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Butter Murukku-Easy Butter Murukku Recipe-Chakli Recipe

This is a very easy and simple murukku recipe. The good thing about this murukku is that you can use store bought ordinary rice flour. You do not have to prepare rice specially by soaking it, drying and then grinding it. Believe me, no elaborate procedures, just mix everything and make delicious and soft murukkus in a matter of few minutes.Today we will learn how to prepare Butter Murukku following this simple recipe.

Butter Murukku
Murukku with a cup of hot chai 
Easy and Simple Butter Murukku Recipe

Prep time - under 10 mins

Ingredients needed

Rice flour - 1 cup
Fried gram flour* - 1/2 cup
Melted ghee - 3 tsp
Salt needed
Hing/asafoetida -  a generous pinch
Oil for deep frying


Grind fried gram or chutney kadalai to a fine powder and sieve it. Take 1/2 cup (flat) of this flour and keep it ready.

Sieve rice flour also.

Grease the murukku maker.


In a bowl, mix together rice flour, fried gram flour, melted ghee, salt needed and hing.

Sprinkle water and make a soft but stiff dough. (It should not be too soft nor too hard). Check for salt by tasting the dough.

Simple butter murukku recipe

Heat oil in a kadai, add a small bit of dough, if it raises to the surface immediately, then the oil is hot enough for frying the murukkus. You can reduce the flame to medium now.

Using a single star disc, squeeze murukkus as shown in the picture above either on a plastic sheet or on the back of a slotted ladle or on a small plate (seal the end of the murukku after squeezing)  and then gently slide  2-3 murukkus into the hot oil. (see picture below)

how to make butter murukku

Fry both sides until golden brown and remove from oil. Drain the excess oil on a paper towel.

Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the dough. Store it in an air tight container once it cools down.

This is a very easy murukku recipe which does not need any prior preparation. Do try it and give me your feedback.

Note - If you are an expert, you can squeeze murukku directly into the hot oil.

If you are preparing more than 1 cup, do not mix everything. Prepare dough in batches.

*Fried gram is know as Pottu kadalai in tamil, Varutha Kadala in Malayalam, Putanalu pappu in Telugu and Bhuna Chana in Hindi.

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  1. Never tried murukku without urad dal flour, this is interesting recipe,looks yummy too, thanks for sharing.

  2. Crispy murukkus, love to munch some anytime.

  3. wow.. my fav murukkus.. looks perfect.. :)

  4. Reminds me of Diwali, where all the ladies in family sit together & make dabbas of murukku.
    Nice & crispy!!

  5. looks so yummy n crispy murukkus...

  6. Love your blog and I am happy to pass on the " Very inspiring blogger" award to you .

  7. simply love all your recipes.. its perfect :)

  8. Hi, just wanted to know whether the fried gram flour, is the ordinary gram flour/besan that we get in the store? pls help , I am trying this recipe right away....thanks for the recipe, will let you know once I am done

  9. No, it is not the ordinary besan flour you get in the store. It is called fried gram which we use for coconut chutney, masala puffed rice etc.They even call it pori kadalai. gram is know as Pottu kadalai in tamil, Varutha Kadala in Malayalam, Putanalu pappu in Telugu and Bhuna Chana in Hindi.

  10. hi padhu thank you for sharing this... but i put the dough in the maker and do the shape its not coming properly ma....its splits.... what was my mistake please let me know.....

  11. Antony Rani -Too much butter is the reason. Reduce the butter a little next time

  12. thank you padhu.... you are right.... thank you soo much...

  13. Tried this recipe for janmashtami!!! Was amazing!! Have grown up seeing traditional murrukku being made for hours together so this was a pleasant revelation!! Thanks!

  14. hi padhu.. tried this and found that the murukku was a bit hard to crunch. what was my mistake?

  15. Thanks , It was perfectly crunchy. Made it yesterday. It tastes exactly like the kind we used to buy in India from sweet shops.

  16. Syntax error - You must have added less butter. May be that was why it was hard.

  17. Hi Paddu, very nice recipe. We tried at home and all our family members are happy.

  18. I have tried so many items from ur blog. Easy yet good outcome too.. btw What rice flour need to use?.. raw rice or boiled rice?...

  19. Rekha - Thank you for liking myrecipes. It is raw rice flour.

  20. Fried Bengal Gram is known as Hurigadale in Kannada.

  21. Padhu, can I add some urad daal flour to the rice flour along with the besan flour? I made a batch last night, and it tasted good, but I think I missed the urad flour taste. Please reply.

    1. For butter murukku, we generally do not add urad dal flour.

  22. Simply awesome chajali receipe thks for sharing this one padhu

  23. Raw rice flour or boiled rice flour?

  24. Padhu - is it 3tsp butter or 3tsp melted ghee we need ? Because your ingredients and procedure ask for 2 different things. Can you please clarify ?

    1. It is melted ghee. If you add butter, you need not melt it. I will update it. Thank you

  25. Dear padhu

    I like all your receipies... Esp sweet appam... THX trying this murukku now.... Very easy than others

  26. Tried this yesterday night (a small batch since I was doing it for the first time) Came out very well - crunchy and lovely yellow golden colour. My daughter could not stop munching on it...


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