Milk - 2 tbsp (optional)


First, kindly check the tips and suggestions given in my "soup recipes for babies" before starting any new food for babies. Check my  Soup Recipes for Babies


Wash, peel and core the apple. Grate the apple (red organic apple preferable) using a fine grater. Do this just before preparing the kheer to prevent discoloration.


Heat ghee and roast the semolina/sooji until you get an aroma of roasted sooji.

Add water and cook the semolina, stirring continuously on low heat. When it is almost cooked, add the grated apple and cook on low heat until the apple turns soft and the rava is well cooked. Mash it well with the back of a ladle or spoon. You may add more water if required.

Once it cools, you can add 2 tbsp of milk if required.

There is no need to add sugar as the apple will give the needed sweetness.

The consistency of the kheer can be adjusted by adding more or less water. For the first few days, let the consistency be thin, then you can give it semi solid. It is advisable to give it during the day time.

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