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Steamed Banana Cake-Eggless Steamed Banana Cake

In India, baking is not that common. Many households do not have an oven. When we were young, my mother used to bake cakes in pressure cooker, later on, she switched to stove top oven. When I searched for other methods of making cakes other than pressure cooker, I found that the Chinese usually steam their cakes. I found that very interesting and searched for a steamed cake recipe. I wanted to try it immediately as it seemed very easy, quick and less messy. So I tried a banana steamed cake and I was very happy with the outcome as the cake was very moist and delicious. This post is especially for persons who do not have ovens and want alternative methods of making cakes. Today let us learn the Chinese way of making this easy steamed cake-

Steamed banana cakeHow to make Steamed cake
Recipe source - Chow Times

Ingredients needed

All purpose flour (maida) -100 g
Icing sugar -1/4 cup or as required
Ripe Banana (mashed) - 1 or 2 small bananas
Milk - 1/4 cup
Water - 2 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp (any flavorless oil. I used saffola)
Baking powder - 2 tsp
Raisins or chocolate chips - fistful (Optional)


Sieve flour and baking powder together and keep it aside.

Keep the steamer ready.

Grease the cake pan.


Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients except flour and raisins until well combined.

Now add the flour and mix gently. Add raisins or chocolate chips.

Now pour the batter in a greased pan or bowl and steam for 15- 20 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

If you do not have a streamer, bring water to rolling boil in a pan, place a stand and then place the cake bowl, cover it with a lid. Do not open the lid while steaming.

I was so excited to see my cake raising inside, as this is the first time I am steaming a cake.

steaming cake Remove from steamer, allow it to cool for a few minutes. Loosen the sides and then invert it on a plate. Serve warm.

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Hope you all found this post useful. Soon, I will be posting how to bake cakes in a pressure cooker. Stay tuned!

Do try steaming method for other cakes also and let me know the outcome through comments.

Meet you all again with another interesting recipe, till then bye from Padhu of


  1. Very lovely steamed cake Padhu. Useful and easy too for being not having an oven to bake. The banana Octopus is cute!! :)

  2. that;s a lovely and useful recipe....Love that cute banana peel octopus

  3. looks lovely. a great method to follow

  4. thxs for sharing this steamed cake recipe...cake looks sooo soft!!

  5. Beautifully baked cake Padhu...its come out so perfect!

  6. wow yummy steam cake,i love this flavourful cake...banana octopus is really cute...

  7. Very nice steamed cake. Must be very fragrant with banana :)

  8. A nice way to make a cake :) Looks soft & moist too...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. Wow steamed cake looks fabulous..

  10. banana octopus is looking cute...
    steamed banana cake is gorgeous...luved it!!

  11. Wow!!steamed cake looks fab. and easy to make.

  12. That's interesting! Cake looks yummy. Thanks for sharing this yumm recipe..

  13. Different way for making cake. Nice presentation with that banana peel. :o). Thanks for stopping by. You have a nice space here. Happy to follow you.

  14. Wow, that's a lovely steamed cake, and that creative side of yours is absolutely great:), I love your innovative creations, that Octopus is soooo chweet...

  15. thank you :) i waiting for this recipe.. will b very useful for christmas..

  16. Steamed cake looks perfect. The banana octopus looks very cute. Lovely.

  17. wow, love the octopus very much. will show my doter. U r very creative. Liked the cake recipe too :)

  18. Yes growing up in India, we didn't have an oven. After a few years my mom bought a small oven and used to bake cakes on special occasions.
    I love the idea of steaming the cake. It looks yummy and love your creativity too with the banana peel. So cute!

  19. Love the pictures... very cute and innovative!!!

    I've baked with steam just the normal cake recipe and it has come out well. It is good to know the Chinese actually make cakes with steam. It is good that you posted this recipe for vast majority of Indian homes still don't have ovens.

  20. Hey!
    Thanks so much for the awesome recipe!
    I've mentioned you on my blog
    Stop by :-)

  21. should the vessel whr the entire making is placed be aluminium/steel?

