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Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta Recipe-Penne Pasta in Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta is a very simple and delicious dish. Instead of the usual tomato sauce, I used roasted bell pepper and tomato to make this bell pepper pasta sauce. The sauce is very easy to make. I mixed it with white sauce to make creamy bell pepper sauce. Once it is ready, just toss your favorite pasta with the sauce and enjoy. Today we will learn how to make roasted bell pepper pasta following this easy recipe with step wise pictures.

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta

 Prep Time : 25 mins
 Cook Time : 10 mins 
 Serves: 2
 Recipe CategoryPasta
 Recipe CuisineInternational

   Ingredients needed

   Pasta - 2 cups (any pasta)
   Red Bell Pepper - 1
   Tomato - 1 big

   Olive oil - 2 tsp
   Garlic - 3 cloves minced
   Onion - 1 small
   Almonds - 6-7 blanched and peeled
   Oregano - 1 tsp
   Basil - 3/4 tsp
   Chilli flakes - 3/4 tsp (optional)
   Pepper powder as needed
   Salt to taste

   Butter - 1 tbsp
   Wheat flour - 2 tsp flat
   Milk - 3/4 cup

   For Garnishing

   Cheese as needed- grated


Apply oil all over the tomato and red bell pepper. Roast bell pepper and tomato on fire until charred.

Keep it covered in a bowl or wrap it in an aluminium foil for 10 minutes, so that you can peel the skin easily.

roasting red bell pepper

Peel the skin, discard the seeds and chop it finely.

roasted red bell pepper and tomato


Heat olive oil in a pan, saute garlic and onions. When onions turn transparent, add the chopped bell pepper and tomato. Saute for a few seconds and add blanched and chopped almonds. Turn off the heat.

roasted bell pepper pasta recipe

Once it cools, grind it to a  fine paste. This is our roasted red bell pepper sauce.

How to Cook Pasta

Bring plenty of water to boil in a pan. Add a little salt and 2 drops of oil.

When water starts boiling, add the pasta and keep stirring to prevent it from sticking with each other.

bell pepper pasta recipe

Cook until al dente. It should not be mushy but perfectly cooked. Taste pasta to make sure it is well cooked.

Drain the water (reserve a little of the pasta water) and run cold water over the pasta.

cooking pasta

Heat butter in a pan over low heat, add wheat flour (or maida) and cook on low heat until butter and flour are well combined. Cook for another 1 minute. Do not let it brown.

Reduce the heat to low and add milk (milk should be at room temperature) little at a time, stirring continuously to prevent lumps.

Cook stirring continuously until the sauce thickens.

how to prepare bell pepper pasta

Turn off the heat and add the roasted red bell pepper sauce. Mix well.

how to make bell pepper pasta

Add salt, pepper powder, chilli flakes, dry oregano and basil or you can add mixed Italian herbs powder also.

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta sauce

Add the cooked pasta, 2-3 tbsp of reserved pasta water and just heat it.

Roasted Bell Pepper Penne Pasta

Grate cheese over the pasta and garnish with fresh parsley, if available.

Enjoy it warm. You can serve with few slices of garlic bread or salad, if preferred. Garlic bread is great with pasta.

Variation - You can omit tomato and use 2 red bell peppers instead of 1 tomato and 1 red bell pepper and follow the same procedure.

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  1. I made this and it was absolutely delicious!! Just wanted to know if we can add any other vegetables (since it's a sure-fire way of getting the kids to eat more veggies)

    1. So happy to know Lavanya. You can add any vegetables of your choice.


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