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Thattai Recipe-Crispy Thattai Murukku-Gokulashtami Recipes

Sri Jayanthi or Krishna Jayanthi falls on 28 th of this month. We usually make thattai, a crispy snack and seedai both salted and sweet version for this festival. Today let us learn how to make thattai following this easy recipe.


How to make Crispy Thattais

Ingredients needed

Rice flour - 1 cup
Fried gram flour/Dalia flour (pottukadalai mavu) -2 1/2 tbsp or urad dal flour (roasted, powdered and sieved)- 1 tsp (see notes below)
Bengal gram dal/ kadalai paruppu - 1 1/2 tsp or fried gram -1 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp flat
Unsalted butter -1 1/2 tsp
Hing - 1/4 tsp
Salt as needed
Oil for deep frying


How to prepare rice flour

Soak raw rice for 1 hour. Drain the water well and spread it on a cloth and dry it in shade (inside the house under the fan). After it dries completely, dry grind the rice to a fine powder. (if you have a flour mill in your place, you can give the rice and get it ground to a fine powder). After getting it ground, you can spread it on a cloth again to cool.

Sieve and keep it ready. (You do not have to fry it).You can prepare this flour even a week ahead.

Powder fried gram finely and sieve it. Take 2 1/2 tbsp and keep it ready.

If using bengal gram dal, soak it in water for 30 minutes, drain and keep it aside. If you are going to use fried gram dal or dalia, then skip soaking, just dry roast it slightly.

Mix salt and hing in a 1 tbsp of water and keep it ready.


In a bowl, mix together rice flour, fried gram flour, chilli powder and butter using your finger tips.

Add dalia or soaked bengal gram dal, salt + hing mix, needed water and make a slightly stiff dough.

Now the dough for the thattai is ready. (you can taste the dough to check for salt)

Make equal sized balls out of it.

Grease a zip lock bag or plastic sheet, place a ball of dough and flatten it as thinly as possible with your finger tips. This will give you crispy thattais.

Prick few holes with a fork to prevent it from puffing while frying. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed kadai.  Check the oil temperature by dropping a small piece of dough into the oil, if it rises to the surface immediately, then the oil is ready for frying. 

Now reduce the temperature to medium, gently transfer the flattened dough on to your hands and slide it into the oil. Deep fry 3-4 thattais both sides until golden brown.

Remove and drain the excess oil on a paper towel.

Repeat the same process for the rest of the dough.

After it cools, store it in an air tight container.


If you like garlic flavor, instead of red chilli powder, you can grind 3 red chillies and 4 cloves of garlic to a fine paste and add it to the rice flour. This measurement is for 1 cup of rice flour.

If preferred, you can add coarsely ground roasted peanuts to the dough.

Instead of chilli powder, you can add pepper powder.

If preferred you can add a tbsp of grated coconut to the dough.

Instead of fried gram flour, you can add 1 tsp urad dal flour. Dry roast urad dal until golden brown. Cool and powder it finely. Sieve and use that flour.(for 1 cup of rice flour, use 1 tsp urad dal flour)

Fried gram is called "pottu kadalai" or "chutney kadalai" in Tamil.

Also refer Uppu Seedai Recipe with step wise pictures.

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  1. crispy and delicious perfect thattai.

  2. Never get bored of these crispy munchies,my all time favourite.

  3. looks super yummy :) lovely clicks dear :)

  4. Always loved this one.. Looks nice :)

  5. it jus got dissolved in oil... dunno y

  6. Venkatesh Narayanan - If you make a slightly stiff dough, there are hardly any chances of the dough getting dissolved in oil. I assume that you have added too much water.

  7. i an trying it now and let u know the result ........ok

  8. first class thattais i really loved it very good thank u so much

  9. I enjoy reading your recipes, please tell me how much exactly is a cup

  10. Hi padhu, since some of your baking receipes gives in grams also, can you please mention how much is one cup in grams for the recipe above?

  11. Nithiya - I use my Measuring cups and spoons for all my recipes.I cannot tell you how much is 1 cup in grams as it differs for each ingredients like sugar, flour etc. You will get standard measuring cups in shops that supply baking materials. You can get that one as it will be very useful. I will try to give measurements in both grams and cups in future.

  12. Dear Padhu ,The thatai did not come out crispy n I could not take it out from the plastic sheet after I flattened ... I have tried many of ur recipes n all came out well .... Pls advice ....

    1. I presume that you would have added more water or too much butter.That is why you were not able to take it out from the plastic sheet. Then dough should not be too stiff nor too loose.

  13. Dear Padhu,
    I'm trying to prepare Neivedyam for the first time for Sri Jayanti. Can the dried rice be ground using a blender? I have a Preeti mixie with one small wet/dry jar and one large jar with a curved blade. Can you please advice?

    1. Yes, you can dry grind it in a mixie. You need patience as it will take a long time. After grinding, you must sieve it, then spread it in a cloth and dry well.

  14. Thank you Padhu the thattais came out perfect :-)

  15. which rice we should take...raw rice ?

    1. I have written clearly under how to prepare rice flour. Kindly read the whole recipe before posting questions.

  16. Pls let me know whether we can use store brought ordinary rice flour here..thanks

    1. Yes, you can but when you prepare with homemade rice flour (as mentioned above) it will be more tasty.

  17. Hi,

    I have a query. Would it work if i used besan instead of fried gram or urad dal flour. Am an absolute novice and don't have ur variations handy and all i have got is besan :(. Thanks.

  18. Made this today for krishna janmashtami. Came out perfect. Thank you:)

  19. What is the difference between Otta vadai and thattai....

  20. I tried this today & it turned out very well

  21. Hi,
    This is the first time i am going to prepare thatai on my own at thatais have the same bursting problem as uppu seedai?Should i take any precautions while frying.

    P.S.. Love all ur recipes.I make sure to try atleast one new dish every week from ur collections.N my mom is so surpised and proud of the dishes im making.(cos i have never cooked anything before getting married :P ).

    Thanx a lot :)

    1. Thattai will not burst like uppu seedai. Thank you for liking my recipes. Glad to know that Padhuskitchen has inspired you to cook.

  22. Have been trying some festive recipes and it turns out very well. Thanks for posting tasty recipes with steps.


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