  22. Dear Maria

    For steaming, you can use any vessel not necessarily aluminium.Answer for your another doubt -you can bake any cake in the pressure cooker method

  23. Hi Padhu,

    Steamed banana cake looks really wonderful. Sure I'll try this. Do check my recipes in my blog When u find time :-)

  24. wat about the butter is'nt it needed for a cake

  25. gonna this try over the weekend for my husband's birthday :) wil let you know how this turns out. Dont we need to use any vanilla extract ms essence?

  26. will not water formed on the lid drop into cake since its not covered shud we cover pls reply txs

  27. Ninette - If you do not cover it, how it will get cooked. Yes, water formed on the lid will drop into the cake to some extent. That is why the cake can be kept only for a day.

  28. Hi Padhu, I tried d cake and it was really tasty.Your measurements are just perfect. I again have some doubts.
    First, can we make d same cake using other fruits like Chikoo or strawberry.
    Next, or can we just make a plain chocolate or vanilla cake using steaming method.
    Third, m planning to bake a cake for my daughter's bday. Can I make it a day before and do the icing and keep it for the next day?

    The next one is regarding eggless cake. Is baking soda compulsory in eggless cake?
    I have just got a lot of confidence fromur recipes..thanks a ton Padhu! !
    Waiting for your reply.

  29. Tanvi - Thank you Tanvi. Regarding your doubts
    1.I have not tried it with other fruits yet.
    2.You can make plain chocolate or vanilla cake using the steaming method. I have tried chocolate cake and it has turned out well.
    3.You can bake it a day before and do the icing the next day. But if you are steaming the cake, you have to use it on the same day.
    4.Egg provides liquid, leavening, lightness to baked goods.So baking without eggs needs baking soda also is some recipes.

  30. Dear padhu,
    I made this Steam Banana Cake today. It came out very nice. How long will it last if kept in fridge? We can heat in microwave for few seconds before eating. Thanks a lot & wish you a very happy New Year. Love, Kiran Tendle, Khar, Mumbai.

  31. As a European moved to India really a big issue for me to not having oven. Most of my favorite foods need to bake and of course cakes I couldnt make (except biscuit-cakes). But now... found this recipe, tried, and it was just amazing! Poured some melted chocolate on the top and could not stop to eat. Thanks a lot for this recipe, and especially for the method, will try my old cake recipes in this way, hope will work fine :)

  32. hii sister i tried it in pressure cooker it puffed very well with just 1/2 t spoon of kwality baking powder....
    it is a very good method of making cake without Dhoklas..:-P

  33. Hi Padhu... I gave this Cake a try.... It came out really good and my kids liked it. But I had to steam it for 40 min in my pressure cooker.

  34. Hi padhu, I tried this cake. Came out well but slightly bitter. Is that becoz of excess baking powder? Or any other reason?

    1. This happens when you use bananas that are not ripe enough. They need to be really ripe (overripe (ie)black on the outside).Also avoid using old stock baking powder.

  35. Hi padhu, I just tried this recipe with wheat flour instead of maida and it came out really well. I have been following many of your posts and am really impressed with your presentation. Hats off to you.

  36. Hi Padhu?,
    I tried u r recipe , it came our so nice. Every one on my family liked and wanted more
    I topped up with nuts and served with chocolate sauce. It's was very yummy

    Thanks a lot padHu

  37. Hi Padhu, I tried this steamed banana cake today and it came out really well.. and I used Wheat flour instead of maida and it came out well.. thank you so much

  38. Replies
    1. It is fine powdered sugar. You will get it in grocery stores.

  39. Hi Padhu.,

    Thank you for this recipe. I have long wanted to make cakes but do not have an oven at home. This steaming methods will be perfect for me.

    But I was wondering.... Can we steam this cake using idli cooker?

  40. Hi Padhu, the cake looked very attractive, but it was a bit bitter, i had used baking powder,which was fresh and purchased yesterday only.
    The banana was also very ripe.
    After mixing rest of the ingredients with flour and baking powder, i kept it aside for 10 minutes, can it be a reason? or excess of baking powder?

  41. Mam 100 gram translates as how many cups
    Thanks mam

    1. Approximately 1/2 cup but it differs according to ingredients measured. Flour/maida 1 cup is 110 grams.


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