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Araichu Vitta Sambar

Arachu Vitta Radish Sambar

This recipe was requested by some of my daughter's friends who have tasted this sambar. But it got delayed as I was not satisfied with the photos and I did not have the time to click again. Some how I managed to find time during my hectic morning hours to take a few snaps. From my younger days, I have tasted this sambar as my mother used to prepare this often. This sambar is very tasty, easy to prepare and does not require sambar powder. This is a very traditional South Indian Sambar. Today we will learn how to prepare Arachuvitta sambar following this easy recipe.

Arachuvitta Sambar

How to make Arachu Vitta Sambar

Arachu Vitta Sambar

 Prep Time : 15 mins
 Cook Time : 20 mins 
 Serves: 4
 Recipe CategorySambar-Side Dish
 Recipe CuisineSouth Indian-Tamil Brahmin

   Ingredients needed

   Tur dal – 1/3 measuring cup or 4 ½ tbsp
   Tamarind – small gooseberry sized ball
   Onion - 1 (optional)
   Radish (any variety)- 2-3
   Salt needed

   Fry and grind

   Coriander seeds (malli vithai) – 1 tbsp flat
   Bengal gram dal (channa dal/kadalai paruppu) – 1 ½ tsp
   Red chillies - 3-4
   Grated coconut -2 tbsp
   Raw rice -1/4 tsp

   For the seasoning

   Oil - 2 tsp
   Mustard seeds– ¼ tsp
   Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam) – ¼ tsp
   Asafoetida/hing – a pinch
   Curry leaves – 2 sprigs

   For garnishing

   Coriander Leaves -2 tbsp finely chopped


how to prepare arachu vitta sambar

Soak tamarind in hot water for 15 minutes and extract its juice. Discard the pulp.

Soak toor dal in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.(Soaking helps the tur dal to get cooked well and also saves time and fuel.) Pressure cook tur dal for 3 whistles or until soft. Mash tur dal well and keep it aside.

Heat a tsp of oil and fry coriander seeds, bengal gram dal, red chillies and raw rice. Fry on medium heat until dal turns golden brown. Add grated coconut in the end.  After adding coconut, switch off the flame. Saute the coconut in the heat of the pan itself. Leave it to cool and then grind it to a smooth paste. This is the arachu vitta sambar masala.

Wash radish, peel the skin and cut it into round shapes. Cook radish also along with tur dal keeping it in a small vessel along with dal as shown in the picture above.


Heat 2 tsp of oil in a pan or kadai, add mustard, when it splutters, add fenugreek, hing and curry leaves.

Add chopped onions (if using) and sauté for a few minutes. Since I have used radish I pressure cooked along with tur dal. In case, if you are using vegetables like ladies finger, brinjal, pumpkin, drumsticks, you have to sauté it in oil along with onions.

Then add 1 1/2 cups (approximately) of tamarind extract, turmeric powder, salt and boil until the raw flavor of the tamarind goes.

Then add the ground paste (arachu vitta sambar masala), cooked dal, cooked radish along with a cup of water and boil for a few minutes on medium flame. The sambar should neither be too thick nor too watery, so adjust the consistency of the sambar accordingly.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with rice or idli or dosa or ven pongal.

Note -Some of the vegetables used for preparing sambar – brinjal, chow chow, turnip, ladies finger, drumstick, capsicum, carrot, potato, pearl onion and even mixed veggies like carrot, beans, potato. Check out my Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Greens like drumstick leaves, ponnaganni leaves, vendhaya keerai can also be used to prepare sambar. Check out vendhaya keerai sambar.

Seeds like butter beans, soya, mochai, double beans can also be used for preparing sambar. If using dried ones, soak it for 6-7 hours and pressure cook with salt needed.

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  20. Raw rice is used for thickening the sambar. I have added only 1/4 tsp. If you do not prefer, you can omit it.

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    Before trying Radish Sambar this way I cooked it way Steps mentioned for Murungakkai Sambar and it turned out to be very nice. But Grinding part blackened my Sambar.

    1. JK - the ratio mentioned is correct as I prepare this sambar frequently. I assume that you have over fried the ingredients which might be the reason. There is hardly anything for the sambar to turn black.

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  40. Replies
    1. You can avoid coconut if you do not prefer.

  41. Hi Padhu, it's a flawless recipe that my whole family loves, thanks for sharing.
    Can you give the measurements for making it for 50 ppl please, thanks.

    1. This sambar easily serves 5. So you can multiply the ingredients accordingly. I have written 4 as some might need more sambar. If you are going to make other dishes like rasam etc, you can reduce the quantity.


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