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Mint Chutney-Pudina Chutney-Side dish for dosa/Idly

Mint chutney is one of my favourite side dish for Idly and dosa. It is a very flavorful and delicious chutney.It goes well with Pongal, Moong dal rice, moong dal khichdi, samosa etc. Without the seasoning, it can be used as a spread for sandwich. It can be prepared in different ways.Today let us learn how to prepare Mint Chutney by following this easy Mint chutney recipe.

Mint Chutney
How to make Mint/Pudina Chutney

Ingredients needed

Mint leaves - 1 cup tightly packed
Pearl onions - 7-8
Green chilli -2
Grated Coconut -1/4 cup
Tamarind - a small piece
Salt as required

For the seasoning

Oil -1 tsp
Mustard -3/4 tsp
Urad dal -3/4 tsp


Remove stalks and take the mint leaves alone. Wash the mint leaves and keep it aside. Drain the water well.


Heat 2-3 tsp of oil , add pearl onions and saute till it turns pink.

Then add green chilli and saute for a few more seconds .

Now switch off the flame and add the mint leaves. Saute in the heat of the pan itself. Add grated coconut and mix well.

Grind everything with needed salt, tamarind and very less water.

Heat a tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, when mustard splutters, add urad dal, when dal turns golden brown, pour the seasoning over the chutney.

Enjoy with idly, dosa, parathas, adai, upma, pongal, bread,roti, Rava Pongal, Moong dal rice etc.

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  1. Slurp,fingerlicking flavourful chutney,can have it with anything..

  2. Looks very delicious and healthy! Please share some :)

  3. Lovely chutney, its simply my fav with idlis:)

  4. delicious and healthy and yummy and tangy and everthing that an Indian meal needs as an accompaniment.

  5. I love this chutney a lot, I used to have it even with rice :)

  6. chutney looks very tempting, dear

  7. looks sooo yum ...i wud luv it with plain rice !

  8. wow healthy chutney,loved it...Need hot idlis now to try this chutney:)

  9. lovely chutney...i like this chutney with hot idlis...looks so good!!!

  10. Woww. such an easy yummy and healthy recipe. 3 in one. Thats awesome :)

  11. A nice and flavorful it best as a bread spread

  12. i love mint chutney.. and i like your version! never tried it with tamarind in it!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!
    Richa @

  13. Favorite chutney... need some steamed idlis now!!

  14. Super, Today I made this. flavourful and tasty.


  15. Perfect, delicious chutney for idilis & dosas!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  16. i have been trying most of your dishes. Everything turned out to be really good and tasty. Can you prepare mint chutney without coconut. will it be good?

  17. If you add some ginger when you grind, it will be more healthy and delicious....

  18. Hi Padhu,

    Very good recipes indeed. can you post the recipe for Ginger and Til Chutney the tamilian way please.

    Thank you

  19. Hi Padhu,

    I am in beginner phase in cooking. I find your site very useful. Your recipes are simple and easy to make. Your step by step directions are helpful for me to try some new recipes. Thanks a lot for doing this. :)

  20. I've started cooking recently and your site is very helpful. Thanks a lot 😊

  21. I tried this mint chutney without onion.Instead of tamarind I used some raw mango. As I like coriander leaves I added that also All other ingredients were the same as given in your recipe It was a little bitter. Even adding a teaspoon of sugar did not improve the taste. Where did I go wrong? Colonel Rajagopalan.

    1. There is nothing to taste bitter in this chutney. Did you taste the mint leaves you used? You did not use onions also. If the onions are over fried they might give a bitter taste. Maybe you can try it again with fresh mint leaves.

    2. Waiting mint leaves for a long time will give bitter taste

  22. I have tried this mint chutney from your space many times and love this version .. Thanks for the recipe..


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